Deep Twilight Ruins

Deep Twilight Ruins entrance

Sindar ruins located deep within the Deep Twilight Forest hence its name. The Deep Twilight Ruins also differ in the rune its dedicated to this one being the Twilight Rune, however the Dawn Rune works inside as well. Unlike the ruins at Ceras Lake the Deep Twilight Ruins are just that, ruins. The pathways leading to the ruins are over grown with foliage and the ruins themselves are falling apart. Several rooms inside the ruins are covered in foliage and some are not. The ruins are set up like a maze so it's easy to get lost and one room in particular has a trap set; if someone should trip it they'll be trapped inside. Lorelai and Killey were unlucky enough to trip said trap and were only saved due to Viki teleporting and causing the roof to cave in. The ruins are home to several nasty monsters, the worst being the Ancient Creeper. However at the end the Prince and his company witness a vision of the Sun Rune going berserk and the Ceras Lake Ruins and the Deep Twilight Ruins "fixing" the damages.