Located to the west of Port Spinacks, the Deep Twilight Forest is a dense forest that hides Sindar ruins. However, any treasure-seeker who comes here is sure to be disappointed, as progress in the ruins is quite limited if one does not bear the Sun Rune, Dawn Rune, or Twilight Rune. It is also full of traps and mazes sure to catch unprepared thieves and looters off guard. Should an explorer bear one of the three runes of Falena, the journey will prove well worth taking despite the many traps, for in the center of the ruin lies a way of strengthening their rune. However, the terrifying Ancient Creeper awaits and provides one final test to anyone who survives the maze to reach the inner chamber.

Near the entrance of the forest, there is a dwarven tunnel that runs all the way to the Dwarf Camp, enabling quick travel between the two halves of Falena through Wabon's mining carts.


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