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Genoh is the Chihi Star in Suikoden V.



He is an old giant tortoise and the Beavers know him as "Boss". He lived in the Waterfall Basin.


Genoh is an old, giant turtle. His skin is grayish and has a lot of wrinkles. He has a long, white beard, but his eyebrows are even longer. His shell is consisting of hexagons with smaller patterns inside them.


Genoh's old age is showing when he speaks: He is very slow and thoughtful about the things he says. He dislikes when he or other elderly persons get disrespected and likes to have a good chat with someone who can follow his train of thought.



During the Sun Rune War, Freyjadour Falenas with one of the elderly members of the Loyalist Army went to Waterfall Basin after hearing the rumor about the "Boss" living in there. Genoh sensed an old person nearby and showed himself. After talking to the elderly members of the Loyalist Army, he decided to join in.

In the Loyalist Army's headquarter, the Ceras Lake Castle, Genoh met Byakuren and convinced her to join in the Loyalist Army aswell. After the war, he returned to the Waterfall Basin but he often visits Ceras Lake to tease Byakuren and annoy all the fishermen. He also often surprises his elderly Loyalist Army friends with his sudden visits.

Role in the Game

After restoring Lordlake, find Genoh at the waterfall area in Waterfall Basin (where Richard is/was training). To do this...

1. You need to have spoken to a beaver who mentions "The Boss" next to the Beaver Lodge Inn, and talk to the Beaver Clan Chief, Fuwalafuwalu until he mentions "The Boss" as well. You can speak with Fuwalafuwalu when he's in your HQ as well (except when storyline events are happening).

2. Take Alhazred, Levi, Wabon or Galleon to Waterfall Basin, but the old person must be at 95% of Prince's Level (which generally translates to 1 level below, possibly 2).

Since Genoh is a beast character, he takes up two spots in your party, maxing your character number at five. This is a major downside, but Genoh can still prove more useful than two normal characters. He has very high HP and good Strength, Luck, Defense and Magic Defense. Also, all the skills that he needs to do the tanking are incredibly high. Giving him both Stamina at SS and Armor of Gods at SS makes him a mountain in your party.

He, unfortunately, needs those stats since he uses neither a weapon nor any type of armor. Genoh also lacks in evasion and is the slowest character in the game, pretty much guaranteeing that he is last in battle. Another downside is that he can't use any Runes. He has no slots except for his head slot which already has the Parent Turtle Rune.

The Parent Turtle Rune itself is pretty nice, giving the entire party 50% protection from all sorts of status ailments. Combine this effect with Yellow Scarfs or similar items and your party will be immune to ailments.

If you can afford to switch two people for one big tank turtle, then go for Genoh. If you rather have six people available, then you should stick to normal characters.

Character Statistics
HP 999
LVL 1 7
LVL 2 5
LVL 3 2
LVL 4 1
LVL 99 EXP 999
ATK 771 MAG 199
PDF 439 MDF 499
TEC 294 ACC 294
EVA 105 SPD 104
LCK 406

Weapon Type: None
Weapon Range: S

Weapon Growth: None

Genoh can participate in Oops!.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina SS
Attack B
Defense SS
Technique C
Vitality C
Agility D

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic B
Magic Defense A
Incantation B

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Armor of Gods SS

Genoh can't be used in major battles.

  1. Genoh is a giant turtoise that lived in the waterfall basin upstream from Beaver Lodge. Surprisingly enough, he´s just about as smart as a human. Maybe even smarter. The beavers call him "Boss."
  2. He claims he´s over a thousand years old, but that´s a little far-fetched. Whenever I ask him about the past, he just says he can´t quite remember. But, hey, if it´s true its amazing.
  3. Byakuren´s been around awhile herself -- a little over a hundred years -- so the two of them get along, it seems. I get the impression that Genoh wants to be friends more than she does, though.

  • A Complaint

'How am I supposed to write a letter?' That's what Genoh said... - From Fuwalafuwalu

  • Byakuren and Flail
'Those two see each other as rivals, so they're mean to each other whenever they meet. I guess you could say they're so similar that they drive each other up the wall. We should just let them be.' Thats what Genoh said... - From Fuwalafuwalu


  • Along with Sierra Mikain, Genoh is one of the oldest known Suikoden characters.
  • Bringing Zerase or Jeane in the party when recruiting Genoh give additional text lines (although Genoh can't be recruited with these characters in the party).
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