The Flowing Rune is a type of rune in the Suikoden series.


It is a stronger version of the Water Rune, and allows the user to cast healing spells and some offensive spells. The Flowing Rune has appeared in every main Suikoden game.

Suikoden IEdit

When a Flowing crystal is attached to a character in Suikoden, it becomes a Flowing Rune.

  • Fog of Deception: Increases evade rate of all allies
  • Rain of Kindness: Heals 300 HP to all allies
  • Water of Kindness: Fully Heals all allies 
  • Mother Ocean: Fully heals all allies + unconscious allies

Suikoden IIEdit

The Flowing Rune restores 15 HP during combat when embedded into a weapon.

  • Protection Mist: Increase magic resistance for all party members by 20% for three turns
  • Kindness Rain: Heal all party members by 300 points
  • Silent Lake: Negate all spellcasting for three turns, friends and foes alike
  • Mother Ocean: Restore person to full HP

Suikoden IIIEdit

  • Breath of Ice: 100 magic damage to target, foes and allies in area
  • Kindness Rain: Corrects status and heals 400HP of allies in area
  • Silent Lake: Temporarily silences all magic chanting
  • Mother Ocean: Restore one ally's HP, status and combat state

Suikoden IVEdit

  • Breath of Ice: 100 damage to all enemies
  • Kindness Rain: Recover HP and cure status of all party members
  • Silent Lake: Temporarily suppress magic for all
  • Mother Ocean: HP, status ailments and knock out cured for 1 ally

Suikoden TacticsEdit

  • Flowing Force: Changes the elemental terrain to water, changes a larger amount of the terrain then the water rune
  • Breath of Ice: Damages all units within range + changes element terrain.
  • Kindness Rain: Restores health and status of allies in range. Changes element terrain.
  • Silent Lake: Silences all enemies

Suikoden VEdit

  • Breath of Ice: 100 damage to all enemies
  • Kindness Rain: Restores 300 HP to all allies
  • Silent Lake: Blocks all magic spells for five turns
  • Mother Ocean: Restore one ally to perfect health



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