Daisuke Namikawa

Daisuke Namikawa

Daisuke Namikawa (浪川 大輔 Namikawa Daisuke?, born April 2, 1976 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actor who started acting at age 8 and is sometimes mistaken for fellow voice actor Daisuke Hirakawa, as their names only differ by one character when written in kanji. Despite his wide range of voice casting, he is usually cast as young, kind heroes as Mikage in 07-Ghost, Fai D. Flourite in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Jellal Fernandes and his counterpart Mystogan from Fairy Tail, Keita Ibuki in Black God, and Hetalia's North Italy and South Italy, but he is also cast as cold anti-heroes or villains such Ulquiorra Cifer in Bleach, Hisoka in Hunter × Hunter, Kei Kurono in Gantz, Eustass Kid in One Piece and Toutaku Chuuei in Ikki Tousen.

He is the official Japanese dub-over voice artist for American actor Elijah Wood and Canadian actor, Hayden Christensen. He has also dubbed over some roles that were performed by other fellow actors such as: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tony Jaa, Edward Furlong and Kevin Zegers in Japanese. He made his directorial debut entitled Wonderful World, a live-action film that opened in Japan in early summer of 2010. He also starred in the film itself along with fellow voice actors, Mamoru Miyano, Tomokazu Sugita, Tomokazu Seki, Rikiya Koyama, Yuka Hirata, Showtaro Morikubo and Yuhko Kaida.[2] He won for Best Actor in supporting roles in the 4th Seiyu Awards.

Roles in SuikodenEdit

Title Role
Suikoden V Freyjadour Falenas, Euram, Nick, Ernst

Notable Roles outside of SuikodenEdit

Video GamesEdit

Title Role
Angelic Crest Online Ray
Shirachuu Tankenbu Takahiro Fujieda
Star Ocean: Second Evolution Claude C. Kenny
Tales of Graces Richard
Persona 4 Yu Narukami
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Other Vayne
Hunter x Hunter: Wonder Adventure Hisoka


Title Role
Nintama Rantarou Takamaru Saito
Detective Conan Shiro Ogata
Yu-Gi-Oh! Hayama
Saiyuki Reload Kami-sama
The Prince of Tennis Chotaro Ohtori
Hetalia: Axis Powers Italy and Romano
Persona 4:animation Yu Narukami

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