In Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century, upon returning to headquarter the 'time' will be automatically set to evening and you won't be able to leave or access the Tree of Times in your base until you have dinner in the dining hall. After that, you'll be given choices, either to save your game or proceed without saving. Then the 'time' will be moved to the next day.

This Dining System isn't a replacement of Rest System although it can be seen as a similar thing, but it's closer to Bath System, since characters that participate in dinner will be able to have scenario with each other, though certain requirements need to be fulfilled for the events to occur.


Having dinner doesn't restore your HP, since it's automatically restored upon returning to headquarter. But it does have other effects:

  • Giving status boosts to those participating in dinner.
  • Raising the relationship scores between those who participates in dinner.

While it's important to wisely choose the menu of dinner so you'll get the status boosts that you desired, many players believed that the relationship boost effect is the most important thing from this system. Increasing relationships between characters will allow for better teamwork (more damage, better speed, etc). Also, by maxing a character relationship with the right individual, the access to their sub-class will become available.


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screen captured and translated by cedrickson from kaskus

Upon entering the dining hall, you'll be prompted to select the menu for dinner. Each meal has its own effect to the characters who participated in dinner, but basically vegetable dishes (prepared by Lulusa and Scharf) mainly raises Intelligence/Magic while meat dishes (prepared by Bjorn and Numistro) raises Strength. Ingredients for these dishes can either be found at dungeons, which respawned after awhile, or bought in town's markets.

After selecting the menu, options to select the characters that will participate in dinner will appear (though this is available only after you have more than six playable combatant characters). Those options are:

  • Dining with party members (the participants are the characters currently in your party)
  • Dining with close friends (the participants are characters with the highest relationship score with Hero)
  • Dining with those that you rarely interact with (the participants are characters with the lowest relationship score with Hero)
  • Dining with favorite members (the participants are members that you've arranged with the option below)
  • Arrange favorite members (change the participants of dinner in the option above)


Learned from: Lulusa
Inheritable?: No
Can be learned by: None
Ingredients: None
Effects: MAGZb08

Learned from: Gerard
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Lulusa
Ingredients: Perie Greens, Orosk Potato
Effects: HPZb08 MAGYb08

Learned from: Scharf
Inheritable?: No
Can be learned by: None
Ingredients: Perie Greens, Tormali Wheat, Shidas Bracken Ferns
Effects: DEFZb08 MAGYb08 SKLZb08

Learned from: Gohse
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Lulusa or Scharf
Ingredients: Perie Greens, Shidas Bracken Ferns, Apiro Gourd
Effects: MAGYb08 SPDZb08 SKLZb08

Learned from: Jandarc
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Lulusa or Scharf
Ingredients: Perie Greens, Orosk Potato, Tormali Wheat
Effects: HPZb08 DEFZb08 MAGYb08

Learned from: Numa
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Lulusa or Scharf
Ingredients: Perie Greens, Shidas Bracken Ferns, Royal Palace Lettuce
Effects: HPZb08 MAGYb08 SKLZb08

Learned from: Bjorn
Inheritable?: No
Can be learned by: None
Ingredients: Black Thigh Meat
Effects: STRYb08

Learned from: Talcho
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Bjorn
Ingredients: Black Thigh Meat, Spotted Boned Rib
Effects: STRYb08 DEFZb08

Learned from: Nima
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Bjorn
Ingredients: Black Thigh Meat, Crimson Breast Meat, Hundred Year Jerky
Effects: HPZb08 STRYb08 SPDZb08

Learned from: Mirelle
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Bjorn or Numistro
Ingredients: Black Thigh Meat, Crimson Breast Meat, High Quality Tender Meat
Effects: HPZb08 STRYb08 SKLZb08

Learned from: Numistro
Inheritable?: No
Can be learned by: None
Ingredients: Black Thigh Meat, Spotted Boned Rib, Hundred Year Jerky
Effects: STRYb08 DEFZb08 SPDZb08

Learned from: Hortensius
Inheritable?: Yes
Can be learned by: Bjorn or Numistro
Ingredients: Black Thigh Meat, High Quality Tender Meat, Wicked Beast Meat
Effects: HPYb08 STRYb08 SKLZb08



※Texts in ellipsis means the text isn't spoken.

  • Hm, the food will give nutrition to blood and muscles.
    Today is another perfect day!
  • Ooh!
    This rich flavored meat!
    It makes my body swell up with power!

  • Hm, what a wonderful flavor.
    It doesn't lose to the taste of Gugulevon's vegetables.
  • I wonder if Gugulevon would be alright...
    Well, there's my cautious big brother, so I'm sure nothing terrible would happen...

  • Hm, the dinner tastes delicious today too!
  • I wonder what happened in Aionia right now.
    Well, whatever will be, will be!

  • To be allowed to have a seat together with you during dinner is a very pleasant thing.
  • As a ninja, I preferred to eat vegetables instead of meats.
    I need to keep my weight as light as possible.

  • It's good...
    ... Is it alright for me to receive this happiness alone...?
  • (Gathering together to have dinner like this reminds me of those days.
    The days when I'm still with my Aionian friends...)

  • Alone
That was delicious.
We continue to fight everyday, but...
It's a good thing that we can have peace during dining time.
We need to do our best to preserve this condition.
Thank for the good work in preparing these meals, Lulusa-san.
What are you saying?
If everyone could happily eat my cooking then it blow away all my exhaustion.
Everyone eat to the point of cleaning the plates off.
Yup, this is how an after-dinner should be!
thank you for making such delicious meals.
Don't mention it!
My meat dishes are filled with power!
This is the only thing I can do since I can't join in battles!
thank you for preparing these meals.
What are you saying~
The atmosphere here is much better than when I was with Aionians.
That's why I can work with much ease.
that was very delicious.
Oh, you flatter me too much!
This humble me is very delighted to hear those words!

  • I need to be careful not to overeat. Hehehe.
  • The vegetables are delicious.
    I feel that it cleanse my blood. Hehehe.

  • Hmm, delish.
    Give me more meats! Meats!
  • Well then, let's eat a lot and get ready for tomorrow!

  • Hm hm hmm~♪
    Ah, a new phrase had inspired me!
    Even during grieving time, one shouldn't miss a fun meal time.
    Whatever the case, one shouldn't forget to enjoy yourself.
    Though sometimes one need to put a great effort to do so.
  • At the end of day, we would feast over delicious meals like this.
    This is what you would call happiness.

  • Speak of which, Mother's veggie dishes are good, but she always make the same thing.
    But there are a lot of different recipes here, so it's better.
    ... Ah, keep it a secret from Mother, okay?

  • Hh. That was delicious.
    Eating warm foods in a warm atmosphere.
    Ending a day like this is truly a happiness.
  • Delicious vegetable dishes feels like it'll have good effects on beauty too. Hehehe.

  • Ehehe~
    It's delicious~♪
  • Omnomnoming vegetables.
    Omnomnom delish~♪
  • Chewchewing meats.
    Chewchew delish~♪

  • Hm, what a delicious veggies.
    This is really a blessing from the Mother Earth.
  • If people eat nutritious foods like this everyday, doctors would've lost their job.
    But, well, if we fight everyday like this, that would never happen.

  • Hh, I feel so tired.
    Eating takes so much effort but I don't want to leave any leftovers either...
  • Hm, today's dinner is delicious.
  • (Ilia is such a strong hearted girl... even though terrible things happen because of her father's doings.)

  • (... I'll find the secret to all mystery of this world.
    Would that day ever come?
    I couldn't help but think about it when I get to peacefully enjoy a meal like this...)
  • ... hm, that was a splendid meal.
    The after-meal tea also smells nice.
    I feel that a day worth of exhaustion has been lifted off me.

  • Hehe, human's food also have excellent taste.
  • For warriors whose days are filled with dangerous experiences, enjoying a meal can be regarded as something valuable.
    In that subject, fighting as a part of (Army's name) is a great happiness.

  • ((Hero's name)... what a strange fellow.
    He seems to possess a charisma which is different from Master Aaron's...)
  • (A heartwarming dining place like this makes me feel like I don't belong here...)

  • Hmm, delicious.
    We should've just open a restaurant here.
  • Yeah, this is delicious.
    Makes you feel like you wouldn't care about things like Telluspharma or The Tree of Time anymore, eh?



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