A powerful military unit within the old Scarlet Moon Empire lead by Great General Teo McDohl, known to have never been defeated, earning Teo McDohl widespread fame as the victor of a hundred out of a hundred battles. The Armored Cavalry was composed of Gul-Horses, a type of steed unique to the Toran region. With their great speed and strength combined with their formidable armor, they were known to be practically invincible with no weaknesses. The Armored Cavalry were famously used in the final battle of the Scarlet Moon Succession War, easily defeating the combined cavalry of General Bergen and General Schmidt, giving Teo McDohl's Armored Cavalry it's finest hour.

During the early stages of the Toran Liberation War, the Armored Cavalry attacked and razed the ninja community of Rokkaku before being sent to deal with the ever increasing Toran Liberation Army. In the first skirmish between the two forces. the unit delivered a humiliating defeat to the Liberation Army. However, in the second confrontation, the unit was annihilated when the Toran Liberation Army used Fire Spears, the burning flames of the dwarven weaponry being the unit's only weakness.

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