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Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century (幻想水滸伝紡がれし百年の時) is a role-playing game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation Portable. It was released in Japan on February 9, 2012. It is currently the most recent Suikoden game released and the second title that is not related to the main series.


A traditional role-playing game in much the same vein as Suikoden Tierkreis, Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki features the return of the six-person party system, last seen in Suikoden V. Parties are arranged in formation on a 3x3 grid.

As with Suikoden Tierkreis, weapons and equipment are purchased to equip to your character. Some weapons and armor can be enhanced, for a short time, after recruiting certain characters. Rings will also be able to be enhanced once the ringsmith is recruited.

Magic stones are used in the casting of spells by magicians and shamen. These stones are crafted after recruiting certain characters at your HQ. Arrows for archers can also be crafted. Medicine can be bought at shops, or you can have medicine made at a workshop that the medics can use in battle or on the field and world map.

This game does not have a system of runes or the Mark of the Stars. Instead, magic and skills are inherent to the character's class. Each available character falls into one of eight classes. Skills can be taught between characters of the same class across time. Increasing friendship levels between certain characters will open up sub-classes for some.

Battles, except event battles, are now initiated by making contact with the enemy on the field. There are no penalties for being caught unaware nor advantages for initiating combat from behind. If an enemy spots you, it may chase or head your way. Don’t want to fight? You can escape battles with 100% chance.

Players will gather the 108 Stars of Destiny through different periods of time. These characters in the past will usually teach a character a new skill, either by passing it to them directly or by fighting together until they learn it. Characters of the same class can also teach skills to other characters.

You’ll also interact with characters when dining, which is done whenever you return to your HQ. Dining can provide boosts to certain stats, and will also increase friendship levels between the characters.

Like Tierkreis there are no duels or major army battles. Also, like Tierkreis, you move on the world map by selecting the location. You do not have to revisit areas previously visited in order to travel from one town to another. This game removes the seasonal aspect from Tierkreis.

Unlike previous entries, the number of playable characters in this game is quite small - a total of 18. Characters met in the past cannot be selected or placed in the party, except during events where they pass their skills.

Also, unlike in previous entries, you cannot move around freely in towns or your HQ. You will select locations or shops to visit from the map, or a menu on the side.

There are two mini-games available at the HQ: Hunting and the Dungeon. In the Dungeon, players can select a dungeon, and traps will be set to catch certain enemies. Upon returning to the HQ, the player will obtain items and potch from these enemies. Completing the dungeons (catching all enemies more than 50 times) will give the player a reward. In Hunting, the player can select their party and fight certain enemies. There is a time-limit, and defeating the enemies the first time will provide some reward. Enemies can be fought again for experience.


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