Axe - Crescent Axe

Twi-Handed Axe equipped to Vaslof

Axes are a type of weapon that is used in the Suikoden series. There are few axe users in the series, but they always appear in every game. In the main series characters who use axes are automatically equipped with one, while in Suikoden Tierkreis they can be found in the treasure chests, weapon shops or are given by the other characters.

Types Edit

One-Handed Axe Edit

One-handed axes are light and is easy to use compared to Two-handed Axes, but they provide lower strength when compared to two-handed axes. One-handed Axes can be paired up with another One-handed Axe or with a shield.

Two-Handed Axe Edit

Two-handed Axes are much lighter than the hammer, but much stronger than One-handed axes. They also add magic defense. Due to the fact that the two-handed axe has to be hold by the two hands, it cannot be paired up with a shield or another two-handed axe.

Dual Wielding Axe Edit

Some characters prefer to have two Axes over one (EX:Koyu, Helga.) This ability allows for quicker agility fighting against enemies, and sometimes allows for extra hits.

Axe UsersEdit

Characters in each game that use an axe as their weapon is as follows:


Fu Su LuGremioKesslerKwanda RosmanLeonardoVarkas

Suikoden II:


Suikoden III:

HallecLeo GalanNicolas

Suikoden IV:


Suikoden Tactics:


Suikoden V:


Cut RabbitJidan Guisu

Suikoden Tierkreis:

BelemuelDiiwicaDoghaEnumclawHotupaIndrikJaleKashgarMarica (Other)OrdovicRajimResnoVaslofWustumYadima
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