The Free Knights of Camaro are a chivalric order based in the nation of the same name. They are the military force of Camaro and live by a strict code of honour. Members of the Free Knights are often sent to the region of Matilda in the Dunan Republic, as apprentices, for further training as the Knights of Matilda are considered to be some of the most highly trained knights on the continent.

As a military organisation, the Free Knights of Camaro have a reputation for their skills and chivalry, second only to that of the Matilda Knights of the Dunan Republic. While many young men training to become Camaro Knights spend time training in Dunan, many second or third sons remain in the Matilda organisation to become knights as Camaro tradition states that only the eldest son of a family may become a Camaro Free Knight. Any younger siblings cannot, under any circumstances, rise above the rank of squire, no matter their individual qualities as an apprentice.

Each and every fully-fledged knight is expected to undertake a 'saga'; a series of adventures, undertaken outside Camaro, to help prove their worth as Knights of Camaro. Once a knight completes his individual saga, he is allowed to return to Camaro and wed. Each Camaro Knight wears a distinctive orange and green tabard, bearing the nation's emblem. Each knight usually also carries a shield, emblazoned with their personal coat-of-arms.

In 475, Camaro agreed to ally with the new Fire Bringer force, which was comprised of Grasslands, Zexen and Tinto forces in their struggle against Harmonian invasion. Eventually, however, powerful magicians leading a group called the Destroyers threatened the security of the Northern Continent, and Harmonia too joined the Fire Bringer force to fight against this menace

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