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Arshtat Falenas

"Hahahaha... you fools. Threatening me, the sun's vice-jerent, the executioner of justice, is a grave offense that deserves death. Insects like you aren't even good enough to be tortured. I'll crush you myself right now!"

Arshtat Falenas appears in Suikoden V.

Arshtat Falenas is at the center of Suikoden V's story. She is the Queen of the Falena Queendom and bears the Sun Rune, one of the 27 True Runes. Ferid is her husband, the Prince is her son, and Lymsleia is her daughter and heir. Sialeeds is her sister and Haswar is her cousin; she was born to her mother Queen Falzrahm and her father Kauss Barows. She is 34 years of age at the beginning of Suikoden V, though due to having the Sun Rune affixed two years prior, she likely stopped aging at 32.



Queenship conflictEdit

Arshtat's mother Falzrahm was the younger of two sisters born to Queen Olhazeta, Arshtat's grandmother. Since the elder sister, Queen Shahrewar, bore a daughter in Haswar, Arshtat was not slated to become Queen. However, Falzrahm wanted the throne to herself, and started a covert cloak and dagger conflict in which many nobles on both sides were killed. The royal assassins, Nether Gate, had their loyalties splintered, and typically aided whichever side paid them more. However, Shahrewar proved an unsteady ruler; tired of conflict, she surrendered her claim on the throne and allowed Falzrahm to ascend as Queen. At some time in this lull, Falzrahm convinced her sister to allow Arshtat to have her Sacred Games, the ceremony in which the husband of the Heir Apparent, the future Queen, is chosen. Surprisingly, rather than a nobleman's gladiator winning, a traveler from the Island Nations named Ferid won. This is considered a good thing, as it is speculated by some characters in Suikoden V that if a noble had won, the conflict between the Godwin and Barows factions would have restarted and perhaps even flared into full-blown civil war, as whichever faction that did not get their preferred candidate would feel that they'd have to strike now or else have no chance.

Falzrahm, paranoid and thinking that renouncing the throne was a trick, had Nether Gate kill her sister. Queen Falzrahm ascended to the throne, but died after reigning only two years due to illness. After this, the three princesses of Falena, Arshtat, Haswar, and Sialeeds, entered into a pact to prevent any type of succession war from happening again. Arshtat would take the throne uncontested to ensure there would be no doubt who the successors would be while Haswar and Sialeeds renounced their claim to the throne, and both of them agreed never to marry or have children.

As the Queen of FalenaEdit

Arshtat's marriage to Ferid was soon blessed with a son and daughter. Arshtat was known to be a kind and devoted mother as well as a wise ruler. She diplomatically ended a war with the nearby nation of Armes with very favorable conditions, stopped the worst abuses of the gladiator trade, and disbanded Nether Gate, which had grown confused and disloyal during the previous succession struggle.





Bearing the the Sun RuneEdit

In the 447 (two years prior to the start of Suikoden V), there was an uprising and a revolt by the people of Lordlake. Although it appeared as though the people were angry with the Queen, the reason they were protesting was because Lord Barows was constructing a dam that was contaminating their water. Lord Rovere, the lord of Lordlake and one of the Queen's closest allies, tried to keep the peace, but the people managed to destroy the dam. To prevent something like this from happening again, the people wanted to go to Sol-Falena and make a formal protest to the Queen. However, Lord Barows sent some of his soldiers into the Lordlake forces and incited them to attack the East Palace instead. While attacking, Lord Barows's forces stole the Dawn Rune housed there and returned it to their lord. The Godwin faction had been plotting for power for some time, and this incident was thought to perhaps be a spark for their action as well. Lord Godwin's adviser, Lucretia Merces, advised the Queen to bear the Sun Rune herself to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, betraying Lord Godwin himself to tell the Queen this. Though punishment was called for, under the influence of the Rune, Arshtat used the power of the Sun Rune to exact judgment upon Lordlake, blasting the land with the power of the sun and drying up all the water and destroying all vegetation.

An uncontrollable power and DeathEdit

The Queen proceeded to have several fits of mania over the course of the next two years, through Ferid was usually able to calm her down. She nearly incinerates Stormfist and the Godwins after learning from Sialeeds and the Prince as to how they insulted her daughter by fixing the games. Perhaps suspecting that the end was near, she tells her son Freyjadour Falenas that she believes things are going to be very difficult for him very soon, but he'll be fine no matter what. After Lymsleia's engagement ceremony, the Godwins execute a coup by placing Dark Arcanum in the banquet food. The royal family and certain guards take an antidote prepared by Murad beforehand, thinking they could trick the Godwins into signing their own death warrants. However, the unexpected appearance of Nether Gate allies on the Godwins' side turn the fight against the royals. While being defended by Ferid and Queen's Knight Galleon in the throne room, Arshtat uses the Sun Rune to save Ferid from an archer's attack. Unfortunately, she loses herself in the Sun Rune, and Ferid is unable to control her. Ferid is slain by the Sun Rune, which brings Arshtat briefly back to a sobbing sanity, but soon loses it again to incinerate the other assassins. Forewarned by Ferid, Georg Prime kills Arshtat.


Arshtat (arštāt) is the Avestan language name of a Zoroastrian principle and signifies either "justice" or "honesty".


  • If the Prince acquires all 108 Stars of Destiny, then following his defeat of the physical incarnation of the Sun Rune, he sees a brief image of his mother and others he knew who had also died.
  • Arshtat used the offensive power of Sun Rune (destroy one or more enemies at once), while the prince and the 108 stars used the healing power of the rune.
    • It can be assumed that the maximum healing power / support of the Sun Rune is reviving several beings at once.


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