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Chaco is the Tenkou Star in Suikoden II.



Chaco is a young "Winger", a member of the Winged Horde and he lives with his grandmother, Susu in Two River City. He and his fellow Winged hoard liek to cause trouble for the humans living in Two-River city.


Chaco has dark brown hair, dark almost black colored eyes, and black; bat like wings. He also wears a pair of khaki shorts held up by a single strap, and a white ripped tee-shirt. As well, his clothes are very ragged, as a sign of the poor conditions he and his people tend to live in.

Chaco, as well as the entire winged horde people, have talon's in place of regular human feet, however their hands and the rest of their bodies appear to be that of a humans.


Chaco has the personality of a young hooligan. He likes to cause "trouble" for the humans living on the other side of the river from his home, and he also pickpocket's unsuspecting folk who wander in from out of town.

With that said, he wants to protect his home, which he believes belongs to everyone, including humans. He does seem to feel that humans disrespect his people, and thinks humans are "stupid" and easily tricked.

Chaco is also the first person to realize that Klaus was trying to trick everyone, into thinking the Kobolds were covertly meeting with Highland, showing that he is actually fairly clever.



Upon entering Two-River city, Chaco immediate ran into, and stole, Riou's wallet, as well as a reference letter of introduction to the present leader of Two-River city, Lord Makai. Riou eventually pursued Chaco, and chased him through the streets of the Winger's side of Two-River, where Chaco continually taunted Riou, and than proceeded to fly off when Riou had him cornered (after refusing to give Riou's money or belonging's back).

Later, when Riou went to the inn, Chaco had pretended to be Riou and ate his meal that had been prepared for him, and even read the letter of introduction, thus learning Riou was an important person. That said, Chaco refused to think any differently about Riou and flew out the window.

Later on, when Ridley was being accused of fraternizing with the enemy, Chaco yelled at the towns people, saying they were "Stupid" for believing Highland's tricks.

After a lot shenanigans with the leader's of Two-River arguing, Chaco introduced Riou to Suzu, his Grandmother who was also leader of the winged hoard people. Though Chaco's own Grandmother believed in Riou, since he has the Bright Shield Rune, Chaco still continued to disrespect Riou.

Chaco later stole Fitcher's wallet, and accidentally lead them to a secret passageway (after being chased around again), which went right into the Kobold sections training camp; where Ridley happened to be.

During the attack of Highland Army on the Two River, he protected the village along with the other wingers, saying that, Two-River is the home of himself and the other Wingers; and so of course they would want to protect the city.

After the attack he decided to join Riou on his fight against Highland Kingdom, and returned his stolen funds to him as well. After the war, he returned to Two River and he is currently stirring up lots of trouble with his pals.

He has a "friendship" with another member of the Winged Horde, Sid, although Sid seems to more torture and torment Chaco, than actually being his friend. According to Sid, they are "like brothers".

Role in the Game

Chaco joins automatically after the events in Two River.

Chaco as a spear user, can attack from the back row. As far as attributes go, he has rather low health, but has good luck and high speed stats and oddly enough, solid magic defence to make up for his low HP. He gains access to 3 rune slots as he levels, opening up some real powerful options and setups for the late game.

Weapon Type: Spear
Weapon Range: M
Weapon Starting Level: 8

Weapon Growth
Name Wing Spear Air Spear Sky Spear
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 5 8 12 24 32 37 42 48 53 80 88 98 110 120 130 140

  • Head - None (Acquired at level 55)
  • R. Hand - None (Acquired at level 45)
  • L. Hand - None (Available upon recruitment)

Chaco gains access to all 3 rune slots available as he levels up. Therefore this grants Chaco access to a great amount of customization and huge damage potential. Chaco has a low magic stat but he can work as a mage. Chaco would work best with a combination of Resurrection Rune, Wind Rune, Lightning Rune and Wind Rune. Chaco's 3 runes slots gives him access to the Double-Strike Rune, Double-Beat Rune and Fury Rune combo which along with his high strength stat allows him to output high amounts of damage.

Character Statistics
HP 694
LVL 1 8
LVL 2 5
LVL 3 2
LVL 4 1
LVL 99 ATK 151
EX 999 DEF 160
STR 291 PDF 275
SKL 150 MDF 190
MAG 133 SPD 210

Default Equipment
Helmet Half Helmet
Armor Karate Uniform
Shield [none]
Other 1 Meat Pie (x4)
Other 2 Sun Badge
Other 3 -

Recommended Equipment
Helmet -
Armor -
Shield [none]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -

Chaco can participate in the Winger Attacks.

Chaco is a Support Unit that provides 0+ ATK and +1 DEF.

"Ouch...... That hurt!!...."

"Damn!!! I can't die!!! I'm just a kid!!!"

Richmond's Investigations

From: Two River City
Position: Infantry Captain

Note: None

"With his 'Flight Ability', any unit he's in will be able to fly during war. If you combine that with 'Cavalry Ability', you'll really be able to cover a

lot of ground!"

"Winger's wings are damn useful when ya wanna jump down from a high place. I

guess it's not really like flying though."

"He got dumped by his girlfriend recently, but he'll be okay. A boy like him

won't let something like that keep him down."

  • This Place Rules

This castle is cool!!! Humans, Kobolds and Wingers all fighting together!!! It's great!!!

  • Help...
Please do something, every night before I go to sleep, Sid tells me these Scary Stories so I can't sleep...

"Born and raised in Two River, our young friend, Chaco, is probably a fish-lover."


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