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Description[edit | edit source]

A broken file link is created when that someone added a file (in the form of File:...) that doesn't exist in a wiki, or when a file is deleted or renamed without leaving a redirect, but the original file link was not removed or updated. So a page with a broken file link contains one or more broken file links.

In most cases, you would probably not mind having some broken file links around your wiki, but if that file is in the mainspace, or in an essential project page, it's a good idea to update or remove the link as soon as possible, as the presence of the file might be important to that page.

I don't think there's a place where pages with broken files are listed, but a list of all files that don't exist yet are link to in a given wiki is found in Special:WantedFiles, and a list of links to them can be retrieved using Special:WhatLinksHere.

Broken files links[edit | edit source]

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