Ceras Lake Castle

Ceras Lake Castle

A large Sindar Castle discovered after the Prince opened the Sinder Ruins Sluice Gate letting out the water of Ceras Lake during the battle of Hatred Fortress. The castle is quite advanced despite being quite old. It was made of a unknown rock that showed no sign of dirt or algea even though it had been underwater for so long. It also contained a strange gear mechanism that runs the elevator. The Loyalist Army made this their headquaters during the Falenan Civil War, but at one point was forced to leave it when the Godwin-Armes army approached. Not long after regaining it and soon after ending the war. After reclaiming the Sun Rune the Sluice gates were closed again and the castle sank beneath the water again.

Sealed RoomEdit

Ceras Lake Castle contains a sealed room its top floor. In there the prince saw a vision of what appeared to be the Sun Rune causing great destruction and a light from the both the Ceras Lake Castle and the Twilight Forest ruins.


  • Ceras Lake Castle is the only player headquarters to fall, even for a short while, under enemy control in the entire series.
  • Lyon won't allow the Prince to name the castle as "Sindar Castle" nor "Mohawk Head Castle".
  • Sialeeds Falenas's body is buried in the graveyard at this castle because she did technically betray Falena, so she couldn't be buried in the Sun Palace.


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