The Ancient Elf is a minor character in Suikoden IV.



The Ancient Elf is the leader the elven section of Na-Nal, and held his race far superior to humans. As such, he didn't work hard to create a fruitful relationship between his section and the human section of the island. He was generally in disagreement with the Chief of Na-Nal as far as the politics were concerned.

During the Island Liberation War, when the humans agreed to a treaty with Kooluk, the Ancient Elf played a role in the events that led to Na-Nal joining the Island Liberation Navy. After the war, he worked to build better relationships between human and elves in the island.



In SY 304, during the Island Liberation War, the Kooluk Empire secured a treaty with the human Chief of Na-Nal, against the will of the elves. Feeling betrayed and angry to see their land come under the command of the Kooluk without the elves giving any consent to this, the Ancient Elf set up a scheme to take revenge on both the human settlement of Na-Nal and the Kooluk; his plans came to fruition when a delegation from the Island Liberation Navy, along with the leader Razro and the King of Obel, Lino En Kuldes, arrived at Na-Nal with the purpose of securing an alliance against Kooluk.

Razro and his party battled the Kooluk troops stationed on the island and the Chief of Na-Nal took that as a reason to imprison them, fearing the potential wrath of Troy should he hear of this. They would recover their freedom on the condition that they would go to the Great Elven Tree at night and steal a precious Elven Remedy to cure the wounds of the Kooluk soldiers they had injured. The Ancient Elf had foreseen the humans attempt to steal the Elven Remedy, for he had his people replace the miraculous elixir with a vial of poison. When Razro's party came and stole the bottle, the elves let them go in order to bring the poison to the Na-Nal Chieftain and the Kooluk forces.

The Chief of Na-Nal kept his word and let Razro and his entourage go free as soon as he received the bottle. However, the Ancient Elf double-crossed them again and had them intercepted on their way to the harbour by the warrior Selma. The Ancient Elf imprisoned Razro, Lino En Kuldes and their group in the Tree's jail again, planning to let them die there. Meanwhile, the Kooluk realized the poison was not the miraculous elixir they had been promised and, thinking they had been double-crossed by the Na-Nal Chieftan, started to exact revenge on the island's citizens. Razro and Lino's party was saved by Selma, who disagreed with her chief about his methods, and thanks to her intervention, the rampaging Kooluk forces could be stopped and repulsed by the Island Liberation Army, who could finally secure an alliance with Na-Nal following the elimination of the Kooluk influence on the island.

After the war, the Ancient Elf was forced to try and work for warmer relationships between elves and humans on Na-Nal as Axel and Selma tried to improve relations between the two settlements.

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