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Euram Barows

"Never fear! Euram Barows has arrived"

Euram Barows is the Tenfu Star in Suikoden V.



Euram is the second son of Salum Barows. He has one older brother and sister and one younger sister. He became the heir of the Barows household after his older brother died. His older sister died due to illness and his younger sister named Luserina Barows lives with him at their mansion.

After his older brother and sister died, her mother became afraid to set her feet out of the mansion.



Euram is a man who is concerned with his clothes and appearance in an affected and excessive way. He is also a man who is lack in good manners, refinement, or grace.



Before the Sun Rune War, Euram meets the crown princess of the Queendom of Falena, Lymsleia Falenas, in the Senate Hall with his father. He puts on an overly grand display as a way to prove his "affection" and "love" for the princess. He only relents after his attempt to kiss Lym's hand is halted by Miakis one of the Queen's Knight and Lym's personal bodyguard. Euram had chose a very strong gladiator, Zegai, to fight for him in the Sacred Games. Unfortunately for him, The House of Godwin manipulated events behind the scenes, casting doubt on Zegai's character, and effectively forcing Euram to withdraw.

After the coup on the Sun Palace by the Godwins, Prince Freyjadour Falenas and his entourage flee to Rainwall for protection, as the Barows family is the only other faction in Falena with enough influence to repel The Godwins. Euram and Salum see an opportunity to obtain power . They proceed and attempt to manipulate The Prince into a marriage of alliance with Luserina, the Barow's family daughter. At their first battle, Salum's plan is to hide Euram with Jidan Guisu's army in the woods. From there they would attack the Godwin's Army as an ally for The Prince. This plot was discovered by Georg Prime however. Through Lucretia's strategy, Jidan's army was exposed early, resulting in both The Prince's and Godwin's armies allying temporarily to repel the enemy forces. Jidan's Army was outnumbered and forced to retreat.

Euram returned to Rainwall, very angry at having been chased by Dilber Novum's army. In his anger, Euram accidentally reveals his family's dark secret by, in everyone's presence, demanding his father unleash the Dawn Rune's power on his foes. Luserina quickly deduces the truth and leads The Prince and Sialeeds Falenas to their basement, where they find the Dawn Rune. With assistance from Norden, it is then revealed that the Barows were involved on the Lordlake uprising, and stole the Dawn Rune from the Temple during the confusion. Euram attempts to angrily chastise all present, demanding they leave. This results not only in abandonment by the Royal Family, but also Luserina and Chuck severing ties with the family as well. The party departs Rainwall, leaving a despondent father and son to wallow in their failure.

Euram tries to avenge his family honor against The Prince, but always manages to fail spectacularly. His first plan involved using Roy to dress like The Prince and and harass the town of Sable, with the intent of swooping in to defeat "the prince" and become a hero in the eyes of the town. Sialeeds manages to expose Euram's plot, and he is further shamed. He also tries use the Book of Condemnation to curse The Prince, but failed and ended up being curse himself and rescued by The Prince instead. In his last attempt, Euram tries to use the Maximillian Knights to kill The Prince, but Isabel had learned the truth of the matter and chose to switch side and join him instead.

Later when Sialeeds begins working with the Godwins, she assassinates Salum in front of Euram. Sialeeds decides to let Euram live because the Barows will fall with "a spineless wretch like him in charge."

When the Prince comes to visit the estate after Salum's death, Euram is hysterical, angrily blaming all of his family's misfortunes on him. Luserina intervenes and explains to him that the Barows' downfall was of their own making, and chides him for not understanding this simple fact. After a brief conversation with his mother, Euram finally admits the wrongdoings of his family and asks for The Prince's forgiveness, pledging his loyatly to The Prince's cause as a way to atone for his mistakes. He also asked forgiveness to his younger sister Luserina, which she was happy to give.

After the war, he gives up his status and estate. He and his family dedicate themselves to the restoration of the Queendom.


See: Euram (Boss)

Role in the Game

In order to recruit Euram, you must have completed the two sidequests involving Alhazred and Isabel/Mathias and must not have recruited Eresh. After the soldiers pull out of Rainwall, go into the city. Go back to your HQ and enter the Prince's room. Go back to Rainwall and talk to Euram in the Barows Mansion. Go downstairs and talk with Luserina.

Note: There might be a minimum recruit requirement you need to reach before taking Stormfist or before the Barows/Sialeeds scene.

Euram can't lead a military unit, but as a second-in-command, he adds the Rumors ability to the unit.

  1. Euram is Lord Barows´ son and heir. He´s a fool, but a tenacious fool, which makes him very hard to deal with. Although, to be fair, he seems to have turned himself around now.
  2. Bet you didn´t know this: Euram and Luserina used to have an older sister, but she died of illness. They had an older brother, too. He got assassinated. Then their mother became too afraid to set foot outside.
  3. Maybe when his mother became phobic, he started acting like a fool who´d always need his mommy. You know, for her sake. Maybe after he´d been doing it long enough, he started thinking that was who he really was. That´s my guess.

  • Zegai

What i did to him was inexcusable. He said he'd already forgotten it, but...I don't know.

  • My Father's Collection

I shall ask Bastan to sell off everything. It might not be a lot of money, but it should help the war effort and all those suffering people, if even a little.

  • Gizel
I understand my feelings now. I was jealous of him. His swordsmanship, character, pedigree, popularity... I was inferior to him in every way. Even my desire to marry the Princess... That was just so I could have at least one thing over him.


  • Euram is the "last" character that the player can recruit, however, there is the possibility to get Eresh, after the Godwin army leaves Rainwall.
  • Although Euram is demonstrating his skills in combat, he can not be used in fights.
  • Euram shows his true personality after Salum's death.
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