The Dawn Rune is one of the Three Runes of Falena. It was originally kept in the East Palace up until the Lordlake Rebellion a few years preceeding the events of Suikoden V. Though the rune itself was missing, the room was still a vital part of Lymsleia's ritual.


Creation Myth Edit

The Sun Rune and the Night Rune

Long, long ago, the Sun Rune and the Night Rune were born into the world, their existence intertwined. They had a strong bond between them, as one controlled light, while the other reigned over darkness.

Before long, however, the Night Rune became annoyed by the dazzling brilliance of the Sun Rune. The Night Rune could stand it no longer! Turning itself into a sword, the Night Rune severed the bond between them, and went off on its own. From the fragments of the bond left behind, the Dawn Rune and the Twilight Rune were born. Ever since the Sun Rune lost its other half, legend has it that these two new Runes have remained by its side, acting as guardians.

--- Old Book Vol. 2

Lordlake Uprising and the Sacking of the East Palace Edit

Before the Sun Rune War, Salum Barows secretly incited the Lordlake protests concerning the dam polluting their waters into an actual riot at the East Palace. There, his men in disguise sneaked in and stole the Dawn Rune, forcing Queen Arshtat to use the Sun Rune to punish Lordlake and end the uprising. The rune was kept hidden in the storage basement of his mansion in Rainwall.

The Sun Rune War Edit

Later, after the battle of Rainwall, it was discovered that Salum Barows had stolen the Dawn Rune and hidden it in his mansion's basement, ordering Chuck not to go down there, for there was a wedding present for Luserina hidden there. In reality, he had planned to use the rune as a bargaining tool to create an alliance with the Kingdom of Armes, so he could divide Falena in half; Armes would get half, the Prince the other. Salum's plan was that the Prince would marry Luserina, but he would in reality hold all the power.

However, this plan backfired when the Prince discovered the rune and was chosen to be its new holder. Later, under the advice of his new tactician Lucretia Merces, the Prince traveled to the Sindar Ruins in order to discover a way to destroy the Hatred Fortress. After a lengthy run through the ruins, the Prince, accompanied by Lyon, Zweig, Maroon, Lorelai, and Toma, discover a door that can only be opened with the Dawn Rune. After opening it and defeating a pair of Diamond Suns, they arrive at the end of the ruins. There, they discovered that the lake near the ruins is a artificial lake created by the Sindar and that the ruins are in fact a giant sluice gate. Using the Dawn Rune causes the gate to open, sending a tidal wave of water toward Hatred Fortress, destroying it.

After discovering the Sindar Castle and going to the top floor, the Dawn Rune shows the Prince a mysterious vision of the Sun Rune going berserk, the castle, and an unknown area. The rune did not appear again in the story until the Imposter Prince Saga, where the Prince showed it to Euram Barows to show that he was the actual Prince and not his imposter Roy.

After the New Queen's Campaign, the rune was used to stabilize Lyon's physical state so that she could be moved after a near fatal attack from Dolph. The Prince then traveled to the Deep Twilight Forest to another set of Sindar Ruins to investigate and find a means of enhancing the Dawn Rune's power to save Lyon's life. There the group encountered another door similar to the one the Ceras Lake Ruins housed, but this one had the Twilight Rune engraved upon it. On the urging of Miakis, the Prince tried using the Dawn Rune. To their surprise, the door opened and after a fight with an Ancient Creeper, the Prince was able to attain a new level of power for the Dawn Rune. After returning to the Castle, the Prince used the Dawn Rune's new power to heal Lyon. Immediately afterwards, she regained consciousness.

Later, at the Siege of Sol-Falena, the Prince and Sialeeds both used their runes to suppress the Sun Rune, which was being used to attack Raftfleet. After Marscal Godwin fled Sol-Falena with the Sun Rune, Lyon (now in possession of the Twilight Rune) and the Prince used their runes to open a path under the fountain of Lunas to access the Ashtwal Mountains, where Godwin had fled. There, the Prince and his group discovered another set of Sindar Ruins. This one was apparently dedicated to the Sun Rune, but as with the others, the Prince's and Lyon's runes were able to open the doors there.

After Lyon and Dolph's duel, Dolph tried attacking Lyon again, but the Prince used the Dawn Rune to finish off Dolph once and for all. Later, after the defeat of the Sun Rune Incarnation, if the Prince had managed to obtain all 108 Stars of Destiny, he would obtain the Twilight Rune from Lyon (who had succumbed to her injuries) and will use the three runes to revive her.

At the end of the game, the Dawn Rune, as well as the Twilight Rune and the Sun Rune, can be seen in the Sealed Room atop the Sun Palace.

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  • Time of Awakening: Removes status changes from all allies
  • First Ray: 400+ damage to column of enemies
  • Light of Day: Restore one ally to perfect health
  • Crimson Sky: 1200+ damage to all enemies

Gameplay Edit

The Dawn Rune is a balanced rune which utilizes both restorative magic and Sun elemental offensive magic. Its first spells are limited and situational, but prove to be more useful as the game progresses. Its last two spells are highly valuable in a pinch. It's synergy with the Twilight Rune makes them a deadly pair in the last parts of the game.

It has Combo Magic with the Twilight Rune allowing for powerful spells that both heal the party and damage enemies, similar to the Bright Shield Rune's Level 4 Spell.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dawn Rune bears many allusions to the Bright Shield Rune.
    • Neither Rune is an actual True Rune, instead they are special Runes derived from actual True Runes and thus possess more power than normal runes and a minor will of their own.
    • Both runes utilize a mix of healing and offensive spells
    • Both runes are paired with an opposing counter rune of similar power and origin.
  • All of the Dawn Runes spell names are references to dawn and morning.