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An autonomous group of knights located in the Dragon Knight's Domain, the Dragon Knights are simply knights who use dragons as their steeds, rather than Gul-Horses, horses, Kangacorns or the like. Dragons are considerably rarer mounts, however, as Dragon Eggs usually only hatch in the Dragon's Den.

Though living in the Toran Republic, the Dragon's Den Knights are independent from the surrounding government; however, in exchange for their autonomy, they will work with the surrounding governments. Most famously, the Dragon Knights granted their aid to the Liberation Army during the Toran Liberation War. It was Joshua Levenheit's Dragon Rune, combined with Leknaat's piece of the Gate Rune, that sent the monsters Windy summoned back to the World of Emptiness during the Battle of Gregminster. A few Dragon Knights also participated in the Second Fire Bringer War, nearly 20 years following their service in the Toran Liberation War.

The Dragon Knights are a somewhat mysterious organization to outsiders; all Dragon Knights are trained from their youth, and both they and their families live in Dragon Knights' Fortress. A potential knight has until the age of five to bond with a dragon; if he or she has not done so by then, they are removed from the pool of candidates for possible knighthood. If he or she can form a bond, the child would spend time growing up with their dragon, depending on the bond between the two, until the knight reaches the age where they will become an apprentice. Following their apprenticeship, the young Dragon Knights advance through the ranks , continuing on until either they or their dragon passes on.

A Dragon Knight who loses his or her dragon is cast out from the knighthood until he or she can find a new dragon; given the unusual growing conditions of the dragon eggs, which will rarely hatch outside of the Dragon's Den, the quest to find a new dragon becomes a nearly impossible task, to be sure. Few are ever successful in finding a new dragon.

A similar group exists in the Falena Queendom using a similar-looking animal as a mount known as Dragon Horses; this group is known as the Feitas Dragon Cavalry.

Ranks of the Dragon's Den Knights

Ninth Rank: Apprentice Dragon Knight
The first promotion for being a Dragon Knight.

  • Character who attain this rank:

Eighth Rank: Junior Dragon Knight
After a Dragon Knight has gone through both an apprenticeship and served as a squire, they become a Junior Dragon Knight.

Seventh Rank: Senior Dragon Knight
After becoming a Junior Dragon Knight, the next promotion a Dragon Knight can receive is that of Senior Dragon Knight.

Sixth Rank: Dragon Knight Small Team Commander
After attaining the rank of Senior Dragon Knight, a dragon Knight may be promoted to a Dragon Knight Small Team Commander.

Fifth Rank: Dragon Knight Mid-Sized Team Commander
If a Dragon Knight does well as a Small Team Commander, they may be promoted to a Dragon Knight Mid-Sized Team Commander.

Fourth Rank: Dragon Knight Large Team Commander
Following their success as a Dragon Knight Mid-Sized Team Commander, a Dragon Knight may be promoted to a Dragon Knight Large Team Commander.

Third Rank: The Dragon Knight Sub Captain
A Dragon Knight Large Team Commander of outstanding service can one day be promoted to Dragon Knight Sub Captain, the third highest rank of the Dragon Knights. Because of the fact that if a Dragon Knight Captain dies, it would result in the death of all dragons, Dragon Knight Sub Captain usually lead the Dragon Knight troops on the battlefield.

  • Character who attain this rank:

Second Rank: The Dragon Knight Captain
The second highest rank within the Dragon Knights, but ordinarily the de facto leader, due to the highest rank, the Father of Dragons, remaining vacant during most times. In order to hold the title of Dragon Knight Captain, the Dragon Knight must become the bearer of the Dragon Rune, which grants its bearer power over all dragons as well as eternal agelessness. Dragon Knight Captain's lives, despite their agelessness, are highly protected, due to the fact that should they die, it would result in the death of all dragons in the world. Due to this, it is customary for the Knight Captain to stay in the fortress of the Dragon's Den at all times; very seldom would they choose to go on the battlefield, due to the huge risk. It is known, however, that there has been more than one Dragon Knight Captain; presumably, there is a technique that allows that the rune be safely passed from one Dragon Knight Captain to his or her successor, but details are unknown.

First Rank: The Dragon Father (legendary)
The absolute highest rank within the Dragon Knights, the Father of Dragon is a rank cast in a great deal of mystery. Throughout the known history of the organization, it has been perpetually open. Due to the requirement that the Dragon Knight Captain bear the Dragon Rune, the only way any Captain could advance to this rank is by somehow removing it.