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Freyjadour Falenas

He is also my important friend! I will not allow you to treat him this way!

Freyjadour Falenas is the Tenkai Star and silent protagonist in Suikoden V.



He is the son of Arshtat and Ferid and Lymsleia's older brother. As a male, he is not in line for the throne to the Queendom. The Prince is approximately 16 years old at the start of the story and eventually becomes the leader of the Loyalist Army, attempting to reclaim the rule of the country after a coup d'état.


Freyjadour possesses his mother's silver hair, which he ties in a braid, and has silver-blue eyes. He has pale skin. His body build is slim but muscled and many characters state that he is very handsome. Initially, he wears an orange dress-like clothing, held back with a large golden belt. He wears white pants and brown shoes.

While on the run, he wears simple peasant clothes consisting of a red and white shirt and pants. Occasionally, he wears a blue hood to cover his face as seen in Haud Village and East Palace.

When he takes on the role of a leader of an Army, he changes into more majestic clothes - as suggested by Lucretia Merces to make people think more highly of him.


The player's choice influences the path he takes and what sort of person he can be depicted as. But regardless the player actions, the Prince is overall shown as a good-hearted and brave young man, who goes out of his way to help people when he is able to. The players actions will determine mostly his approach towards the situations at hand.

For example, had he been chosen to say the dialogue "Prepare to die!"  to General Jidan at Sable, he can come off as ruthless and firm. Before the visit to Twilight Ruins/Sauronix Castle, if he chooses to go to the former no matter the consequences, it makes he show his compassion and care for Lyon; if one chooses the latter option, he would come off as more responsible and leader-like.

Overall, he appears to be a caring person and possesses a strong relationship with his family despite not spending much time with them due to their respective duties - after his parents' death, he reminisces about them, lamenting and showing his sadness. His relationship with his sister is mostly the main reason for the war. Regardless of the player's choices concerning Lym, he still is close to his younger sister.

The player can choose to teach his sister such as after wining the ceremonial match. If the player has been nice to Lym - choices for Lym's good - the Prince could be the New Commander of the Queen's Knights, replacing Gizel despite not being the Queen's husband.

The prince also shows a special care for Lyon regardless of the player choices. As shown, for example, when Lyon gets wounded during the Queen's Campaign, he was the most affected person out of all members of Loyalist Army, spending most of his free time on her bedside and putting his own life at risk to unlock the Dawn Rune powers to be able to save her life.



Falenan royal princes are not generally accorded much respect, as they cannot inherit the throne in a Queendom. As such, the Prince performs mostly ceremonial functions; due to his lack of duties, he is also free to explore and leave the capital. In the opening of Suikoden V, the Prince tours the ruined town of Lordlake as part of an investigation for Arshtat with his bodyguard Lyon, his aunt Sialeeds, and Sialeeds' bodyguard Georg Prime. While his father gives him a warm reception upon his return, his mother Arshtat behaves erratically — welcoming him initially, but turning cold and distant upon the reminder of Lordlake's treachery and is calmed only by Ferid.

At the Sacred Games, the Prince is the only one of the royals able to move about without attracting heavy suspicion; Ferid sends him, Sialeeds, Lyon, and Georg to investigate the gladiator Belcoot as well as Zegai, the Barows family's champion. These investigations raise the Prince's suspicion of the Godwins, as do a variety of other "convenient" events at the Games. The Prince and Sialeeds later accompany Lymsleia, who must receive the blessing of the (missing) Dawn Rune and be purified in the holy land of Lunas in preparation for her engagement.

Before the engagement ceremony, the Queen confides to the Prince their plans concerning the Godwins and that they have no intention of letting Lord Godwin have his way with the country. Nevertheless, she fears things will become much more difficult for the children; she hugs her son and tells him she's quite proud of him regardless, though he'll probably have to do a lot of difficult things in the future. During the Godwins' coup, the Prince and Sialeeds fight back assassins, but are advised to flee by Georg Prime when he informs them that the Queen and Ferid have perished. The Prince, aware that Lymsleia will be used as a puppet queen, attempts to rescue his sister, but reluctantly leaves her behind after he is assured she is in good hands.

The Prince becomes a figurehead for an uprising against the Godwins, initially allying himself with the Barows family until it is discovered that they were the ones responsible for the theft of the Dawn Rune. Instead, after recruiting strategist Lucretia Merces, he sets out to personally lead the movement and becomes the eventual bearer of the Dawn Rune. The Prince recruits many of the various factions of Falena to go against the Godwins, notably the town of Lordlake to "make up" for Arshtat's mistake.

At the end of the game, if all 108 Stars of Destiny are not recruited, Lyon dies and the Prince becomes the new bearer of the Twilight Rune. If very few Stars of Destiny are recruited, the Prince then wanders off into the frozen mountains alone in despair. If all 108 Stars are recruited, Lyon is miraculously saved, and the Prince can choose between leaving with Lyon on a journey elsewhere with Georg, or staying in Falena and becoming the new commander of the Queen's Knights (if the player has been "nice" to Lymsleia).

Role in the Game

Joins automatically at the start of the game.

The Prince has great stats all around. He also has a strong unite attack with Lyon and Miakis and the Dawn Rune permanently affixed to him in the middle of the game. The Dawn Rune starts off slow, gaining power through events in the game, but eventually becomes a very strong and versatile rune. His stats favor physical attack over magic. His magical ability, however, is also fairly balanced, leaving it up to the player to choose whether to have him perform well physically, magically, or evenly balanced.

  • Head - Gained at Lv. 35
  • R. Hand - Dawn Rune
  • L. Hand - Gained at Lv. 1

  • Like the other Suikoden protagonists, the prince is well-balanced with excellent marks in all areas. You can either make him a strong physical fighter with the Double Edge Rune, Killer Rune, or Fury Rune or make him a good magic user with Rage Rune, Mother Earth Rune or Flowing Rune. If you like a more balanced approach, you can try to combine one of the casting runes with some of the physical support runes.

  • Default Equipment
    Head Bandana
    Body Refined Clothes
    Hand Bracelet
    Foot Boots
    Other 1 Defense Ring
    Other 2 Medicine
    Other 3 Flaming Arrows Scroll
    Other 4 -

    Recommended Equipment
    Head -
    Body -
    Hand -
    Foot -
    Other 1 -
    Other 2 -
    Other 3 -
    Other 4 -

    • Head - Medium
    • Body - Chain
    • Hand - Medium
    • Foot - Medium

    Character Statistics
    HP 720
    LVL 1 9
    LVL 2 9
    LVL 3 7
    LVL 4 3
    LVL 99 EXP 999
    ATK 685 MAG 499
    PDF 105 MDF 321
    TEC 503 ACC 503
    EVA 301 SPD 321
    LCK 231

    Weapon Type: Tri-Nunchaku
    Weapon Range: M
    Weapon Starting Level: 1

    Weapon Growth
    Name Twilight Nunchaku Dawn Nunchaku Sun Nunchaku
    Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
    Strength 10 20 30 45 55 70 110 125 135 150 165 180 210 220 235 255

    Freyjadour can participate in Sworn Protector, Royal Power, Falena's Finest and Perfect Likeness.

    Character Skills
    Name Max Rank
    Stamina A
    Attack S
    Defense A
    Technique S
    Vitality S
    Agility A

    Character Skills
    Name Max Rank
    Magic A
    Magic Defense S
    Incantation A
    Sword of Magic A

    Character Skills
    Name Max Rank
    Raging Lion A
    Fate Control S
    Karmic Effect A
    Armor of Gods A
    Swift Foot A
    Triple Harmony A
    All Out Strike A
    Untold Clarity A
    Divine Right A
    Zen Sword A
    Sacred Oath S
    Royal Paradise SS

    Freyjadour is the army leader of the rebel army. He always leads either a four-star infantry unit on land or a combat ship at sea. He will give his unit one use of the Dawn ability.

    Freyjadour is the one paying Oboro for the investigations.

    He is the one who receive and read the letter.

    Cameo Appearance

    Freyjadour appears as the Prince of Falena in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL where he is a playable dancer.


    • The Prince employs a sansetsukon, or tri-nunchaku, as his weapon in battle, along with the Dawn Rune.
    • In Army Battles, the Prince uses a sword and a shield instead of his tri-nunchaku.
    • While the Prince's voice is only heard in combat through yelling, the player can pick their choice of voices for the Prince that are done by Johnny Yong Bosch and Mona Marshall.
    • The Prince's traveler disguise is most likely a shout out to Tir McDohl's outfit.
    • Freyjadour's starting money in Suikoden V is 1000 potch.
    • His canon name change depending on the source:
      • In the novelization "Freyjadour" and "Frey".
      • In the manga "Ardil".
      • In the pre-made save-games released as part of the game's promotion "Faroush".
    • Freyjadour's name could mean:
      • Frey is from Old Norse origins and means "Lord."
      • jadour comes from French word j'adore and means "I love or I adore you."
        • Combining Frey + jadour could be interpreted as the "loved Lord, or the Lord who loves."
      • Freyja name translates roughly to Lady.
      • dour is either from the Gaelic dur or the latin durus which both translate roughly to stubborn or hard.
        • Combining Freyja + dour would be mean Stubborn Lady.


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