(ラジオ幻想水滸伝集まれ!108星!, Rajio Genso Suikoden Atsumare! 108 Hoshi!) is a weekly internet radio show that lasted for 13 episodes, the last show was on November 18, 2008.


The shows lengths for 30 to 45 minutes. The first episode broadcast was on August 27, 2008 and the final episode was on November 18, 2008. After it ended Episode 13 can still be heard via streaming sites up to April 30, 2009. In addition to radio drama there are also various section such as the Comment Box, Unite Attack and Rune collection. The Comment Box contains the e-mail of the listeners who will be read by the announcer. Unite attack contains the listeners idea of a coop attack based on the real world, and the Rune Collection is a place for listeners to express their ideas about the new runes. On December 18, 2008, the radio drama is released in two volumes of Drama CD formats simultaneously with the release of Suikoden Tierkreis. Genso Suikoden Drama CD Vol. 1. The genre is drama, CD Price is 2940 yen, the specifications is 12cm and the number of episodes are 5 stories and 1 song. If you buy a bundle package Drama CD vol.1 and 2, then you can get a special bonus in the form of Notes Suikoden! And the seiyuu (voice actors) involved in Radio & Drama CD. On April 30, 2009 Konami Station remove all of it's content.

Story and SongEdit

Volume 1Edit

Story & Songs:
01. Currents 2008 Version (Vocal: Yukari Fukui)
02. First Episode - Scarlet Moon Empire
03. Second Episode - Escape from the Imperial
04. Third Episode - Liberation Army
05. Fourth Episode - The Flower General's Trap
06. Fifth Episode - Soul Eater

Volume 2Edit

Disc 1
01. Extra Chapter "Star Dragon Sword/Zodiac Sword"
02. Story of the 108 stars
03. Last Chapter "The End of Journey"
04. Radio Genso Suikoden Atsumare! 108 Sei! Special Edition (CD Original).

Disc 2
Internet radio show "Radio Genso Suikoden Atsumare! 108 sei!" Episode 1-13.