Genso Suikoden Card Stories (幻想水滸伝カードストーリーズ) is a section of the Suikoden franchise by Konami which includes both a Game Boy Advance game and a physical collectible card game. Both were released in the fall of 2001 in Japan, neither have been translated into other languages.

Game SoftwareEdit

Unlike other areas of the Suikoden franchise, in which the storyline is a major element of gameplay, Genso Suikoden Card Stories focuses mainly on the card battles themselves and less on the plot. Most of the cards feature characters who appear in both Suikoden and Suikoden II of Konami's role-playing game series. Several cards also feature characters who would later go on to appear in Suikoden III.


Genso Suikoden Card Stories takes place three in-universe years after the events of the original Suikoden, and centers around an invasion by the Kingdom of Highland of the City-States of Jowston. The player controls a silent protagonist whose name is chosen by the player; he is the adopted son of Genkaku, a hero who saved the City-State of Jowston in a war against Highland years ago. The game plays through the exact same storyline that was featured in Suikoden II, with a few minor non-canon differences. However, card battles are now used instead of real battles.

Trading Card GameEdit

A collectible card game which was released on 2001. Characters from Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikogaiden, Suikoden III and Suikoden IV also appeared. On March 2004, Suikoden Card Stories - Chapter II ~ REMAKE BOOSTER promised land has been renewed.



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