First victory.

A battle that took place in Dunan, in the Dunan Unification War. The 4th Highland Army, led by Solon Jhee and his subordinates, Culgan and Seed, attacked the newly formed New State Army in their Headquarters, North Window Castle.

The 4th Highland Army had a force of 10.000 soldiers, considering that 3.000 was Southwindow's slaves. The New State Army had a force of 2.000 soldiers at the beggining of the battle. When Riou's Unit attacked Solon Jhee's personal unit, the Highland Army was surrounded and was attacked from the rear. When the Highland soldiers began to get desperate, Freed Y started a rumor among the southwindow's troops and they switched sides. With a force of 5.000 soldiers, the New State Army cornered the 4th Highland Army easily on the peninsula and Solon Jhee was forced to give the signal to withdraw.

After his failure to achieve victory at North Window Castle, Solon Jhee was sent for execution by Luca Blight.

Victory of the New State Army.

4th Highland Army: New State Army:
Solon Jhee, Culgan, Seed Riou, Shu, Viktor, Flik
7.000 Soldiers 5.000 Soldiers
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