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Babbage is the Chisou Star in Suikoden V.



Babbage is an inventor from Estrise. He devoted his life to gears, he created the Revolving Bridge and the windmill in Estrise. He doesn't know how to took care for himself so he let all the housework to Sorensen his apprentice. He also have another young apprentice, Lu.


Babbage is an older gentlemen who wears a large blue bandana, which pushes all his hair up in a way that makes him look like a typical mad scientist. He wears small round glasses, and as well a dark blue tunic and pants, and wrist bands.


Babbage has a pretty rude and slightly brash personality, however, he is also easily excitable and thoughtful all at the same time. He also gets worked up if something is happening that he feels is wrong. He is very passionate about inventing things and as well about interesting technology, such as the elevator in the Ceras Lake Castle. More interesting still is the fact that he can repair such an elevator and keep it operational. He also tends to think outloud for long periods of time, and though he takes his work seriously, he also seesm to be very nonchalant about important things, which really contrasts to his caring so much about gadgets. He has an apprentice, who he has faith in, though doesn't always show it.



During the Sun Rune War, the Godwins used the Revolving Bridge to invade Rainwall. This forced Freyjadour to ask Babbage to desactivate the bridge, since he is the creator and the only one who can do that. Babbage accepted, and they went together with Sorensen and the Loyalist Army and disabled the bridge.

Later, he sent Sorensen to Ceras Lake Castle to join the Loyalist Army. Sorensen discovered a gear room in the lower level of the castle and showed it to him. Babbage was very interested by this Sindar technology and studied it in order to make it functional again. After successfully fixing the Elevator and the device, he finally joined the Army and stayed at the castle to maintain the gears.

After the war, Babbage Used Ceras Lake Castle's gears as the groundwork for more advanced ideas. Becomes known as "Dr. Gear."

Role in the Game

After Gizel and Lymsleia's coronation, bring Sorensen to the Gear Room in the HQ (HQ has upgraded along with coronation scene). Go back to Babbage's office, talk to him, and bring him to the gears. Leave the HQ and return, then return to the Gear Room. Babbage will join there.

Babbage repairs and activates the elevator in Ceras Lake Castle.

Babbage comes with the Treasure Hunt ability that increases your chances of a war trophy after battle.

Babbage is one of two characters that can lead a Ballista unit, which is a variant of an archer unit, with an extremely long-range Catapult skill.

  1. Babbage is an inventor from Estrise. Without exaggeration, the man has devoted every fiber of his being to gears and nothing but.
  2. His masterpiece is the revolving bridge, but all of Estrise´s windmills are his, too. He wanted to build the windmills with their gears exposed, but the sea winds would have worn them down, so he reluctantly put them on the inside.
  3. He's a technical genius, but he's got no concept of how to take care of himself. He left all the housework to Sorensen without so much as a "thank you." Sorensen has got to be the most patient man...

  • Untitled

(It's a blueprint of a device built with dozens of gears, but there's no explanation.)

  • Untitled

(It's a blueprint of a mechanical device. Unfolded, it covers the entire floor. Of course, no explanation.)

  • Untitled
(The comment box is full of blueprints for mechanical devices. None of them have explanations.)


  • Babbage, was most likely based off of the real life Charles Babbage, who was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer.
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