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Vincent Ly Vincent Ly 3 June 2021

Luca Blight similarities with other antagonists

Luca Blight features similarities with some major villains in various series, below are listed some of these:

  • 1 Ramsay Bolton (GOT)
  • 2 Tommy Udo
  • 3 Broly (Dragon Ball Z)
  • 4 Dio Brando
  • 5 Mephiles the Dark
  • 6 Dick Hardly (Powerpuff Girls)
  • 7 Azrael (BlazBlue)
  • 8 Scar (The Lion King)
  • 9 Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super)
  • 10 Captain Vidal (Pan's Labyrinth)

  • Both are sheerly evil to the core and have absolutely no mercy.
  • Both murdered their own father.
  • Both are totally sadistic and brutal psychopaths.
  • Both are hungry for blood and territories conquests.

Two of a most memorable scenes where they both kills two innocent women when he forces her to act like a pig whereas he shoves her in a wheelchair downstairs. They are also both a gleefully monstrous psychopaths in the franchise who sh…

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Yukoyusika Yukoyusika 18 April 2021

Suikoden For Indonesia

Maybe I'm sometime slow respond because I'm want suikoden can be read for Indonesia too at

Maybe so difficult to translate English to Indonesian for basic KBBI, I'm still learning it now. I'm still hope for maybe someone at Indonesia can help me for that.

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MarcasiteVah MarcasiteVah 25 March 2021

Suikoden 3 Konami Guide

I received the official Suikoden 3 guide by Konami today in the mail. It's much bigger than expected, but will be useful for editing/adding Suikoden 3 pages.

The pages on characters throughout the games, or connections to characters in this game is really interesting.

Also, since it has been hinted that I copy information from other places, here is a picture of my copy of the book to prove I own it.

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 20 March 2021

The Concepts of the characters in Highlander's New Purpose

Here are the concepts of the characters in my very first Suikoden fic, The Highlander's New Purpose and their background illustrations are based on the complete volumes of Genso Suikoden II

  • 1 Lene Ashitare
  • 2 Sean Rockwell
  • 3 Seed
  • 4 Asher Da Vinci
  • 5 Cara
  • 6 Geddoe
  • 7 Sasarai
  • 8 Damian Morrisson

About Lene's main appearance, she is a combined appearance of the twin sisters, Tracy and Rachael in the Battle Arena Toshinden series. I've been playing that fighting game several times and Tracy is my favorite character. Tracy's older twin sister, Rachael is a muscular woman with a large breast and that's how I had my idea to create Lene. Both her fringes and her face are from Rachael's and her medium-length hair and her physical appearance are from Tracy and her hair be…

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Borjitasstoi Borjitasstoi 15 August 2020

365 in this wiki (spanish)

Cuando entré en esta wiki nunca imaginé encontrar un lugar tan gentil y cordial empecé a editar sobre articulos y vi en esta wiki que le faltaban aspectos mejorables que podrían resultar atractivos como la inclusividad de las imágenes en movimiento (GIF) entonces me dispuse a tratar de proporcionar las animaciones de las runas de las unites y de todo lo posible que podría demostrar en movimiento

En cuanto a las relaciones son esta wiki tengo muy buena relación son baffoy y con la querida y añorada milk que en estos días no se encuentra en estas filas pero tenemos que dar lo mejor de nosotros para que ella se sienta orgullosa de este maravilloso lugar

todos los que me habeis acogido en este lugar incluso en los momentos más oscuros esta wiki …

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 6 August 2020

More Descendants are coming at The Highlander's New Purpose

Following my grandfather's death and is now laid to rest, I noticed one of the mods from the Eiyuden Chronicles Discord is interest to read my fic, The Highlander's New Purpose. Currently, I revealed a few of them who were descendants of the Suikoden characters on this fan game that I working on. So here's the list of the original characters who were descendants.

  • Asher Da Vinci (Culgan)
  • Doug Ashitare (Sarah)
  • Daniel Bergman (Anabelle)
  • Rena Wisemail (Teresa Wisemail) 
  • Lauren Pendragon (Lilly Pendragon)
  • Kai Yamamoto (Sanae Yamamoto)
  • Sigurd (Miklotov)
  • Mason (Camus)
  • Tensai (Tessai)
  • Melvin Barnes (Ridley Wizen)
  • Juris (Sid)
  • Mei (Meg)
  • Gadget DX (Gadget Z)

  • Drogo (Hugo)
  • Hyube (Georg)
  • Servine (Sasarai)
  • Hayate (Kasumi)
  • Florence (Hix)
  • Heath (Flik)
  • Leroy (Sheena)

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 1 August 2020

Seed's Representations

Since I'm still playing Black Desert online/mobile game, my main is the Warrior who is now became a Gladiator and I had many representations to my favourite villain in Suikoden II, Seed.

Servine "Seed" Griffermence is my Gladiator main which is based off Seed as his hair is from his appearance in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 and he is also known to wield long swords just like the Warrior jobs in the game except for his sub weapon which he wields a long shields as opposed of Seed wielding runes.

Both Warrior and Gladiator job's moves are fire based that represents Seed's execution of his Fire Rune when utilizes his Explosion and most of these moves I adapted into the latter's fighting style in my own fic. The Highlander's New Purpose where he exe…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 14 April 2020

About The Highlander's New Purpose

Currently, I was posting my very first Suikoden fic not just to focus most people including the silent protagonists, but it was Seed . If anyone likes to read, just go to this link:

About this fic, The Highlander's New Purpose which takes place 100 years after Suikoden III

Originally the concept where both Lene Ashitare and Sean Rockwell are portrayed similarly to the Lampdragon Bandits led by Gijimu, Kovu and Lo Wen known as the Red Dragon Bandits and the timeline was in the same timeline after the fall of the Highland Kingdom. Seed's portrayal in this concept as a neutral character like Jowy Atreides and was resurrected by Lene with the use of the Divine Dagger Rune (the incarnation of the Rune of the Beginning) but the…

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SuikodenVI SuikodenVI 26 January 2020

Lets start a grasslands roots campaign

If we get off our lazy arses and stop replaying the series...we can make suikoden 6 happen

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 31 December 2019

Seed 2.0

After a longer years of playeing Suikoden II and attaining Seed's vibrant red hair. :D

As you know in today's New Year's Eve. I start playing the mobile online game called Black Desert. I also forgot that I'm expert in character customizations. My sword main in this mobile online game is combination between Seed and Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy VIII as the back of his hair is from Squall Leonhart also from Final Fantasy VIII and his muscular physique is Jin Kazama from Tekken series.

This sword main is Seed 2.0 and his full name is Sevine "Seed" Griffermence. To be honest, the warrior job is nice and all of his sword skills have flames embedded in it. Later months when the ascension of their second job was released from their patch, he is now…

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Borjitasstoi Borjitasstoi 20 December 2019

open doors symposium Learn new lenguages in suikoden wiki

i love when people spread his knowdlege and i think would be good i want in this days i m completely free for all my studies i want invest my time in my friends and invest in suikoden wiki attending demmands from milk and others i remenber doing this in others place i had my public awaiting every blog entry about spanish lessons hope have the same reception right here

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Borjitasstoi Borjitasstoi 5 August 2019

TWWC Translations

武器 Weapons

剣 Swords ショートソード Short Sword
ロングソード Long Sword
ユーズドソード Used Sword
スワローサーベル Swallow Saber
ウルフファング Wolf Fang
シルバーブレード Silver Blade
獣神の太刀 Beast God Long Sword
ブロードソード Broad Sword
聖騎士の剣 Holy Knight Sword (or Paladin)
デーモンスレイヤー Demon Slayer
フランベルジュ Flamberge
ダークブリンガー Dark-Bringer
ケイオスブリンガー Chaos-Bringer
星王の剣 Star Ruler Sword

旋棍 Tonfa トンファー Tonfa
風の旋棍 Wind Tonfa
銀の旋棍 Silver Tonfa
魔拳の旋棍 Magic Fist Tonfa
砂嵐の旋棍 Sandstorm Tonfa
ソウルスティンガー Soul Stinger
白銀の旋棍 Platinum Tonfa
鳳凰の旋棍 Phoenix Tonfa

槍 Spears アイオニアスピア Ionia Spear?
ハンティングスピア Hunting Spear
アイアンスピア Iron Spear
シルバースピア Silver Spear
騎士の槍 Knight Spear
ハルバード Halberd
エグゼキューター Executor
フォースオブガーズ Force of Guards?

弓 Bows ショートボウ Short Bow
アーミーボウ Army Bow
ロングボウ Long Bow
ストライカー Striker
聖者の弓 Saint’s Bow
モズロマスの強弓 Mozlomas Strong Bow?

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Borjitasstoi Borjitasstoi 10 March 2018

The Gatherer of All suikoden Stars

This blog entry its for tell my story along the all suikoden series basically i put experiencies glitches and bugs and everything related with fauvorite characters attacks and vice versa.

  • The summary of all of this its i am the tenkai star of my life and i gather stars too forging everyday my destiny everyone its the tenkai star of his life and everyone gather his star for build his destiny hope enjoy reading my personal experiencies and everything summarizes and you are welcome here and you are the tenkai star.

  • 1 Suikoden
  • 2 Suikoden II
  • 3 Suikoden II Card Game
  • 4 Suikoden III
  • 5 Suikoden IV
  • 6 Suikoden Tactis (Rhapsodia)
  • 7 Suikoden V
  • 8 Suikoden Tierkreis
  • 9 Suikoden 紡がれし百年の時

Suikoden has born the first played this game i was amazed first of all for use 6 characte…

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Hotspot Hotspot 20 March 2017

Suikoden made top 5 on a wikia article!

I was conveniently on the Suikoden wiki, when I noticed a wiki article on the side. I checked it out, and it was about 5 great defunct RPG series. I was drawn by the artwork from Chrono Trigger.. and I was surprised, and happy to see Suikoden made the list! Check it out!

Five Greatest Defunct RPG Series

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Hotspot Hotspot 9 August 2016

Wiki Hero Badge!

Two weeks ago, I gained the Wiki Hero badge on the Suikoden Wiki, for contributing every day for 365 days. I am honored and so happy I got it, it wasn't easy! There were a few times where I thought I was going to lose it and have to start over.. For instance, my friend and I went on a mini vacation in September. We didn't have internet access, but I was able to look on the wiki with my phone, and called my brother, who was able to edit for me. Of course, no one ever invites me to go on vacation with them, so out of all the times in the world, it had to be when I was on a time limit of sorts! Another time, my car got a flat tire and I was stranded. I had made a comment at night, but I wanted to do more.. but I got a point for the Kya wiki a…

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Hotspot Hotspot 29 June 2016

Quiz time!

So, User:Chacolatte made a quiz about how well you know him. I scored a 2/10, but I blame the fact that I never talked about those subjects. lol... but, I made one as well! And here it is! It's a fun little thing.. feel free to share your own, if you make one!

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Hotspot Hotspot 28 May 2016

Having Fun on other Wiki's!

When it comes to Wiki's and Wikia, I mainly stick to my roots. That is the Suikoden and Kya Dark Lineage wiki's, let's not forget the Saint October Wiki as well. I'm on these wiki's because I highly enjoy these series and want viewers to be more educated on the matter... most shows or games I don't remember too much about, so I tend to not bother editing on other wiki's (Especially since the more popular series are pretty much all done.) But every now and again I have some extra fun on other wiki's!

I just spent an hour working on the "Cuticle Detective Inaba" wiki, it's nice to go on a wiki to edit here and there. Usually I stick to my roots, but it's fun to go on another wiki every now and again. Maybe I'll explore more Wiki's in the futu…

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Hotspot Hotspot 26 April 2016

Blind Heroes Blog Post

After watching Daredevil on Netflix, I've decided to make a blog post about Blind Heroes in fiction! I've included Morgan!

Check it out!

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Omega16 Omega16 17 March 2016

A Few New PG Rune Uploads

A while back, I did the 14 True Runes that had images in the Wikia, all of which did well and I've attained over 8000 votes because of them and could still get a little more before the 3 month time limit hits them. The links to the True Rune uploads can be found here.

After a little time, I started on the common runes, starting with the Alertness Rune, then followed by the Drain Rune and the Warrior Rune. However, Alertness and Warrior were both removed from the site for unknown reasons. Alertness has about 170 votes and was on for three days, so I tried to reupload it. I don't know how many votes I got, because it was removed a second time. The Drain Rune is still up.

In case you're wondering, an upload can only be deleted if it has more de…

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 9 March 2016

Tutorial:Creating Tabber

Things to know:

  • Replace the Parent Tabber or child1 for the tabber titles and replace insert data with the details you wanted to add.
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Chacolatte Chacolatte 20 February 2016

Here's what I'm doing, and what I won't be lol

first, I wanna appologise for screwing up with the Creeper page, I am still getting used to this Wiki editing stuff (I am pretty new at it) and I forgot to do something with the images which gave Omega more work than he needed, I feel really bad D:

On another note, I'll leave enemy pages to others until I can learn how to make the infoboxes better...

What I WILL continue to do, and what I've been enjoying, is editing location pages, especially adding what monsters and items appear in dungeons and "fluffing" out those pages. I think this is where I can be most useful right now.

Hotspot mentioned to me that recruitment information needs to be added, but, I've been going through characters and finding this information is there. If someone can le…

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Omega16 Omega16 19 February 2016

A Need For Enemy Photos

As I've done for the last few days, I've been making new enemy pages for the Wikia. I've tried being really spot-on in terms of enemy stats and strategies, but one thing's an issue for me to get, and it's certain enemy images.

What I need is Suikoden III, Suikoden IV, and Suikoden Tactics images. Suikoden, II, and V is something I can handle myself, as I can find the sprites/images without much of an issue, and I know absolutely nothing of Tierkreis or TWWC because I don't have any info about either two games in terms of bestiaries. I can get some images if need be, but I prefer them to be of high quality so viewers can see it well. Making the images is something I can't do that great on, so I ask for your help.

If you have any images that can b…

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Hotspot Hotspot 15 February 2016

My friend might join the Wiki!

A friend of mine, that I have known for almost 10 years, might join the Suikoden Wiki! We first met on my old Suikoden and Chrono forum, and we became great friends ever since! We were talking and he said he would love to help out the Suikoden Wiki! He goes by the name Chaco (You'll never guess where he got the name from. :P), if Chaco is taken, he usually goes by "Chacozlate".

He also just made a new forum, check it out if you'd like! Suiko-Legends

Here's the discussion we were having Click Here.

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Omega16 Omega16 16 January 2016

365 Days Later

So, today officially marks my one-year anniversary since joining this particular Wikia, and I must say, things have greatly changed since then.

When I first joined, there had only been about 37000 edits to the wiki altogether, and now we're over 100000! That's quite an accomplishment. The Wiki also had under 4000 pages, and now we're almost at 5000, although many things still need to be added to the recent pages. The majority of the pages as well, outside of Suikoden IV related material, had numerous issues, which I had fixed over time. (Although I'm still not done with Suikoden IV's character pages and haven't even started on Suikoden V's pages. Damn you, distractions!)

This Wiki has improved significantly since I first joined it, but the commu…

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Hotspot Hotspot 28 December 2015

I'm going to adopt a wiki!

I know what you're thinking! Hotspot, you crazy nut! You are the founder and admin of the Kya Dark Lineage Wiki, and an admin on the Suikoden wiki.. and you're going to adopt a wiki?! What's next, sky diving?! 

Well now, see.. this is what happened...I was making a blog post on my blog (Not wikia blogs) and I was making a post about characters named Esmeralda. As seen Here. When I had finished making the post..I decided to look up images of Esmeralda from the anime "Saint October". Saint October is a very unknown magical girl anime, that uses a tarot card system. When I was searching online, I stumbled upon a wiki for it! Saint October Wiki I was surprised because I saw the anime two years ago, and I never noticed a wiki for it. So, I go on…

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Omega16 Omega16 17 December 2015

True Rune Uploads

The 27 True Runes are a major key point in the Suikoden series. However, when it comes to Dan-Ball, I appear to be the only one that really knows anything about them or the series in general.

One game in particular on the site is called Powder Game, which is a particle simulation game with several elements. With a ton of work and plenty of time, I've been making the known True Runes and uploading them to the site. All of them have gotten quite a decent amount of votes, with the highest being the True Water Rune at 1200+ votes as of December 17, 2015.

I've mainly been doing this because no one else has, even in the Japanese side of the game. All of them took a lot of time due to how many dots and everything it took to make them. Just as I mad…

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Omega16 Omega16 29 November 2015

Just a little something I just got myself into here in the Wikia...

Jesus, if you think a bunch of advertisements and the like is considered spamming, you should take a look at what I just had to deal with about an hour ago.

A while back, this guy named Speddos appeared on the Dan-Ball Wikia. He was an okay editor, but later became the most hated person on that Wikia. He did sockpuppetry (creating multiple accounts) worse than most bots do, and did nothing but spam random crap, mostly taking out the entire page for a couple of swear words. The full story behind this can be found here.

Apparently, he returned this month, attack spammed another Wikia directly related to Dan-Ball Wikia, and just attacked the latter. I mean, look at this photo below.

Not only did he spam "Nigger" consistently on multiple article …

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 25 November 2015

Suikoden Wikia Quiz!

No Cheating! What is your score?

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 21 September 2015

Erk's Adventure in Suikoden III

The first time I read the Erk's Adventure in Suikoden III it is really hard to track. But luckily the story repeat twice on the game. So when I have the chance I really grab it.

Here's my very short review about it.

  • It is really short.
  • Very mild story.
  • Children and adult can read it.

That's all thank you for reading.

Here's a picture of Connie:

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NataliaNeeSama NataliaNeeSama 19 September 2015

(Spoilers) Playing Suikoden V right now (Finale)

So, the curtain drops. Suikoden V, the last game of the main universe ends, with a lot of cliffhangers, which last for over 10 years now. Who were the Crimson Pilgrims? Who was Eresh? What is happening on Armes at that time? Were some characters travel too? I hope we someday find the answers for that. Anyway, time for my rumblings.

The ending: I think was really well done. I don't believe the fight with the Sun Rune was forced, since like the Beast Rune and the True Wind Rune, the Sun Rune is pretty much the major reasons the war started. The Godwin family tried to use it to make Falena reign supreme, so it's the reason that the war raged. What I don't like as much is that Lyon collapses in the end despise she being okay moments before. May…

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Hotspot Hotspot 17 September 2015

What if Odessa is a Tenkai Star?

So, I was watching this Suikoden youtube video.. Video about Odessa. In the video, the fan created a story where Odessa was alive and she was never killed in the first place. Some people in the comments thought that was cool, and other's thought it was a bad idea since characters come to life in fantasy settings all the time and it gets old after a while.

So, I was thinking to myself.. if Odessa was a star of destiny what would she be? That was when I had my aha! Moment! Odessa would be a Tenkai Star! She was the leader of the liberation army after all and Odessa saw that Tir was the best choice to pursue her role. So I thought, wouldn't it be cool if she came back in a new Suikoden, but this time as the hero?

If Odessa became the heroine of…

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NataliaNeeSama NataliaNeeSama 16 September 2015

(Spoilers) Playing Suikoden V right now (Part 2)

Well, here the continuation of my playthough. Here I will cover the between the Armes Invasion towards the near closure, with Gizel death and we preparing for the Ashwal Mountains last dungeon. So here my rumblings again.

Sol-Falena Siege: I don't like this battle. The Stormfist battle was better and more fun. Why? Because they locked several Generals, and things like Shula Land Calvary unit and the Lindwurn Brigate are being unable to be used, not counting I can't use Craig on water. In Stormfist, you have all your toys in your disposal, but Sol Falena lock the generals, which really limits your strategy. A bit disapointing for a final battle.

Sialeeds: Well, like I knew it, she didn't, technically, betray the prince. But her objectives were …

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NataliaNeeSama NataliaNeeSama 11 September 2015

(Spoilers) Playing Suikoden V right now.

Too bad I didn't started writting blogs for my Suikoden Marathon when I was playing all the previous games, to tell my opinion about each different game momment, but well, I could tell about the momment I am now in V until the ending, and tell my opinions about the plot. I probably will do the same with Tierkreis as well, but now complete.

So, the point I will be talking about will be from between the Queen's Campaing towards the invasion of Armes and the Lucretia plan to abandom the castle. Unlike a normal article, I will not try to have a perfect English here, just some ramblings, so don't mind that. Of course, there is spoilers here, so, be warned.

Sialeeds: It's been a while I played V, I think 4 years, so I don't remember her reasons fo…

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Hotspot Hotspot 9 September 2015

What do you think?

So, I'm trying to fix up the Kya Dark Lineage wiki. 

And I made the navigational box for most of the main pages.. but then I liked a different one and then I was like, oh well, this one's nice too.. and now I have three.. and I don't know which one would be the best for the entire wiki!

So, I thought I would ask here and see what everyone else likes?

Go to the "Nav Boxes" section of the page, which navigational box do you like best?

There's also a poll about it on the main page, if you want to vote in it!

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Hotspot Hotspot 6 September 2015


I love Boomerangs! They are my favorite weapon of all time in games and I've been in love with them ever since Millie from the second Suikoden game! I've always thought they were cool; you throw the boomerang, so you never get close to your enemies and then it comes back so you never have to refill your weapon. Of course there are many flaws, like it would never work in real life because it would hit the target and fall. But, I do theorize that if the boomerang is either going faster or is stronger than the object to hit, it can actually knock the target down.. an example is Sango from Inuyasha, who uses a giant boomerang.. and every time she uses it on a giant monster, it's used in a way that makes sense... it doesn't hit directly, but to…

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Hotspot Hotspot 2 September 2015

Suikoden Battle Arena!

  • Jeane and Viki are in a giant stadium, Jeane has a feather in her hand*

Jeane: Tee Hee.

  • Jeane takes the feather and tickles Viki's nose with it.* *Viki let's out a sneeze*

Viki: ACHOO!

  • All of the Stars of Destiny appear in the arena!*

Viki: Huh? Did I do that?!

Jeane: Viki! It's time! For the Suikoden battle arena!

Viki: The... what?

Jeane: The Suikoden battle arena! It has every Suikoden chacter and they're all here! Ready to fight!

Viki: Huh?

Jeane: It even has a story mode!

Viki: Jeane, I'm confused!

Jeane: Hey now, don't think we're on the sidelines! We're fighting too, Viki! All because you're my friend doesn't mean I will go easy on you! Come on! *Starts walking away*

Viki: JEANE! JEANE! I don't understand! I'm so confused!!! What's going on? Wha…

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Hotspot Hotspot 24 August 2015

Do you do the Micken Roll?

So, what happens when you don't go on a wiki anymore? Trolls come by and re-edit a page over 100 times.. and put "Possible" song lyrics or food recipes in it's place! But, because they make so many edits, it becomes the page with the most edits.. in the little ranking that I don't remember where I found.

So, this I found out a while back. But I thought of it because of another users blog who mentions trolls.. and I was like.. Trolls and Micken Rolls!!! XD

See, on my Kya Wiki, there is a page.. which is "Micken" They're these cute little ball creature things that the character Kya, can roll around and jump on to get to higher places.. which is pretty rude actually, poor Mickens.. But a troll changed the page a bazillion times and at one point…

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Hotspot Hotspot 20 August 2015

Suikoden VS Final Fantasy VII.. seriously?

Ok, some ho's are going to get slapped! I don't know about you, but when someone goes on some sort of forum about a particular game, show.. whatever... and when the topic in question is versed with another topic.. how do you possibly choose the side of the other series? If that made no sense, I will explain. Here's a facebook group about Suikoden, It's called Suikoden 2.5, which is a fan game of Suikoden II.

So, they posted.. which is better.. Suikoden or Final Fantasy VII? So, I'm thinking, everyone is going to say Suikoden, obviously, it's a chat about Suikoden... but I was so wrong and I am actually pretty annoyed. Like it's fine to have an opinion, I get Final Fantasy VII is pop…

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Hotspot Hotspot 15 August 2015

Some people are dumpster juice!

So, I got back from work several hours ago and I had the unfortunate opportunity, to deal with.. by far one of the most vicious, nasty human beings I have ever met in my life before.. I have no respect for people like her!

For the whole story, check out my blog.

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Hotspot Hotspot 30 July 2015

Key to the wiki badge got reset.. nuuuu

I'm so upset, the key to the wiki badge got reset; I thought I made an edit on Tuseday, but apparently I didn't. So it got reset...

I'm going to buy Suikoden III on psn network today... they need the sales so make sure to buy them!!

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 25 May 2015

VS Battles

Hello, everyone.

Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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MoonlightSelenia MoonlightSelenia 27 March 2015

Trans: リファイアント (Refiant)

Nikumba's explanation about Refiant. It's part of plot to recruit L'aquila, Lete, Nikunba, and Crayon.

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MoonlightSelenia MoonlightSelenia 27 March 2015

Trans: Terms

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 18 March 2015

Tutorial: Part 7 "Border"

The code we will use to add a border adjust the size, set the style and color of the border:
border: size style color;
border: 3px groove #FF6181;
Lets Start

  • We will use the table that we made last time on part 5.

{|style="width: 50em; background:#9F81F7;"
|valign="top" style="background:#F5A9BC;text-align: center; width: 25em;"|row 1 - A
|style="background:#F5A9BC;text-align: center; width: 25em;"|row 1 - B (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  • We will now have a table with a border on the background and content.
  • You can set the border style into a:
    • dotted
    • dashed
    • solid
    • double
    • groove
    • ridge
    • inset
    • outset

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 17 March 2015

Tutorial: Part 6 "v align"

  • The code we will use to set the alignment of the content.
    • valign="???"
  • What is valign or vertical align?
    • It sets the alignment of the content of the table.

Let Start

  • Create a table with 2rows and 2 column with a very long content on the 2nd column. Me I'll make 4 rows with two columns.

{|style="width: 50em; background:#9F81F7;"
|style="background:#F5A9BC;text-align: center; width: 25em;"|row 1 - A
|style="background:#F5A9BC;text-align: center; width: 25em;"|row 1 - B (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  • On this table the row 1 - A and row 2 - B content is now on top.

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 16 March 2015

Tutorial: Part 5 "The Rowspan"

  • First create a table with any desire rows and columns.

{|style="width: 50em; background:blue;"
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 1 - A
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 1 - B
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 1 - C
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 1 - D
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 1 - E
|style="background:#3DFF88;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 2 - A
|style="background:#3DFF88;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 2 - B
|style="background:#3DFF88;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 2 - C
|style="background:#3DFF88;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|row 2 - D

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 14 March 2015

Tutorial: Part 4 "The Colspan"

Okay we will start using the colspan but, what is a colspan?

  • colspan="2"
    • The colspan will expand across the column rather than row.

Lets start

  • We will use the code on part 3 but the difference is that it will now have 6 rows and on the first row has only one column with a title on it.

{|style="width: 50em; background:blue;"

|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center;"|Title
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|HP
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|MP
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|Attack
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|Defense
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center; width: 10em;"|Experience

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 13 March 2015

Tutorial: Part 3 "Parameter inside the Table"

Now we will make a table with Parameters, but first I will explain what is parameters.

  • }
    • Parameters allow you to display and insert text. It is also help to avoid making duplicate templates with the same design but different content/text inside. Example:Instead of making many template with the same design and different text/content inside you will make only one template. For more info you can read Help:Template parameters.

Lets Start

  • We will use the code we made on part 2, but the difference today is that I will change it's color and the text/content inside it.

{|style="width: 50em; background:blue;"

|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center;"|HP
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center;"|MP
|style="background:#3D9FFF;text-align: center…

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 13 March 2015

Tutorial: Part 2 "Adding Columns and Rows"

The code that we need to make rows is:

  • |-
    • As I said before this code will begin the table row.
  • We will use the code that we used earlier on the part one.

{|style="width: 35em; background:blue;"

|style="background:orange;text-align: center;"| Hi I'm Milkandchocolate how may I help you?

  • First copy the code with a red color.
  • Then paste it below the code with red color.

{|style="width: 35em; background:blue;"

|style="background:orange;text-align: center;"| Hi I'm Milkandchocolate how may I help you?
|style="background:orange;text-align: center;"| Hi I'm Milkandchocolate how may I help you?

  • Now you have two columns.
  • Let's add another 3 columns. Just copy the code with a red color again and paste it below the code with a red color 3 t…

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Milkandchocolate Milkandchocolate 12 March 2015

Tutorial:Create Templates

  • Click Add a Page.
  • Type Template:Page Name and click create
  • Type "Hello, World" in the editor.
  • Click "Publish". You have just created a template with some sample content.
  • On your user profile type
  • Don't forget to add the because the template won't work if you don't add it.
  • Hit Publish and your done.


  • Why do I need to use my profile to test the template I made?
    • Because on this wiki any people who are still practicing on how to use the template is not allowed on any article page. The only page you can use to practice is your user page and for the template the only template page that you can use to practice is the Template:TEST.
    • This wiki don't need many practicing template.


  • Be sure to use the template you made.
  • If you are planning to cre…
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