The Black Sword Rune or Dark Blade Rune (黒き刃の紋章 Kuroki Yaiba no Monshō) is a type of rune in Suikoden II.


It is one of two runes of power that make up the Rune of the Beginning, the other being the Bright Shield Rune.


  • Flash Judgement: 120 damage to 1 enemy.
  • Twinkling Blade: 100 damage to all enemies, 30% chance of instant death.
  • Piercing One: 700 damage to 1 enemy.
  • Hungry Fiend: 1200 damage to all enemies.


The Black Sword Rune is one of the halves of the Rune of the Beginning. Representing the offensive power, and nature of separation in order for creation in "the beginning," this rune holds devastating powers. Much of the power is manifested in the form of swords, as all of its spells unleash painful attacks with magical swords.

The earliest known usage of the Black Sword Rune was by Han Cunningham, general of the Highland Army. It's combative nature drove him to battle his friend, Genkaku. When Genkaku refused to fight in the duel, Highland won the territory surrounding Kyaro Town, where Genkaku later resides.

Han and Genkaku resolve their disputes and seal their runes away at the shrine at Toto Village. The runes remained there until Luca Blight's attack on the village many years later, when Jowy and Riou, bearer of the Bright Shield Rune, are led by Pilika to the shrine.



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