General Kiba Windamier

The battle of Radat took place in the year 460, in the Dunan Unification War wich saw the 3rd Highland Company, commanded by Kiba Windamier and his son Klaus, and the New State Army, led by Riou, struggling near Radat Town.

After his failure in the Battle of Two River, Kiba was designated to start a campaign in the South Window's outskirts. He needed to annex Radat and South Window, and achieve victory on the New State Army. Part of the 4th Highland Company, under capitain Rowd's command, reinforced Kiba in his campaign.

When the New State Army noted that Radat had been invaded by the 3rd Highland Army, Shu ordered a frontal attack on the city. In the beginning of the battle, the two armies had equal forces, but general Ridley withdraw the Two River City's forces claiming that the Kobold's unit was deployed in the front line. Witnessing the struggle between friends, the highland army ordered that all troops attacked. With the New State Army outnumbered and under attack from the flanks, Shu gave the signal to withdraw.

After the battle, Kiba advanced his 3rd Company and quickly took South Window City.

Victory of the Highland Army.

3rd Highland Army: New State Army:
Kiba Windamier, Klaus Riou, Shu
15.000 Soldiers 12.000 Soldiers
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