Not to be confused with the true rune of the same name.

The Beast Rune is a type of rune in Suikoden V.


A rune unique to Ernst, this rune is the very reason Ernst is trapped in his leopard form. While exploring one of the Sindar Ruins in Zelant, Ernst and Norma came across this rune. Now Ernst can only become human for short periods of time or on nights when the moon is full.


  • Transformation: Change from a leopard into a human (can only be done once per battle).
  • Resounding Roar: Unbalance all foes (only usable when human).
  • Ripping Claws: 700 damage to row of foes (only usable when human).
  • Devouring Jaws: Kills one foe, recover all HP (only usable when human).


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