Fog Ship Guide

"I am one who wanders a million of worlds, and one who watches this world's fate from afar. Wilt thou come with me?"

The Fog Ship Guide (霧の船の導者) is a minor antagonist in Suikoden IV. A mysterious entity located on the Fog Ship, the Fog Ship Guide offered both Ted and Razro a chance to escape their destiny as rune bearers and stay on his ship; however, both eventually decided to accept their destinies and defeated the Fog Ship guide. Following their victory, Leknaat appeared and returned the Fog Ship Guide to the Eternal City, against its' wishes.


A mysterious entity located on the just as mysterious Fog Ship, encountered by members of the Island Liberation Navy in the middle of their war with the Kooluk Empire from 302 to 307.

The Fog Ship Guide held ownership of the Rune of Life and Death, one of the 27 True Runes after being gifted it by a tired Ted whom at the time wished only to escape his destiny as the rune's bearer. Encountering Lino En Kuldes and Razro, bearer of another True Rune, the Rune of Punishment, The Guide asked Razro to give up his rune in exchange for life on his ship as Ted had. Despite the weight of responsibility, Razro refused the offer.

Inspired, Ted decided to face the world once again and requested the return of his rune. Enraged, the Fog Ship Guide attacked the group. Following the being's defeat, the lady Leknaat appeared and, against the creature's wishes, banished it to what she called the Eternal City.

Many people have speculated from this that the Fog Ship Guide holds some connection to the Sindar.

During the BattleEdit

The Fog Ship Guide attacks Lazlo's party with the Soul Eater Rune's Finger of Death spell, a ball of light attack that damages the whole party, and a pillar of light attack that hits one character for no damage but probably induces some negative status or instantly kills them. However, this rarely works.


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