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Leknaat announcing the Forgiveness Phase of the Rune of Punishment

The Forgiveness Phase is a very rare ability of the dreaded Rune of Punishment, the True Rune that governs atonement and forgiveness. Normally, the rune will consume its master's life every time he or she uses the power of the Rune. However, once the forgiveness phase has been activated, the rune will no longer eat away at its bearer's life force, thus allowing them to use the True Rune to its full power and force without fear of instant death.

Razro, the hero and leader of the Island Liberation War, is the only known bearer of the True Rune who has lived long enough to finally see this phase come to fruition. This was due in part to his ability to forgive his close childhood friend, Snowe, who had betrayed him out of jealousy and anger. With Razro's forgiving actions coupled together with the spirit of the 108 Stars of Destiny he had gathered around him, Leknaat was able to help him move the Rune into this less dangerous phase.

Before departing, she warned Razro that during the phase change she had gleaned the will of the Rune, and that if he ever parted with the Rune of Punishment, it would certainly return to wandering the world and harvesting souls, as it had once done prior to Razro's ownership.

After the events at Fort El-Eal, Razro was once again forced to unleash the power of the Rune of Punishment in order to protect his friends and comrades from an explosive shock wave. He releases so much power of the True Rune that it would kill the Hero permanently unless he had previously unlocked the forgiveness phase and had collected all 108 Stars of Destiny.[1]

A few years after the events of Suikoden IV, Razro is seen using Rune of Punishment fully without danger to himself during the events of Suikoden Tactics. With the forgiveness phase in full effect, the Rune of Punishment and its bearer are easily the most powerful weapon and character in that game.[2]


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