The Crystal Core (クリスタルコア) is a boss in Suikoden.


It is a particularly nasty entity existing for some reason in the remote region of Seek Valley. It poses a dangerous obstacle to Tir's expedition to retrieve Moonlight Weed. Seek Valley is known to be a rich treasure trove of crystals, including some of which are known to be alive, however, this monster's placement seems questionable. Whether or not the Crystal Core was in Seek Valley by its own volition, or if it had been strategically placed there in foresight by Windy or Yuber to thwart the development of the antidote for the Dragons, remains a complete mystery.

As a bossEdit

Crystal Core's primary method of attack involves the several spinning crystals that circle a red orb in the center. It can send these crystals out to crush a singular party member for moderate damage, sometimes doing this twice per turn. However, as Crystal Core receives damage (as it is only counted as one target), these crystals begin to disappear, leaving the central orb vulnerable. The first crystal will disappear seemingly as soon as the entity is hurt, and then they will vanish one at a time for each 830-850 HP it loses. The central red orb will be revealed once the Crystal Core has lost half of its HP. Crystal Core's second move is a large explosion over the party, generated by the red orb. When only the final piece of Crystal Core is left remaining, the red orb will repeat this move until either it or the party dies. This part can be very annoying, and healing may be necessary every 2 or 3 turns.


  • The Crystal Core name may be a possible reference to the Crystal Core from the Gradius series.
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