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Antei (アンテイ, Antei) is a location in Suikoden. It was briefly known as Bier Blanche (ビィル・ブランシェ; Biiru Buranshe).


As one of the biggest towns within the Kunan region, Antei sees a great deal of trade and commerce. It features a large variety of specialists in various fields with shops all over the crowded town. Flower-filled Antei also sees a great deal of tourism due not only to these specialists, but for the vast amount of flowers that have been planted in the town. Rose Brooches are often taken home by happy travellers as souvenirs.

During the Toran Liberation War (SY 455-457), the town was renamed "Bier Blanche", due to the white walls of the town, as per Milich Oppenheimer's command. However, the new name proved unpopular, and after it was taken over by the Liberation Army, the town was renamed Antei once more.


Stars of Destiny

  • Qlon: The town's greeter, found in front of the Inn.
  • Mina: A dancer at the Inn.
  • Esmeralda: A narcissist staying at the Inn.
  • Chapman: Runs the Armor shop.
  • Jeane: The local runemistress.
  • Kimberley: A craftmaker living in a small home on the town's east side.
  • Albert Onyx: A humble merchant living in the northeast side.
  • Vincent De Boule: Occasionally seen trying to talk his way out of paying for his meals at the Inn.