Black Flying

Dragons are extremely large reptilian creatures notable for their fiery breath (and icy breath) and their ability to fly. Little is known about dragons, largely because very few dragons live outside of Dragon Knights' Fortress, the home of the Dragon Knights. What is known is that dragons originate from the World of Wings and Scales. It is only through the power of the Dragon Rune that dragons can exist in the regular world. It is because of this that the Bearer of the Dragon Rune rarely fights, because if he or she died, all dragons in the world would die. This may also explain why dragons manage to live harmoniously with the Knights of Goya.

Dragon Knights are paired up with a dragon at a very early age. This is a partnership that lasts for an entire lifetime, as it is typically not possible for a knight to obtain another dragon. Because of this, a Dragon knight whose dragon dies is exiled from Goya. Interestingly, a dragon that loses its master will eventually die in grief or in some cases, even transform into a zombified state. Due to the strength that dragons possess, Goya has long enjoyed autonomy from the Scarlet Moon Empire and later the Toran Republic, although they have always been closely allied with these countries. For three hundred years Joshua Levenheit was the bearer the Dragon Rune, until recent years when Milia succeeded him.

Dragons have also been known to appear in the wild. However, these dragons are considered untameable and the typical policy among Dragon Knights is that rogue dragons have to be exterminated. At least two known cases of wild dragons have been recorded. The first was when exiled Dragon Knight Futch was able to find an as of yet unhatched dragon, whose mother had seemingly already died. The dragon, later named Bright, was an extremely rare white dragon that was able to be tamed. Futch would later encounter another adult rogue dragon, one that seemed to have come straight from the World of Wings and Scales, as it showed many strange abilities, such as the ability to warp people back to its home dimension. However Bright's intervention caused the renegade dragon to return the people it had taken; the rogue dragon subsequently returned to its home dimension in peace.

Some prominent Dragons include: Black, Thrash, and Bright.

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