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The following is a class guide for the spin off title Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century; this guide includes all of the games classes, as well as characters who have the class, or can obtain that class.

In order for a character to learn a sub-class, you must raise their friendship to the maximum level (a red smiling face, at least 160 points). Then you will see a special scene at dining (if they are in the party).

Once the character has learned this new class they can use that weapon in battle as well as learn the skills associated with that class. Of the 18 playable characters, 3 do not have sub-classes.



Archers attack using long range weapons such as a bow & arrow.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Luceri SWWoC Luseri Portrait.png Main
2 Lascaris Lewis Lascaris Id.png Main
3 Myura SWWoC Myura Portrait.png Sub
4 Butruga Buturuga Id.png Sub


The Bard class uses melodies to help allies in battle.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Meamei SWWoC Mea-Mei Portrait.png Main
2 Jansen Jansen Id.png Main
3 Ilia Barukai Ilia Id.png Sub
4 Luceri SWWoC Luseri Portrait.png Sub


Shamen put curses on enemies.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Butruga Buturuga Id.png Main
2 Zaveed SWWoC Zavid Portrait.png Main


Spearmen use spears as their weapons.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Ducas Ducas Id.png Main
2 Hermione Hermione Id.png Main
3 Jagwan SWWoC Jagwan Portrait.png Sub


The Mage class uses powerful magic to defeat foes.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Myura SWWoC Myura Portrait.png Main
2 Zephon SWWoC Xephon Portrait.png Main
3 Lascaris Lewis Lascaris Id.png Sub

Martial Artist

Martial Artists use an array of fist and kick attacks.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Bordon Borden Id.png Main
2 Jagwan SWWoC Jagwan Portrait.png Main
3 Hermione Hermione Id.png Sub
4 Tserendulam Zerendoramu Id.png Sub


The medic class uses spells to heal allies in battle.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Ilia Barukai Ilia Id.png Main
2 Modi Moody Id.png Main
3 Hero Hero THT Id.png Sub
4 Bordon Borden Id.png Sub
5 Meamei SWWoC Mea-Mei Portrait.png Sub
6 Jansen Jansen Id.png Sub


The Ninja class is a swift class.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Regius SWWoC Regius Portrait.png Main
2 Gijellega Gizellega Id.png Main
3 Zaveed SWWoC Zavid Portrait.png Sub


Swordsmen use swords as their weapons.

No. Name Portrait Class
1 Hero Hero THT Id.png Main
2 Tserendulam Zerendoramu Id.png Main
3 Gijellega Gizellega Id.png Sub
4 Ducas Ducas Id.png Sub

All Characters

Here is a list of all the characters together.

No. Name Portrait Class Sub-Class Sub-Class Teacher
1 Hero Hero THT Id.png Swordsman Medic Ilia
(It is necessary to raise the friendship between Tserendulam and Ilia Barukai in order to unlock it)
2 Bordon Borden Id.png Martial Artist Medic Modi
3 Butruga Buturuga Id.png Shaman Archer Lascaris
4 Ducas Ducas Id.png Spearman Swordsman Tserendulam
5 Gijellega Gizellega Id.png Ninja Swordsman Hero
(It is necessary to raise the friendship level between the Hero and Regius before unlocking this)
6 Hermione Hermione Id.png Spearman Martial Artist Bordon
7 Ilia Barukai Ilia Id.png Medic Bard Meamei
8 Jagwan SWWoC Jagwan Portrait.png Martial Artist Spearman Ducas
9 Jansen Jansen Id.png Bard Medic Modi
10 Lascaris Lascaris Id.png Archer Mage Myura
11 Luceri SWWoC Luseri Portrait.png Archer Bard Jansen
12 Meamei SWWoC Mea-Mei Portrait.png Bard Medic Ilia
13 Modi Moody Id.png Medic None None
14 Myura SWWoC Myura Portrait.png Mage Archer Luceri
15 Regius SWWoC Regius Portrait.png Ninja None None
16 Zaveed SWWoC Zavid Portrait.png Shaman Ninja Regius (after the events at the House of Wisdom)
17 Zephon SWWoC Xephon Portrait.png Mage None None
18 Tserendulam Zerendoramu Id.png Swordswoman Martial Arts Jagwan


  • The Medic class is the class with the most users, with a total of 5 users.
  • The Shaman class has the least amount of users, with a total of 2. There are no sub users for this class.
  • Regius, Modi and Zephon do not have a sub class.
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