The Chief of Na-Nal is a minor character in Suikoden IV. He surrendered to Kooluk during the Island Liberation War before realizing his mistake and agreeing to cooperate with the Island Liberation Navy led by Lazlo. After the war, he resigned his position and let his son Axel succeed him as Island Chief.



The Chief of Na-Nal was a very proud human, with a high opinion of himself and of the human section of his island. As such, he did the bare minimum to maintain relations with the Elven settlement but the two settlements remained far from being on friendly terms.



During the Kooluk invasion of the Island Liberation War, he listened to Troy's promises not to hurt the villagers in exchange for their help. The Chief's alliance with the Kooluk was not to the Elven Chief's liking as the humans had made a treaty without their permission; this further strained relations between the two settlements.

When Lazlo arrived accompanied by King Lino En Kuldes with the intention of allying with Na-Nal, he was immediately confronted by Kooluk soldiers, which were soon disposed of by his team. At this action, the Chief of Na-Nal grew angry, because he feared Troy's retaliation. In order to assuage the Kooluk, the Chief of Na-Nal came up with a plan: in exchange for liberating Lazlo's team, which he had captured and jailed, he would send them to the Great Elven Tree of Na-Nal and have them steal the famous Elven Remedy to cure the wounded Kooluk soldiers and thus the Chief of Na-Nal could regain Troy's favour. After succeeding in their mission and handing the flask to the Chief, Lazlo's team, escorted by the Chief's son Axel, attempted to go to the harbour, where they were captured by Selma for stealing the Remedy, and brought back to the Elven Settlement. However, the humans had been double-crossed, for the Elven Chief had replaced the Remedy with a vial of poison, and it appeared to the Kooluk that the human Chief of Na-Nal's intention was to kill them. The Kooluk soldiers started killing innocent civilians and it finally dawned upon the Chief that they never had any intention of sparing Na-Nal the horrors of war, and that he had been fooled.

After Lazlo's team was finally liberated by Selma who couldn't agree with all her Chief's methods, Lazlo aided the Chief of Na-Nal in driving the Kooluk from the island. After this, an alliance between Na-Nal and the Island Liberation Navy could be secured at last. The Chief of Na-Nal agreed to help Lazlo's forces in the war by sending his son, Axel and ultimately accepted that his island be part of the newly-founded Island Nations Federation after the war.

Following these events, and realizing that the island could benefit from a more open-minded leader, the Chief of Na-Nal handed over the leadership to his son Axel.