Cornelio is the Chiraku Star in Suikoden V.



Cornelio is a talented musician from Haud Village. He made the DoReMi Symphony Orchestra by training the DoReMi Elves using his DoReMi Rune.





During the beginning of Sun Rune War, Freyjadour suddenly entered his home in Haud Village and it cause the DoReMi elves to startled and attack him and after he defeated them, the DoReMi Elves run away from their home and scattered everywhere. Cornelio noticed it and it made him very angry. He asked and joined Freyjadour to catch everyone of them, since it was Freyjadour fault, why the DoReMi elves are missing, he agreed and helped Cornelio finding them. On the Ceras Lake Castle and as a member of the Loyalist Army, Cornelio played musics on the stage near Retso's Restaurant. After the war, he becomes determined to recruit at least fifty members for the newly-created DoReMi Elf Symphony Orchestra.

Role in the GameEdit

After the defense of Rainwall, talk to him in Haud Village. Fight all of his DoReMi Elves and watch the scenes until you have to fight another DoReMi elf. Use the DoReMi Rune on the elf to recruit him. Cornelio joins afterwards.

First off, Cornelio changes the battle music when he is part of your party/entourage, giving the fight a more orchestal vibe.

In battle, Cornelio has fairly high magic attack and his unique rune, the DoReMi rune, gets better the more DoReMi elves you have in your party.

At the time in the game that Cornelio can be recruited, mages are still scarce, having only Sialeeds as a real mage. So normally, Cornelio would be a godsend, right?

Unfortunately, Cornelio, while having a fancy mechanic, is one of the worst mages in the game. While you can still equip him with an elemental rune and a Magical Rune to boost his power and make him a real mage, his DoReMi Rune can be seen as a trap. You need a lot of elves to use its full potential and using DoReMi elves means that you have to switch them in for other, more useful party members. In addition to that, DoReMi elves are poor fighters with horrible stats, they can't get Runes nor do they carry weapons.

And even if you let the DoReMi elves out of the picture, Cornelio is much worse than a good amount of spellcasters, not having the stats to boast and using an S-range weapon. All-in-all, Cornelio is a funny character, but he and his orchestra should be left where he is best: in the music hall.

  • Head - DoReMi Rune
  • R. Hand - Gained at Lv. 25
  • L. Hand - Gained at Lv. 1

  • Head - Light
  • Body - Clothes
  • Hand - Light
  • Foot - Medium

  • HP: 592
  • LV1: 4
  • LV2: 2
  • LV3: 0
  • LV4: 0
  • ATK: 430
  • 605
  • 92
  • 599
  • 301
  • 301
  • 491
  • 397
  • 200

Weapon Type: Conductor's Wand
Weapon Range: S

Weapon Growth
Name Forte Fortissimo Fortississimo
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 10 15 30 45 55 75 110 120 130 150 165 180 200 210 220 230

Cornelio has no known unite attacks.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina C
Attack C
Defense C
Technique C
Vitality C
Agility C

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic A
Magic Defense B
Incantation A
Sword of Magic A
Perfect Pitch SS

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Divine Right S

Cornelio can lead an rune archery unit on land or a rune archer ship on water and offers his unit one shot of the Flowing Rune.

  1. Cornelio is an eccentric -- CREATIVE musician who wants to gather up DoReMi Elves and start an orchestra.
  2. He´s got that DoReMi Rune, so gathering more DoReMi Elves makes his magic more powerful.
  3. Their fields are different, but he gets along well with Josephine. Makes sense. They´re both high-class, and all that. When the two of them are together, I don´t dare go near them. That´s because I´m a "mediocrity," you see.

  • That Awful Racket

Keep those dragon horses quiet at night! You think no one can hear them? My DoReMi Elves certainly can!

  • The Art Appraiser

Only the foulest of mediocrity would stoop to putting a price on a work of art. He's rubbed me the wrong way ever since I first encountered Haud Village. he and I will have to have a talk...

  • Mediocrities

Been avoiding me of late, have you? Well, you can't ignore me forever, and I'm sure you haven't forgotten... ...Only I can catch DoReMi Elves. You mediocrities haven't the talent for it.


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