Gensō Suikogaiden: Duel at Crystal Valley is a spin-off installment of the Suikoden video game series, designed and released for the Sony PlayStation. It was released in March 2001 in Japan and despite numerous fan petitions has never been released in North America or Europe.

The game depicted Nash Latkje's return to the Harmonian capital to deal with his nemesis, Zaj Quilous who had destroyed his family. In fact, Nash proved to be so popular amongst fans, that he made an appearance, as a party member, in Suikoden III.
Genso Suikogaiden Vol

Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2 Opening Sequence

Plot SummaryEdit

Chapter One: The ChampionEdit

Arrival at Milit VillageEdit

It has been three months since the end of the Dunan Unification War. As the game begins, Nash has been travelling in the Grasslands for two months, and, as he is now lacking supplies, has decided to stop in the town of Milit. As he arrives, he is greeted by a beautiful woman who mentions that the village is holding a festival that night. As he proceeds into the town, he notices the first sign of the upcoming festival: a group of circus performers have come to the city and are putting on a show. Eilie, the knife thrower, is looking through the audience for a member of the audience to participate in the show; she selects Nash.

A melon is placed upon Nash's head, which Eilie succeeds in hitting. After the show ends, Camus and Miklotov attempt to get people to join the Matilda Knights. Nash is approached by Eilie, who shows him around the city before being introduced to some old friends - the Lampdragon Trio, Gijimu, Lo Wen and Koyu. They introduce themselves, saying that they are working for Gustav Pendragon, the leader of the Tinto Republic. They note that they are pursuing a group of murderous thieves who they suspect are about to arrive at the town, so they want to evacuate the citizens of the village.

Attack by the False Flame ChampionEdit

Soon, the bandits attack the village, but Camus, Miklotov, and the Lampdragon Trio plan to battle against them. Nash is faced with the choice of helping either the Matilda Knights or the Lampdragon Trio.

Camus and Miklotov are quite strong, and have several knights on horseback along with them as well. A larger group of soldiers attempts to attack them, but fall in the Knights' trap and are defeated. The Lampdragon Trio are vastly outnumbered, only have 14 soldiers against an entire army. However, they do not give up; their abilities in battle prove to be excellent. While fighting, Nash discovers that some of the bandits sneak inside the houses to kill the villagers; Nash leaves the battlefield in order to help the villagers. Just as the battle seems won by the Matilda Knights and the Lampdragon Bandits, an explosion occurs.

After the battle, the group realizes what has happened: the leader of the bandits has used the power of a rune in order to create an explosion. The bandits call themselves the Fire Bringer and Bandit's Leader identifies himself as the "Flame Champion"; Nash replies that that would be impossible, since the Flame Champion disappeared more than 35 years ago. Nash recounts that 39 years ago, there was a group of rebels fighting Harmonia; this group assaulted Crystal Valley and stole the True Fire Rune. However, both the group and the rune disappeared.

Seeing that Nash does not believe him, the "Flame Champion" uses a powerful Fire spell towards Camus. Nash makes an attempt to save Camus, as he is helping Maki, a villager and childhood friend of his, but it proves useless due to the enormous power of the rune. The village is destroyed, and women and children are taken captive. Camus and Maki are saved by Nash, who casts a spell at the last second. Maki takes care of Camus, who is taken to have his wounds bandaged and is urged to rest in bed; while there, Maki and Camus recount a bit of their history as she takes care of him.

Maki mentions that she and Camus met while she was a child. Her parents were merchants and moved to the village of Milit, where she met Camus soon after he had joined the Matilda Knights, as the Free Knights of Camaro were not well organized at the time and he already had an older brother in the Camaro Knights, leaving Camus, should he join, no options above the rank of squire. Speaking with visitors who came to Milit, Maki learned that Camus had left the knights in order to join Riou and the New State Army. Camus says that he came to Milit trying to recruit soldiers to join the Matilda Knights, but the village chief isn't happy with the idea of turning the few men left in Milit into soldiers.

Nash then has a conversation with the chief of Milit. The Chief explains to Nash that, as he sees it, after the death of Gorudo, the former Captain of the White Knights and leader of the Matilda Knights, the new rulers of the north are nobles who are more concerned with what they wear than the people who pay them heavy taxes. In the midst of such misery, the chief finds it easy to see why many would opt for the easy life and become thieves. As such, the surrounding villages have been under heavy attack from bandits.

Gijimu accounts that, because of the special bond that Camus had with Maki, Camus must have always taken special care of Milit. The Chief agrees to help recruit soldiers. With several people on their side, it's time to launch a counter attack.

The Counter-AttackEdit

Nash goes to Camus' room, where he arrives to see a miffed Maki, due to Miklotov not trusting her. In addition, even though it is clear that the two want to be alone, Miklotov, not uncomfortable with Nash, allows Nash to listen with them. Miklotov remembers how he met Camus.

Miklotov and Camus met when they were young knights, establishing themselves as genuine rivals. Miklotov was considered the most strongent of Matilda Knights, and Camus was full of desire to prove his talents, so that he could one day return to Milit to see his great friend Maki. After many dispute sand duels, Miklotov and Camus became great friends.

Nash leaves and, turning towards the village, finds Eilie. Eilie also shares a bit of her story, explain that since they were young, Eilie and Rina enjoyed doing tricks. Daughters of circus performers, they found such tricks easy. However, despite their talents, the two had no friends, because of the great prejudice against circus performers. Rumours spread about ringmasters kidnapping children in order to train them for circus performances. As such, Eilie and Rina couldn't go near other children without the children's parents becoming afraid that their presence would mean that kidnappers were nearby. As Eilie learned to throw knives from their father, Rina learned to read tarot cards from their mother.

One day, Rina and Ellie's parents were murdered by bandits, and thus the girls had to become circus performers in order to survive. They put on many shows in the town, which quite a few enjoyed, especially children. However, the bias of the city was still largely against them, and they had problems with the town in the beginning due to it. They wanted to leave the town, but had no money to and so were unable to go anywhere else.

One day, a circus came to town. As Eilie and Rina were spying upon it, they met Bolgan, the son of the ringmaster and also a circus performer himself - a fire eater. One day, the three discovered that Bolgan was not the ringmaster's true son, but had been kidnapped when he was very young. Eilie, Rina and Bolgan began to make an escape plan. However, Bolgan had not been treated badly, and soon learned that he had not been bought - rather, it was that his parents had sold him into the circus when he was very young.

Bolgan replied by saying that he was working there and earning the circus money. He asked the Ringmaster then if when he had all the money he needed, could he release Bolgan, giving him his freedom. Bolgan told Eilie and Rina that when this would happen, he would return with them and they would go on adventures together.

Seven years later, Bolgan returned, and sure enough, the three headed on to adventures.

In the present, it is nearly time for the villager's counter-attack to begin. Before the battle begins, Maki hands Camus a dagger that belonged to her father. She says that it is the greatest treasure, and that Camus should be quite careful with it. The bandits return, but this time the villagers are ready for them, brandishing weapons in order to defend their homes and families. Nash wonders if the so-called "Flame Champion" is the true Flame Champion who saved the Grasslands so many years ago.

The battle begins. Gijimu is having problems keeping up with the bandits. He is quickly aided, however, by a new warrior joining the fray, the mercenary Gilbert. He was in the city buying gifts for his family when he was troubled by the bandits himself.

Despite the aid of Gilbert, the battle continues unevenly, as the supposed Flame Champion's rune is very powerful. Suddenly, the dagger Maki gave Camus starts shining. Camus quickly hurls the sword toward the supposed Flame Champion's Rune. This nullifies its powers, and without the user of the powerful rune, the supposed Flame Champion becomes defenceless. Then, Miklotov and Camus, using a technique they learned in the Matilda Knights' barracks, together attack the supposed Flame Champion; a move so powerful that it defeats him instantaneously.

After the battle ends, Camus becomes curious as to who the mysterious leader behind the mask really was. He and Miklotov remove the mask, but in doing so receive a huge surprise - the man claiming to be the Flame Champion was none other than Clant, the Former Vice-Captain of the White Knights of Matilda. They also inspect the rune he was using; it is a Rage Rune, and not the True Fire Rune, as many in the village had thought.

With all enlightened and the bandits thoroughly beaten, Nash departs Milit Village and continues onward on his journey, towards Caleria.

Chapter Two: In CaleriaEdit

The City of MercenariesEdit

After a great deal of walking. Nash finally reaches Caleria. There, he meets with his aunt, Lena Suphina, a commander of the Temple Guards. Elsewhere in Harmonia, the first commander of the Royal Guard, Parge and a soldier talk when they are interrupted by another soldier, who warns them that Lena found Nash.

In Caleria, a group of soldiers appear and arrest Nash. Lena leads Nash to meet Parge. Parge says that Nash is a traitor and should be condemned to death. Lena is highly irritated by this; it was her mission to capture Nash, though she did not know he was to be executed. However, unable to do anything for the time being, watches as Nash is captured.

Escape to VictoryEdit

During the night, Lena visits Nash. Nash is understanding about Lena's part in his capture, and Lena kisses him, slipping a key from her hand into his hair as she does so. After that, she helps him disguise himself. The guard outside Nash's prison cell is snoring, making it easy for Nash to sneak out of prison. Nash spies some guards loading a box of kitchen supplies. Following them, Nash arrives at the kitchen; there, he knows the cook, who allows him to stay there for a bit. Nash finds a ham, but then quickly gives it away to a starving kobold servant.

While passing what was his old room, Nash overhears that a young girl, Aisha, who is quite upset about his alleged pending execution. Nash takes a visit to the infirmary to see the young girl, who tells Nash that after he was arrested, Parge placed Nash's things in his own room. Nash begins to get an idea....

Reclaiming What Was TakenEdit

When Nash arrives in Parge's room, Parge is sleeping. Were Nash's weapons there, it would make this a relatively simple operation, but alas, they are nowhere to be found in Parge's room. After waking and coercing Parge into telling him where his weaponry can be found, Nash quickly deduces that his weapons must have been placed in the armoury. Arriving there, Nash encounters Joker, another mercenary working for the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force. The two battle, each struggling valiantly against the other.

Finally, Nash just barely wins the fight. With his pride injured, Joker allows Nash to regain his things and leave Caleria. When Nash inspects his things, he finds his supplies restocked and his weapons sharpened.

As Nash leaves Caleria, Lena and Nash part ways, each walking in opposite directions.

Chapter Three: Wild DragonEdit

Meeting at MaridEdit

Nash is a few kilometres away from Crystal Valley and extremely close to Marid, a small village. This comes as welcome news to Nash, as he has been starving and is highly eager to get a big meal in town.

Suddenly, Nash realizes something is suspicious. Depending on how Nash chooses to travel, he can follow two paths:

Talking With DragonsEdit

If Nash does not have the luck points needed to pass, Nash will investigate the source of his suspicions. Nash follows the source of the sound he hears and finds a small, white dragon. The young dragon becomes quite scared, and attacks Nash. Luckily, Nash manages to escape the dragon's attack and quickly catches it within his arms. Suddenly a young man appears, highly upset to see Nash holding his dragon. The young man, Futch, hears Nash's stomach rumble and panics, thinking that Nash intends to eat Bright, his dragon.

Soon after, a large swordsman, Humphrey appears, summoning Futch. The three all travel to Marid, where Nash is finally able to satisfy his hunger, eating a large dinner. He also meets Butz, the innkeeper and the father of a young woman, Jonah. After eating, Nash talks to Futch. The young man apologizes and shares a bit of his story, mentioning to Nash that the reason he and Humphrey are travelling to Crystal Valley in search of information on dragons. Nash and Futch talk about Bright, and Futch mentions that he is unsure that Bright can ever replace his first dragon, Black.

Humphrey appears and asks if Futch is ready to leave. Futch doesn't understand, as he thought that they would be staying in Marid for the night. Humphrey replies that the village chief ordered that they leave, due to the fear the villagers feel towards Bright. Suddenly, Bright becomes highly agitated.

A huge dragon appears and attacks the village. The villagers quickly shoot arrows in a return volley towards the dragon. Futch says not to attack the dragon, as it will only become more agitated. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this dragon is not a common dragon. If something isn't done quickly, many people will perish. Nash and Humphrey attack the dragon after Nash motivates the citizens, but their attacks do not prove that effective. Oulan, a travelling female fighter, joins the battle, however, and using her Angry Dragon Rune, manages to beat off the dragon.

After the battle, the villagers insist that Bright should be killed, lest he become as large and dangerous as the dragon that has just attacked the village. Futch is, naturally, fiercely opposed to this. Before any consensus can be made, Sheena appears and announces that his date, Jonah has been captured by the dragon.

Oulan begins to recruit villagers to rescue Jonah and kill the dragon, while Futch continues to protest that killing the dragon would be unwise. The group is treated to a free dinner at the inn, but Futch goes upstairs, not wanting to hear the conversation. Humphrey soon follows. The two discuss how to make the dragon calm down. Futch says that is is unusual for a dragon to act on its own; if the dragon attacked the village, it was probably because the dragon found it confusing. They speculate that the dragon has lost its rider, and wanders vacantly, without any direction. Futch and Bright look at the moon.

Meanwhile, Sheena and Oulan talk about how best to injure the dragon. Sheena comments that the skin of this dragon is coated by a thick hide. Therefore, physical attacks will not harm it much. Something more powerful, such as a rune, will be needed if they want to do much damage.

The scene switches to Lena Suphina and Julie Latkje in Harmonia. Julie and Lena talk about Nash, and how he has grown up and come back to Harmonia. Their conversation is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of someone neither of them was ever expecting to see.

The scene switches back to Nash and his compatriots. They have arrived at the mountain where the young dragon lives. They attack the dragon with all that they have, but Humphrey and Oulan are the only ones who can do much damage to the dragon. These attacks make the dragon furious and it launches a huge gust of fire at the group. Futch notes the dragon is able to fire attacks at a fairly adult frequency. Sheena uses his Mother Earth Rune in order to stop the dragon's fiery attacks. The battle that follows is balanced at first, but suddenly large, mysterious glowing orbs appear, descending on the group. Soon only Nash and Futch are left.

Futch, having little other alternative, starts to attack the dragon seriously, aiming for a kill after it has already been wounded by the others. Bright wanders close to the dragon and attempts to talk with it. Nash contemplates whether he should take out the two dragons or let Bright continue; if he had decided to harm them, he would whip out his Grosser Fluss sword, warning Futch to leave the cave. Using the Grosser Fluss at its full power would drive Nash into a uncontrollable rage where he would be unable to determine friend from foe. Unfortunately, by attacking the dragon, Nash would have to attack Bright as well; should the battle have ended that way, Nash and Futch would part ways sadly, their business done.

But as Bright converses with the dragon, the orbs become more clear, and it is revealed that they are gateways to another dimension: the World of Wings and Scales, the home dimension of all Dragons. As Bright continues his conversation with the other dragon, he manages to help it to return to the world from whence it came. As it does, the others return from the dimension. The crisis of Marid over the wild dragon is complete, and Nash and Futch go their separate ways as they continue onward in their quest.

Tumbling Through TimeEdit

If Nash has enough luck points, he can continue down the road, and as he does, he stumbles on two girls: Meg and Millie. However, the two girls aren't travelling alone - both have a companion: Meg's motorized barrel, Gadget, and Millie's mysterious creature, Bonaparte. Millie eagerly shows off Boneparte with pride, asking Nash if he thought Boneparte was cute.

However, before Nash can say anything, a large being comes crashing down on him - a teleporting Viki. Viki seems a bit ditzy, and tells them that the last thing she remembers is being at the festival to celebrate the end of the Dunan Unification War. Millie says that that was around three months ago. Despite Viki's somewhat strange appearance, Nash asks if she can teleport him to Crystal Valley. Viki agrees to, but the teleportation goes horribly awry, and the group winds up in a strange area with all the girls piled on Nash.

The group walks around a bit in order to figure out where they are; they quickly meet the farmer Tony, who tells them that they have arrived on his farm. He takes them to see his daughter, and introduces them to who is also working on the farm, and the group also meets an adult version of Meg, which both Megs are somewhat suprised by. However, before the group can talk very long, Viki sneezes, and the group is teleported through time again.

This time, the group winds up in the past facing Valeria and Anita. The two seem quite annoyed by Nash, and wind up doing their unite attack on him. But the group doesn't have much time to spend with Valeria and Anita as they soon find themselves facing Apple, Sheena, and Oulan. The three talk about heading towards Harmonia, Apple being protected by Sheena and Oulan due to the dangers of the roads. Sheena and Oulan become edgy around Nash, but Millie is calm. Nash is invited to come to Gregminster, where he sees Esmeralda, Milich Oppenheimer, Simone, and Vincent partaking of some tea together.

But all too soon, Viki sneezes, and the group is teleported further into the past, this time to the Queendom of Falena, where they meet Killey and Lorelai in the Deep Twilight Ruins. The two are already arguing about the times they have sold each other out and how they're stuck in the ruins, and the arrival of Nash and the girls doesn't make them any happier. However, the group is somewhat incomplete as only Viki and Meg crash through with Nash; Millie and Boneparte are nowhere to be seen. Nash hides himself in the shadows in order to startle the two Sindar hunters, but this plan does not wind up working, as Killey says he is used to being ambushed, thanks to Lorelai. Lorelai asks if they are from Nether Gate, but Killey scoffs at her suggestion as he does not believe they would send a bunch of children. Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise is heard, and the group runs as a huge Boneparte and Millie come crashing through the ruins. Lorelai is in disbelief that help came from the heavens to save them, while Millie rejoices after Nash confirms Lorelai is talking about her and Boneparte.

The debris created by Boneparte and Millie's entrance allows the group to climb up it and leave the ruins safely. Killey announces that they will be leaving, thanks to him being a wanted man, and, noticing Viki is about to sneeze, Nash says that they'll soon be leaving as well as they follow her sneezes. The group winks out quickly, leaving Killey to ask Lorelai about what happened. However, before he can finish what he was saying, Lorelai says that she won't tell anyone, noting how unrealistic it sounds, which he agrees with.

Nash's group teleports through time once more, and winds up back somewhere around the present in time, running into Riou, Nanami, and Jowy. They have just seen how Jillia is doing when the group lands in front of them. They don't have a chance to talk to the trio for long, however, as Viki soon sneezes again.

This time the group winds up in a forest area, where, much to Nash's relief, he is not on the bottom of the pile as they are transported. The group arrives just in time to see Tir McDohl having a conversation with Kasumi. Kasumi and Tir talk about Ted, and Tir recounts how he met Ted through his father, Teo McDohl, and how the two became friends and how Ted came to pass his rune, the Soul Eater, to Tir, and Ted's death. The two soon depart for dinner at a place Tir calls his secret. Nash asks the girls if they know the two, and Meg answers that she does. Nash asks why they stared so long without saying a word, and Meg replies that secretly, Kasumi has a huge crush on Tir. Nash mentions that he is getting hungry, and Millie offers to send Bonaparte fishing, but Nash asks her not to. Millie demands to know why repeatedly, giving Nash a large headache.

Viki sneezes once more, and this time the group winds up in Viki's home dimension. There, they meet a smaller version of Viki. However, suddenly, Gadget transforms into a huge robot and Boneparte becomes gigantic once more. This activates some kind of trap, and the walls start closing in. As the wall starts to shrink, the two try to keep them from squishing everyone, but are unsuccessful until Abizboah, L'Roladia and Chuchura suddenly appear and help stabilize the walls. The smaller Viki, using her teleportation powers, teleports everyone back to the time they started their adventure. The elder Viki falls asleep, and Millie and Meg continue on as Nash is forced to carry the sleeping girl as they continue onward each on their own separate journeys.

Chapter 4: A Final TruthEdit

Meeting Lena in Crystal ValleyEdit

After so many adventures and misadventures along his journey, Nash has finally reached Crystal Valley. There, he runs into Lena once again, who tells him that Zaj is still alive. Nash says that this is not new information to him, as he saw Zaj in Greenhill. Lena tells Nash that she is now considered a traitor to Harmonia and can't stay to talk very long. Lena cautions Nash to beware of Zaj, because she says that he will be looking for revenge against Nash. Lena tells Nash a bit of information about the political structure of Harmonia, and how the People's Faction and the Temple Faction have been at odds with each other.

Nash says that he is wondering how to move freely throughout the city, and Lena says that she's revealed her relation to the Latjke family and that she's made a deal in order to keep his presence suppressed and has someone actively working on it.

As the two walk, they are met along the path by a girl named Stella. She says that she has a letter for Nash, but will only give him it if he can take it from her. Stella then pulls hooks out of her sleeves and attack. The two battle for a short while, but Nash perseveres and manages to snatch the letter from her. There, he finds out that he needs to go to a church. Lena and Nash go their separate ways.

Showdown at the ChurchEdit

Lena runs into a surprising figure - Sasarai. Sasarai is growing concerned about the situation concerning Nash, because he's learned that Zaj has more power in the guild than he thought. He doesn't tell Lena not to ask Nash, but in order to extract one last favour for Nash, but the cost of this favour is steep.

Meanwhile, Nash arrives at the church indicated in his letter, which is in the slums of Crystal Valley, where the Third Class Citizens of Harmonia are forced to spend their lives. On the very top of one of the church's towers is Zaj, who looks as if he has been waiting years for this moment. Nash barges into the church, but it is hardly a clear run to get to Zaj: first, Nash has to go through a quintet of Apprentice Class Gunners, who Nash manages to dispatch rather easily thanks to their ineptness. Nash is intensely focused: the only thing on his mind is once more squaring off with Zaj.

Finally, Nash makes it to the roof. Zaj is waiting for him there, with his weapon, the Talgrund, in hand. The Talgrund is quite unusual in that it is both a pistol and a sword, enabling Zaj to fight with a weapon in both close combat and from a distance. Both fire, and so the fight begins...

In the middle of the fight, the scene flashes back to the point where Lena Suphina visited Julie Latjke earlier. The unexpected visitor in that scene is revealed to be Zaj, who claims to be in love with Julie.

As the battle continues, Zaj attempts to bring up Nash's family in order to distract him from the battle at hand. Zaj taunts Nash, saying that Julie has always been in love with Zaj, even after Nash accused him of murdering her parents. Zaj's mind games leave Nash confused. Zaj seeks to take advantage of this by going on the attack, and Nash slips off the tower to the point where he only has a slim foothold. Zaj gets in a good hit on Nash's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Lena crashes into Julie's room, which she manages to get into thanks to Sasarai. Lena tells Julie that Nash will be killed if they don't do something. Julie, however, is reluctant to intercede, and tells Lena that even though she knows Zaj is using her, she still loves him despite it. Lena urges her to go in front of the two in order to turn the battle in another direction, but Julie proves hesitant. Rather than going, she tells Lena to give something to Nash instead.

The battle continues between Nash and Zaj. Nash is injured, but suddenly, Dominguez appears! In his talons, he carries Julie's locket, which gives Nash renewed strength. Meanwhile, Zaj, preparing to shoot the final blow at Nash, recounts some of his own history. Zaj tells Nash that he was not born in Harmonia, so he could never become a First Class Citizen; rather, he was born in Sanadia, which was conquered by Harmonia thirty years ago. Zaj was sent to become a servant in a First Class Citzen home as a child. When he turned 13, he was allowed to return to Sanadia, but all the people he knew had become Harmonian sympathizers. Rather than return to a life of servitude, Zaj then instead turned to the Howling Voice Guild, where he advanced quickly despite his rather late start. However, in order to become a permanent member of the guild, Zaj had to pass one final test: kill his parents. Zaj blamed the Latjke family in part for this, as they were one of the most influential noble families in Harmonia.

Zaj came up with a plan to use the Latkje family's influence for his own gain: by marrying the young Julie, Zaj would become a first class citizen himself. Zaj seduced Julie with all his charm, and Julie was unable to resist. As soon as Zaj marries her, he can finally become a first class citizen himself. Finally, Zaj prepares to deliver the final blow, but not without a slight bit of hesitation.

Hesitation that Nash quickly takes advantage of, striking Zaj with the Grosser Fluss, whipping the sword through Zaj's chest. The two stare at each other a few moments before Zaj falls forward, and it is over. Nash has won the duel.

On the Road AgainEdit

Lena appears and asks Nash why he doesn't look very happy, even though he has avenged the death of his parents. Nash replies that this is because of his sister Julie's locket; she used to use it to save the picture of the person who was closest to her, but now the locket is empty. Lena tries to convince Nash to go see Julie, but he replies that Crystal Valley is no longer his home.

Nash then tells Lena not to move, and throws a knife at someone in the shadows. Lena turns to see who Nash's target was, and when she looks back up, he is gone.

Nash catches a ride on the back of a farmer's cart, where his bird Dominguez is perched on his shoulder, on the road purely as an agent of the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force once more.

English translationEdit

Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2 was not released in English, but a fan translation patch has been created recently and it allows people to play the game in English.

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