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Gensō Suikogaiden: Swordsman of Harmonia (幻想水滸外伝: ハルモニアの剣士, Gensō Suikogaiden: Harumonia no Kenshi) is a spin-off instalment of the Suikoden series, developed and published by Konami for the Playstation console.


The game was released in August 2000 in Japan and despite numerous fan petitions has never been released in North America or Europe. A basic text and picture-based adventure game, Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 is set against the backdrop of the Dunan Unification War in Suikoden II.

The game tells the story of Nash Latkje, a former noble from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, the superpower of the Suikoden world, and his various quests. Nash's journey eventually morphs into a quest for vengeance against an old foe, Zaj Quilous.

Plot Summary

Chapter 1: The Visitor

Escorting Sierra

The game begins mid-journey with Nash Latkje, a Harmonian agent searching for information on True Runes, escorting Sierra Mikain to Muse. As of the beginning of the game, they are about two days distance away from the city itself. Though unhappy with Sierra's self-centred behaviour and disliking having any company at all, believing the work of a spy to be lonely and alone by nature, Nash has little choice but to take Sierra as Sierra is Nash's only lead as to the nature/presence of True Runes, Nash's assignment from the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force.

Along the way, Nash and Sierra meet a Kobold family. The Kobold children fight over a wooden figurine, and it falls in front of Sierra. Sierra demands that Nash throw it back quickly; he does so. The Kobold family thanks the two and drive away.

Ayana attacks Nash inside Penenberg Manor

Penenberg Manor

As night falls, Nash and Sierra arrive at an old estate, Penenberg Manor; Nash relates to the servant that Sierra has said they could stay there for the night; the butler allows them to enter. Sierra seems familiar with the servants encountered. Nash begins to relax, feeling much better after a bath, and meets a young maid named Ayana. Nash and Sierra decide to share a room, with Sierra sleeping in the bed and Nash taking the floor.

However, late at night, Nash is attacked by zombies. He uses a fire spell to defeat them, then proceeds downstairs. There, he finds and is attacked by an armed Ayana, who is revealed to be a vampire. Nash learns that Ayana has killed the Kobold family that Nash and Sierra encountered on their journey earlier. After a hard-fought battle, Nash manages to defeat Ayana through the use of the Kobold family's wooden figurine. This figurine is a holy relic, and as such is deadly to vampires such as Ayana. Nash has little time to breathe, however, as he is also attacked by the butler from earlier. Nash quickly defeats him.

Nash sees a closed opening and notices that there is something behind it. In order to open it, he packs gunpowder against the door. As he does so, Nash relates to Sierra a bit of his personal history; Nash learned to make gunpowder during his training with the Howling Voice Guild. Though he trained with the Howling Voice Guild, Nash did not stay in training long enough to be 'chosen' by a gun, and as such cannot use the firearms.

Sierra turns Rean into a vampire

Sierra also shares a bit of her story, recounting to Nash how she met Rean Penenberg, the master of the manor. After discovering the Moon Rune, which grants its bearer great power by turning them into a vampire, Sierra fled into a deep forest, unable to bear the bloodlust that had begun to gain control of her. There, she discovered a small, sparse hut with no window and no furniture; she chose to stay in this hut for several years, learning to control her rune, until eventually a young knight, Rean Penenberg, stumbled into her home. Rean, though heavily injured, asked Sierra whether his liege was still alive. Sierra found the carriage he had been protecting and found the people there slain. Sierra broke the news to him, and Rean cursed with his last breath that he was unable to protect them. Sierra, taking pity on the young man, used the power of the Moon Rune in order to transform Rean into a vampire. The two eventually formed a village, known as the Blue Moon Village, where Sierra would allow those who discovered the village to become vampires, as she and Rean were. One day, a young recruit, Neclord, betrayed the coven and stole the Moon Rune. This theft lead those of the village, with the exception of Sierra, to a grisly choice: they could either wait to die in the village, or flee and drink the blood of mortal beings. Rean was one of those who chose to flee, taking the blood of people for the first time.

Finally, the gunpowder does its work, and the chamber is opened. Inside of it is none other than the master of the house, Rean Penenberg himself.

Rean strangles Nash

Rean Appears

As Rean approaches, Sierra attempts to stab him. Just as Sierra is about to use the Song of Evanescence, a deadly spell that would destroy Rean's soul, Rean manages to drink her blood and this renders her unconscious. Rean claims that he wants Sierra to stay with him forever here in his manor.

Nash is forced to fight Rean Penenberg alone, but finds himself quite outmatched by the vampire. The two fight throughout the manor, eventually making their way to the outdoors. Nash retrieves the unconsious Sierra and attempts to revive her. Finally successful, Nash lets Sierra suck his blood in order for her to gain her strength back.

Rean becomes angered and attempts to choke Nash. Nash is unable to fight back and is knocked unconscious. Nash faces certain death until Sierra suddenly attacks Rean. Due to the surprise of the attack and the boost in power given by Nash's blood, Sierra is able to successfully use the Song of Evanescence. As Rean is dying, he tells Sierra that he only desired to return to their cottage in the woods. Nash falls unconscious.

While Nash is unconscious, Sierra leaves Penenberg Manor and continues on without Nash. She mentally apologizes to Nash, as she knew nothing of True Runes other than the Moon Rune, because she had lived in solitude in the forest for so long.

Templeton watches over Nash

Chapter 2: Reasons

Arrival at Muse

After regaining consciousness following the events of the first chapter, Nash finally reaches Muse. The guards posted at the city gates ask Nash for his entry permit. The guards are more on guard than usual, thanks to a group of children, Nanami, Riou, and Jowy, trying to use someone else's passes. Templeton, waiting behind Nash, becomes quite impatient waiting for Nash to go through as he tries to explain to the guards that he has travelled from Harmonia and thus does not have any pass for them. After some explanation, he is finally permitted. Templeton catches up with him and the two strike up a conversation; Templeton says that Nash seems to have a 'northern' accent and asks if Nash is Harmonian. Nash, surprised by Templeton's observation, fumbles for an excuse for his accent, making a story about how he's stayed in Harmonia a while and thus picked up the accent. Templeton tells him that he wants to visit Harmonia.

Templeton and Nash eventually agree to share rooms at the local inn to split costs, so they head towards Muse's inn. There, Nash sees two men drinking at a table - Flik and Viktor. The two seem to be talking about Anabelle, the mayor of Muse, as if they've met her in person. Nash is torn between the thought that it is just drunken boldness of their part, or if the two truly are her friends. He decides to stand near Viktor and eavesdrops on their conversation, but Viktor accidentally elbows Nash and knocks him out.

While he is unconscious, Templeton decides to watch over Nash to make sure he is all right. When Nash awakes, he discovers that Templeton has met the men at the bar several times before, but seems surprised to have found them in Muse. Seeing that Nash has been revived, Leona, the barmaid at the hotel, suggests that Nash looks about town, which Nash agrees to do.

Nash suffers through Namami's cooking

After exploring the main streets of Muse, Nash runs into Pilika, a young girl. Nash frightens the young girl at first, but after getting used to Nash's presence, she's very kind to Nash, even making him smile. Nash is impressed by the young girl, who he says is extremely strong as she is still able to be kind despite all she has seen. As they talk, Nash is practically run over by an exuberant Nanami, who offers to treat him to a meal for being so nice to Pilika.

The trio return to the inn, where Nanami asks to borrow some of Leona's kitchen stuff. Nash notes that Leona and Pilika seem a bit worried, but before he can figure out why, Nanami returns with a bowl of her special stew. Nash attempts to get out of eating the stew, but Nanami catches on and in order to appease her, Nash promises to take one bite.

Unfortunately, Nanami's stew is particularly potent and one bite is enough to make Nash faint. When Nash comes to, Templeton delivers an envelope, telling Nash there was a letter left outside. The letter contains Nash's orders from the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force; Nash is charged to find out about the Beast Rune. Nash tells Templeton he'll be leaving for a few days.

Nash steals a uniform

Infiltrating the Highland Camp

Nash heads downstairs from their room in order to pay his portion of the bill. Downstairs, he sees Nanami, Pilika and two young boys: Riou and Jowy. Nash asks them what they're up to, and Leona replies that they're heading off for some errand.

Nash heads to the border of Highland. After getting past a guard, he makes it into the camp itself, where he promptly steals a uniform from an unfortunate guard, whom he ties to a tree. Nash is able to pass as a Highland guard, at least enough to fool Rowd and finds himself guarding the supplies. Soon after, he is approached by Jowy and Riou, dressed in Unicorn Brigade outfits. Nash allows them to pass.

While they conduct their mission, Nash scouts out the camp, finding a likely tent. While there, he hears a large commotion outside and quickly deduces that the boys have been caught. Nash stays inside the tent until the commotion passes, but doesn't find any information on the beast rune.

Luca threatens Jowy

When the commotion dies down, Nash moves on to a tent more likely to hold the information that he seeks, but finds out that he has accidentally invaded the tent of the princess of Highland, Jillia Blight. Nash serves her tea and attempts to leave, but before he can make an escape, Jillia's brother, Luca Blight storms in complaining about Anabelle, who he calls that "Sow holed up in Muse." Luca throws his sword at Nash and demands Nash clean off the blood. Luca becomes furious at his sister and says he would have killed Jilla if not for her resemblance to their mother, Sara Blight.

Jillia frees Jowy.

Rowd bursts into the tent with Jowy, who was captured by the Highland forces during the commotion. Luca is extremely happy when he sees Jowy, recognizing him as the child he saw at the Mercenary Fortress. Luca threatens Jowy's family in Kyaro, despite the fact that Jowy's family disowned him when he was arrested by Highland forces in an attempt to silence him and Riou following their escape from the slaughter of the Unicorn Brigade. Luca orders Jowy to assassinate Anabelle, even placing a knife in Jowy's waistband, giving him the murder weapon. Any hope of a reward for Rowd is quickly ruined when Luca leaves with Jowy, tying the young man to a pole outside. Nash is assigned to care for and feed Jowy. However, if Nash doesn't, Jillia frees him instead. Jowy is quickly released.

Return to Muse City

With Jowy free, Nash quickly returns to Muse. When he arrives at the gate, he sees Nanami, Riou, and Pilika waiting for Jowy. Nash wonders if something happened to Jowy on his way, but soon Jowy finally appears, much to the relief of his friends. Now safely back within Muse, Nash does not have long to wait before his new orders and, Nash hopes, payment, show up with Dominguez. However, Dominguez does not come to him easily, leaving Nash to chase the bird around the city of Muse in pursuit of his pay cheque.

Chapter 3: A Place to Return To

Seed and Culgan

Once Nash departs the city of Muse, he is found by Highland generals Seed and Culgan on his journey. Seed and Culgan believe Nash must be the spy that was in the Highland Camp that Prince Luca was talking about. Nash is hesitant and doesn't want to fight the two generals, and so creates a diversion, using some gunpowder to create a blinding flash of light and using his wires to quickly hide in a tree, making Culgan and Seed believe Nash has disappeared.

Nash continues on towards the town of Two River. However, the bridge that leads towards the city has been destroyed. Nash is faced with a tough deliberation: to attempt to jump the bridge, or not?

Elza beating Nash in a duel

Meeting Elza

If Nash is unable to cross the bridge, he is quickly accosted by Elza, a woman he met during his time with the Howling Voice Guild. Elza forces a duel with Nash, which she wins. After the friendly duel, the two settle in for a night around a campfire. Nash asks Elza if the rumours about her and the Howling Voice Guild are true, and Elza tells Nash a great deal about her past, how she, Clive, and Kelley had grown up in the Guild and how the elders had manipulated them against each other, forcing Elza and Kelley to duel, which lead to the death of Kelly and Clive's frantic pursuit of Elza.

Meanwhile, in the Highland camp, Seed and Culgan, alarmed at the thought of the escaped spy, decide to release a Golden Wolf in order to pursue Nash. Seed and Culgan are met at camp by Zaj Quilous.

Nash and Elza are quickly ambushed by the Golden Wolf. Nash attempts to fight it, but his attacks prove useless against the creature. The Golden Wolf shines with the symbol of the Beast Rune and uses an incredibly strong power. Elza attempts to join the battle by using one of her guns, aiming Stern (also known as Star) at the Golden Wolf. However, Nash stops her, saying she would need to be still for a long time to target the rune, and could easily be killed by the Golden Wolf in that time. However, the Golden Wolf knocks the two high into the air. Nash manages to save both himself and Elza from a deadly fall by grabbing onto a tree branch. Elza says that they can't die yet, as they have to finish something before leaving this world.

However, Nash has little time to rest as Seed and Culgan encounter Nash once again, this time determined to stop Nash with every bit of power they have. Nash is unable to avoid battling the Highland generals, and proves a good match for the two, the battle quickly becoming very close. Culgan says to Seed that he should be patient in the battle, but Seed doesn't listen and attacks Nash. Nash decides to use the Grosser Fluss sword, one of his family's heirlooms, and poisons Seed as he attacks, felling him easily. Culgan, believing his best friend was killed, becomes enraged. Gaining a surge of energy from his grief, Culgan beats Nash easily. Nash doesn't resist and Culgan loads Seed onto his horse, glaring angrily at Nash.

Badly beaten, Nash reminisces about his time in the Howling Voice Guild where he was trained under Master Sauro, the same teacher as Clive, Elza, and Kelley. There, he spent two years training exhaustively, learning several Howling Voice Guild's items and techniques, such as gunpowder, which he learned could open doors, help him disappear without being seen, and many other uses. After two years of such intense training, Nash entered the Temple Guards, where he learned to master his family's heirloom, the Grosser Fluss sword. The sword was extremely powerful, but it is said to be unable to distinguish good from evil.

Shortly after Nash mastered the use of this sword, he received word that his parents had passed away, of an unknown disease. Nash did hear some good news as well, however, despite the terrible sadness of his parents passing: Nash learned that his younger sister, Julie Latkje, was going to become engaged to her tutor, Zaj Quilous. But soon after this, Nash received more bad news: his Howling Voice Guild Master, Sauro, had also died. Looking at the objects left by his former master, Nash discovered a small diary of Sauro's. In it, Nash learned that Zaj, too, had been one of Sauro's students, and that Sauro had taught Zaj an ancient and powerful technique: how to make a certain type of poison, one known only to Howling Voice Guild members. Quickly deducing that this poison may be the one which was responsible for his parents deaths, Nash realized that Zaj was only marrying Julie because through her he could easily dominate the Latkje family.

Burning with anger and a desire to avenge his parents, Nash confronted Zaj on the day he and Julie were to be married. Zaj, initially denied Nash's allegations, but was eventually forced into admitting the truth. Zaj attempted to surprise Nash by drawing a small pistol from his sleeve but Nash, catching the movement, drew the Grosser Fluss, dealing Zaj a nearly deadly blow. Fearing that he may, in fact, have killed Zaj, Nash fled Crystal Valley, receiving aid from Sasarai, who in return for helping Nash, asked him to join the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force.

After facing several gruelling battles with little rest, Nash passes out in the Greenhill Forest.

Nash and Wakaba riding a horse

Walking Through the Woods

After being able to jump the bridge, Nash meets a rather suspicious individual, Hoi, who offers to sell Nash a horse for the low, low price of 7,000 Potch. Thanks to Nash's injury, he has little choice but to purchase the horse. As Nash rides through Greenhill Forest, he sees a young girl in a Karate Gi lying unconscious on the path he is traveling on. Nash manages to revive the young woman, who introduces herself as Wakaba. She explains that she was training in the forest and is looking for her master, Long Chan Chan. Nash offers to help Wakaba get out of the forest.

Nash and Wakaba continue on on horseback. The pair decide to stop for a while near a lake, and Nash spies a young woman bathing in the lake. The young woman, Ayda, is none too happy to have been spotted and quickly redresses and aims her bow, firing a shot that just barely misses Nash's head.

Nash and Wakaba resume their journey through the forest, only to find a bear and a man standing in their path a short time later. It appears to the two that the bear will attack the man and that there is little either of them can do about it. However, they find out that the man, Badeaux and the bear are actually having a happy conversation about the bear one day getting married. Thanks to Badeaux's Listening Crystals, they are capable of understanding the animal's speech. Badeaux and the bear hug as a lycanthrope, Bob watches the scene from behind a tree in the forest.

As their journey through the forests of Greenhill continues, Wakaba falls asleep. Nash encounters a strangely dressed woman claiming she is coming from the direction of Muse despite the fact she is approaching from the opposite way, which Nash quickly deduces, given he has come from Muse himself. Nash attempts to set the woman, Raura, straight, but it is quickly apparent that she has no sense of direction at all.

Nash continues onward and Wakaba reawakens. The trip continues mostly without incident until Wakaba and Nash stumble on two rival gamblers, Gaspar and Shilo. Gaspar and Shilo have travelled to the Greenhill Forest in order to have a Chinchirorin battle. Gaspar loses due to a "piss", a move where his dice falls out of bounds, but he protests that the dice were loaded.

As Nash continues, he and Wakaba are nearly fried by a powerful fire spell cast by a practising magician, Mazus. Mazus expresses disappointment with his spell, claiming it has failed, since it didn't raze the entire forest the way Mazus hoped his new spell would.

Nash and Wakaba also meet an eccentric man who appears to be directing several powerful men lifting a heavy stone. This is a training session of Adlai's, who is training the mysterious, muscle men in how to operate his elevators. Wakaba is extremely impressed by the men.

Adya chases Hoi out of the Forest

As their journey continues through the night, Nash and Wakaba spy a romantic moonlit meal that Tengaar energetically feeds her boyfriend, Hix. Tengaar isn't happy about the interruption from Nash and Wakaba, and they're forced to flee, lest they face her wrath.

As they flee the forest, Nash and Wakaba run into Ayda, the woman they had seen in the lake earlier, who still isn't exactly pleased to see them, as the arrow that she fires that once more barely misses Nash's head makes clear. However, Nash and Wakaba are finally able to get everything worked out with the lady, and explain that it was just an accident.

Nash and Wakaba finally reach the edge of the forest, where they meet Hoi, trying to sell Nash a horse....again. However, Hoi has little chance to sell another horse as Ayda catches on to Hoi's scheme and chases him out of the woods, furious that Hoi would dare to sell a horse as a slave.

Chapter 4: War's End and A New Beginning

Awakening in Greenhill

NASH TOO? Does Nina know no bounds?

Nash awakes as he is getting a massage from a young maid working at an inn, Yuli, who explains that he is in Greenhill City, and was found passed out in Greenhill Forest. Nash talks to the young woman, who encourages him to see the city.

As Nash leaves the inn, he is seen by a local schoolgirl, Nina, who is outside chatting with a friend. Nina is struck with a crush on Nash from the moment she notices him, and as such, decides that she will show him the city. As she and Nash arrive at New Leaf Academy, they draw the attention of Emilia, the school librarian. Taking notice at the age difference between the two, Emilia talks to Nina, mentioning that Nash is far too old for a girl as young as Nina. Nina decides that they will leave.

As they leave the school grounds, they arrive at quite a commotion in the centre of town. Teresa, the mayor of the Town, and, behind her, her bodyguard, Shin, listen as Rowd tells them that Highland is interested in the city, but does not want to cause any bloodshed; therefore, they are offering a peaceful surrender of the town.

Wanting to take a last look around the town, Nash leaves the scene in the central square and returns to his room at the inn. There, he receives a huge shock: at the inn is Zaj Quilous, who is alive and well. Nash has little time to ask Zaj questions, however, as he is arrested by Greenhill soldiers who claim that Nash is a spy for Highland and take him to see the mayor, Teresa.

Aiding Greenhill

Nash shows off his credentials

Once he arrives there, however, Teresa apologizes to Nash, and quickly frees him. Teresa notes that the guards are on edge, because they are expecting an imminent Highland attack. Teresa asks that Nash help Greenhill with his strength as well, and he accepts her offer.

Soon after, Teresa gives a speech to the citizens of Greenhill, warning them of the attack and saying that they will have to fight bravely. She notes that it will be almost impossible for Greenhill to win, but urges them to fight as hard as they can so that the city will not be taken easily. Nash notices that, as Teresa's speech goes on, people are queuing up in order to join the Greenhilll army. Nash addresses the soldiers of Greenhill, saying that he is the new captain of the troops, as Shin is preoccupied with other matters. The soldiers aren't thrilled with Nash leading the command, but Nash proves to them that he's as able as them, quickly impressing them.

Among other recruits, Jeane, a professor of runeology at New Leaf Academy, has joined, as well as Nina and Connell, two younger students. At night, Jude, another professor at New Leaf Academy, comes to Nash, saying that the explosives are ready. Connell, too, relays a message to Nash, saying that the runes are ready as well. The night passes quickly, however, and soon the first attack on Greenhill commences. Nash knows that the fight will be difficult, but with his help, he thinks that there is a chance.

Soon, the Greenhill army is on the counter-attack, and Nash orders Connell to use the rune scrolls. However, the plot to unleash the energy of the scrolls soon fizzles, as something goes wrong and the rune scrolls fail, despite having been tested the previous day. Nash attempts to use the rune scrolls as well, but his attempts are no more fruitful than Connell's. Jeane appears, saying that they should have taken her advice to use runes, rather than rune scrolls, but uses a mysterious power to fix the scrolls, returning power to them. However, the now-functioning rune scrolls are of little help as the Greenhill soldiers are having difficulties using them.

A man appears offering to teach the Greenhill soldiers how to use the scrolls. Noting that the man is Kahn Marley, a vampire hunter, Nash asks why Kahn wants to help them now, and Kahn replies that it was a request from a friend. Nash realizes that Sierra told him of Kahn helping her a few years previous in their journey, and realizes that the friend must be Sierra. Using the power of his Resurrection Rune, Kahn revives several Greenhill troops who were bruised quite severely. Nina joins him in tending to the injured, offering to heal those who are wounded.

Deathblow Georg enters the battle

Suddenly, a hail of arrows is sent screaming towards Teresa. Just when all hope seems lost, however, Stallion, an incredibly fast elf thanks to his True Holy Rune, saves Teresa from certain harm. Stallion explains that he is the fastest elf in the world, and wants to put that talent to use aiding Teresa in the war if he is wanted.

Shin and Nash join together to lead a cavalry of horses against the Highland troops. The battle is becoming quite difficult due to the inexperience of the Greenhill troops in comparison with that of the Highland Army. Georg Prime appears on the battlefield, striking down several Highland soldiers with his powerful sword.

Jowy, afraid that he is now losing the battle, orders Muse citizens to head to Greenhill. The Greenhill soldiers cry out in joy that their Muse friends are coming to join them, but that is not what happens; Nash knows full well, having just been there, that Muse was attacked and taken by the Highland army, and these Muse soldiers have been incorporated into the Highland army. Jowy orders the Muse soldiers to attack; Teresa orders part of Nash's forces to help the Greenhill soldiers being attacked. This, unfortunately, weakens the Greenhill front lines, which were already showing signs of exhaustion. All too quickly, the battle is over, and Greenhill is lost...

The Big Fight is Still Ahead

Capture and Escape

Teresa and the others are taken prisoners. Suddenly a woman appears, and asks, "Will you flee again?" Nash is brought closer and is finally able to see the woman's face: It is none other than his sister, Julie Latkje. She frees Nash, along with the others. Connell and Jeane use a Sound Rune and a Thunder Rune, respectively, in order to take care of the guards outside their cell as Nash and Shin also help. In order to lose the Highland Army, Jude and Emilia dress as Shin and Teresa, respectively, while Nash and the others flee through a secret path in Greenhill Forest.

In the middle of the path, Nash comes face to face with Zaj. The two stare at one another for a moment before turning away. Months later, Greenhill will be liberated by Riou and his allies. On his journey, Nash meets once more with a figure of his past...Lena Suphina.

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English translation

Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 was not released in English, but a fan translation patch has been created recently and it allows people to play the game in English.

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