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Crystal Valley (クリスタルバレー) is a location in Suikoden III and Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2.


Both the capital and the largest city in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, Crystal Valley is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is also one of the largest. It is said that even if a person uses a horse-drawn wagon that it would be impossible to see all of Crystal Valley, or even make it from one end of the city to another in one day.

Many of Harmonia's most important political structures can be found in Crystal Valley, such as the One Temple and the Circle Palace. It is also home to many scholarly institutions, the most famous of which is the Soldedt Academy of Military Science; however, there are other well known schools on topics as diverse as phonology and rune mastery. There are also several libraries, a valuable resource for all those who travel there for knowledge.

As the city is so large, it also needs a great amount of protection. There are large walls that surround the city, with the city itself being split into Districts. As noted by Nash as made his way to Clotteo Church, the Western District of the city is largely a slum area occupied by Third Class Citizens. The Temple Guards, an elite group of soldiers, also guard the town as best as possible. However, it has been raided at least once in legend - most famously, the Flame Champion, rebelling against Harmonia's wish to expand southward into the Grasslands, raided the One Temple and stole the True Fire Rune.


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