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Chakram equip to Taj

Chakram is a round weapon. In the Suikoden series, the weapon first appears in Suikoden IV, then later in Suikoden Tactics, as a Claw weapon. However, in Suikoden V and Suikoden Tierkreis, the Chakram appears and only acts as a Boomerang. In Suikoden IV, Tactics and Suikoden V this sort of weapon is automatically gained by the character, while in Suikoden Tierkreis they can be found in treasure chests or be purchased in weapon shops.


Chakram is used by a ninja or a janam's in the series. It gives the character attack and defense up. In the main series chakram's strength is defend on it's level. In Suikoden Tierkreis Chakram increase attack +50 and defense +20.

Chakram User[]

Suikoden IV:

Akaghi (Used as a claw weapon)

Suikoden Tactics:

Akaghi (Used as a claw weapon)

Suikoden V:

SialeedsSharmista (Used as Boomerangs)

Suikoden Tierkreis: Any character in Suikoden Tierkreis, who can use a Boomerang, can use a Chakram.