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Genso Suikoden Kiwami Daijiten (幻想水滸伝 極 大事典, Gensōsuikoden Kiwami Daijiten) also known as Genso Suikoden Kiwami Encyclopedia, is a limited edition book created and released by Konami. It contains Artworks Illustrated by Junko Kawano and Fumi Ishikawa. It contains around 500 images and approximately 6000 entries about characters, enemies, locations, and more from the first Suikoden up to Suikoden Tierkreis.


The Encyclopedia was first released as a limited edition. Later, versions were released digitally on the Konami Chakushin Uta website, Apple Books (Japan), and for Yodobashi Camera's e-book reader.

It removed entries found in the Genso Suikoden Encyclopaedia such as the recipes and many characters that appeared in the various novels. Some of the entries vary from what appeared in the earlier version as well.

Table of Contents

Page Title
0002 The Creation Story (創世の物語)
0006 Unpublished Illustrations (未公開描き下ろしイラスト)
0016 How to Read the Encyclopedia (大事典の見方)
0018 Genso Suikoden (幻想水滸伝)
0120 Genso Suikoden II (幻想水滸伝 II)
0242 Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1 & Vol.2 (幻想水滸外伝Vol.1&Vol.2)
0274 Genso Suikoden III (幻想水滸伝 III)
0382 Genso Suikoden IV (幻想水滸伝 IV)
0500 Rhapsodia (ラプソディア)
0566 Genso Suikoden V (幻想水滸伝 V)
0694 Genso Suikoden Tierkreis (幻想水滸伝ティアクライス)
Genealogy of the World
0800 Suikoden and Million Worlds (幻想水滸伝 と百万世界)
0802 Suikoden I-V World (幻想水滸伝I〜V の世界)
0810 Tierkreis World (ティアクライス の世界)
0814 Genso Suikoden I-V Regions and Organizations (幻想水滸伝I〜V の地域と組織)
0834 Tierkreis Regions and Organizations (ティアクライス の地域と組織)
0838 Genso Suikoden I-V World Chronology

(幻想水滸伝I〜V の世界年表)

0846 Tierkreis World Events (ティアクライスの世界事象)
0848 Genso Suikoden Card Stories (幻想水滸伝カードストーリーズ)
0872 Genso Suikoden Illustration Gallery (幻想水滸伝イラストギャラリー)
0982 Related Items (関連アイテム紹介) - Items such as CDs, Cards, Calendars, Goods, Games, etc.,
1014 Stars of Destiny List (宿星対応リスト)
1030 Character Weapon Name List (キャラクター武器名一覧表)
1039 Itemized Index (大事典項目別インデックス)