Alex is the Chisu Star in Suikoden II.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Alex is a treasure hunter who is married to Hilda. They have a son named Pete. While they live peacefully at the White Deer Inn, Alex wants more for his wife and son. As a side venture, he hunts for treasure in the nearby Sindar Ruins.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Alex has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears blue jeans, an orange vest, a grey shirt and brown boots. He also carries a rope on his shoulder.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Game[edit | edit source]

When Riou and his party failed to enter Muse, they went to the White Deer Inn and met Alex. When Riou and Nanami tried to borrow Alex's entry permit, he agreed to lend it on the condition that the party helps him find the treasure in the Sindar Ruins behind the inn.

With Alex in tow, the party went into the deepest part of the ruins and defeated the Double Headed Snake. Afterwards, Alex hurriedly opened the treasure chest at the end of the ruins. Instead of gold and jewels, Alex found a healing herb, however. In his disappointment, Alex threw the herb away at the front gate of the ruins.

When the party returned to the inn, they found Hilda passed out on the floor. Nanami discovered that Hilda had a high fever. Nanami sent Jowy to find a doctor. He could not find any doctor, but Riou picked up the healing herb at the ruins' gate and gave it to Hilda, who promptly recovered. Alex learned that he already found the treasure he was looking for: his family. As thanks, Alex and Hilda lent their entry permit to the party.

Later, Alex and Hilda traveled to South Window, heading to the Dunan Castle to find Riou. Alex asked if he was the leader of the New State Army, and Riou invited them to live there. After the war, Alex and his family returned to their inn, but Alex couldn't seem to shake his "treasure-hunting" bug.

Role in the Game[edit | edit source]

Speak to Alex and Hilda in the Inn at South Window after obtaining your castle.

Alex opens an item shop in your castle.

Name: Alex
Age: 36
From: Muse City
Position: Rearguard
Note: None

"It sounds like he thought there was gonna be gold in those Sindar ruins. Tough luck."

"He wanted to make Hilda's life easier, but he actually made it a lot tougher with all that adventuring. Well, that's his way of showing his love, I guess...."

"He still hasn't given up on the idea of a Sindar treasure. Right now, he's tracking down some new leads."

  • Exciting news
Riou, I heard a new rumor about a buried treasure. When this war is over, let's find it together. We'll split it 50 - 50. Is that okay?

"He used to hunt for treasure, but now he needs strength for his job at the store. It's Alex!!!!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Pah! There's nothing to be scared of with me around!"

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