Alenia is a minor antagonist in Suikoden V.

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Alenia was a Queen's Knight, having been trained by her father, who himself served as a Queen's Knight under Falzrahm Falenas. She was a proud supporter of the Godwins and their dream of creating a strong Falena, which often led to clashes with Kyle. She also believed that Queen Arshtat did the correct thing by punishing the town of Lordlake with the Sun Rune.

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Alenia grew up as the daughter of a former Queen's Knight who trained her in the use of the sword. When the Armes invasion occured he was killed on the battlefield because, as Alenia put it, "he was weak". Her skills made her recognized by Marscal Godwin and Ferid, and the latter promoted her to Queen's Knight. Believing that strength is the most important thing to building a strong character and nation, Alenia's philosophy easily gravitated towards the more militaristic Godwin faction. She openly quarreled with Kyle, whom she mistakenly assumed was a Barows supporter due to his distant relation to them, and often praised the works of the Godwins. She often asked the Prince not to judge the Godwins by the rumors he heard but to seek out their side of the story.

Alenia, along with Zahhak, helped the Godwins seize the Falena throne by preventing the escape of Lymsleia from the palace. Her loyalty to the Godwins and her military skills allowed her to become one of Gizel Godwin's most trusted generals, and Gizel even trusted her to bear the Twilight Rune but as Jeane had to attach the Rune to her, instead of having the rune choosing Alenia itself, she struggled to wield and control the Rune's power in the battle at Doraat. Gizel had the Rune removed from her at her return from Doraat, seeing that Alenia's weak control of the Rune would be more of a danger to his goals than an asset.

Alenia grew jealous of Lady Sialeeds after her defection to the Godwin side, both because Sialeeds could bear the Twilight Rune whereas she could not, and also because of Gizel's fondness for her. Alenia's jealousy prompted her to lie about Sialeeds' defeat in battle at the dam of the Sun Palace, sending a false message that Sialeeds was killed, prompting Gizel and Marscal to use the Sun Rune. Due to the power of the other two Runes neutralizing the attack, Gizel realized that he had been deceived that and his actions had caused Lady Sialeeds' death. He verbally reprimanded Alenia, informing her of his loss of faith in her, which caused her anguish leading up to her final stand against the Prince within the Sun Palace.

Along with Zahhak, Alenia set out to defend the throne room from the Prince's party, where they became desperate to the point of consuming the drug known as Raging Nostrum, rendering them berserk. Despite this, they still failed and the drug quickly wore off, causing their bodies to fail and leading to death. After the final battle, Alenia was among the group of dead who silently thanked the Prince.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you recruit the 108 stars, Alenia, Zahhak, Arshtat, Ferid, Sialeeds, Dilber, Bahram, Gizel, and Marscal appear in the scene where the Sun Rune revives Lyon.
  • Due to having the Twilight Rune forcibly placed on her, Alenia could not control its power and it nearly went out of control. This would have killed her had Zerase not intervened.
  • She used her left hand to use both the Twilight Rune and Fire Rune.
  • According to Taylor's serial on her, Alenia hates being told she is following in her father's footsteps as she openly says her father died because he was weak and she does not see herself as being weak.
  • She was far more openly emotional than other Queen's Knights, showing great enthusiasm at the Sacred Games, openly quarreling with Kyle, gloating about having the Twilight Rune, and always asking to be put to death for her failures. This puts her in stark contrast to Zahhak, who is always serious and stoic.

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