Fubar is the Tenku Star in Suikoden III.



Fubar is a Griffin which was found and adopted by Hugo and brought to Karaya Village. Since then, he always stayed by Hugo's side.


Fubar, is reportedly fluffy and his feathers are nice to touch. He is a monster called a "Griffin" which has the body, back legs and tail of a lion and the head and wings, and sometimes front talons of an Eagle. He truly is a majestic beast.


Fubar is a very loyal companion and steed to Hugo, who is even able to ride hm. This monster is friendly towards human's, and lives peacefully among the other members of Hugo's clan.

Fubar seems to be really sad when he is left behind by Hugo, when Hugo and co. have to pass through breas castle. Even so, he comes to Hugo's rescue when he is needed, and is a brave fighter.

Also, his favorite food is meat and his weak point is his beak.



When Fubar wandered into Karaya Village, the villagers initially thought that he was a monster and prepared to attack, Hugo, a four year old boy and the son of the village chief, went closer to him and they became friends. He and Hugo join the Fire Bringer and after the war he ends up living in Karaya Village with Hugo.


At the start of the manga, His mother was shut by an adventurer and the body of his mother was found by Beecham, Jimba, Hugo and Aila. Hugo was first seen him afraid hiding under his mother dead body. They bring him back to the Karaya Village, were Hugo name him as Fubar. Hugo tried to befriend him but he nipped Hugo a few times.

Later, after Hugo gave him lots of love and care the two become friends, but once Fubar grew too big, Lucia tried to sell him off because she was worried he would cause problems in the village if he went feral. Hugo smuggled him out of the village and tried to release him in the wild, but Fubar got caught in a hunter's trap. While trying to free him, Hugo and Fubar are attacked by hungry wolves.

Hugo is no match for them and Fubar, remembering how kind Hugo has been to him over the years, drives off the wolves and carries Hugo's unconscious body back to the village. Lucia decided to then make Fubar an honorary member of the clan and gives him his signature Karayan Bracelets.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically in Hugo Chapter 1.

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Swing B
Accuracy B+
Damage B+
Repel B+
Armor Protect B
Holy Dash B+

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Freeze B+

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Fire Magic B+
Water Magic B
Wind Magic B
Earth Magic C
Lightning Magic B
Magic Resistance B
Sword of Magic C

Character Statistics
HP 689
LVL 1 -
LVL 2 -
LVL 3 -
LVL 4 -
LVL 99 EX 999
PWR 189 SKL 249
MGC 188 REP 189
PDF 188 MDF 188
SPD 248 LUC 189

Fubar can participate in both the Mounted and the Wild Roar attacks.

He's an animal, so he can't talk. He plays the part of a monster.

Even though you've become a hero, call me and I'll be with you. Letter writer: Sergeant Joe

Lately, kids like me. It's okay to touch me, but I don't like them babbling away...Letter writer: Sergeant Joe

It's great brushing after a bath. Letter writer: Sergeant Joe

Ruby and I tried to make ourselves look big, but mantors are quite threatening. Letter writer: Sergeant Joe

I'd like to eat curry with horse meat in it. Letter writer: Sergeant Joe

It's a griffon. There are rumors that he understands human language.

He and Hallec were shouting at one another. I thought they were fighting but they seemed to really hit it off.

Those feathers are fluffy and nice to touch. He seemed comfortable, and I scratched him as a way of saying thanks for letting me pet him.

Height: 222cm. (7'3")
Birthplace: Karaya Village.
Skills: Running, Flying.
Favorite Food: Meat.
Weak Point: Beak.


  • He doesn't allow anyone to ride on his back, except for Hugo.
  • The name "Fubar" is his English name, but this was actually mistranslated. His actual name was suppose to be "Hoover"


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