"You must all strive to be knights even greater than Troy!"
—Glen, Suikoden IV.

Glen Cott appears in Suikoden IV.



Glen Cott was the Commander of the Gaien Knights in Razril. He was unknowingly the father of Katarina, the Vice-Commander of the Gaien Knights and was possibly looking into adopting Razro, before his death.

He fought with a double-edged sword during his life as a knight.



His personality was one of a tough but caring man, as he would strike and scold Snowe for his wrongdoings, but at the same time, worry about Razro's safety.



In SY 295, Gaien and Kooluk went to war. Glen commanded a fleet which was ultimately defeated by Troy. This resulted in him pushing the Gaien Knight Trainees to be better than their enemy.

He apparently sent letters to the head of Middleport, Schtolteheim Reinbach II asking for financial aid and orphan adoptions.

After the graduation of the Gaien Knights Trainees, he allowed Snowe and Razro to escort Ramada to Iluya island, unaware of the cargo that was being transported.

He got worried when he learned that reports had identified Brandeau's ship prowling the shipping lane between Razril and Ilyua. By that point Snowe, along with Razro, and Ramada's ship had already left port. He had a small ship prepped and set off to intercept them.

When he caught site of the ship it had already been attacked by Brandeau. As they neared the smoking ship, they discovered Snowe rowing solo in a lifeboat and that he had abandoned his post following the attack. Infuriated by Snowe's cowardice he punched him. Praying that Razro and the remaining crew were safe they pushed on towards the ship.

Just as they boarded the ship, he caught a fainting Razro following his defeat of Brandeau in a duel. Unknowingly Brandeau possessed one of the 27 True Runes, the Rune of Punishment. As he lay dying the rune latched on the nearest host, Glen, and caused him to collapse in pain before Brandeau turned to dust.

Following their return to Razril he was confined to his quarters, and requested to be left alone. The Rune caused him great pain in his left arm as well as showing him painful memories of it's previous hosts. He was forced to use the Rune's power when Razril was attacked by Dario in retribution for the death of Brandeau. The power of the Rune destroyed most the pirate fleet but sapped the life from Glen. His death was witnessed by Snowe and Razro, despite his earlier demand to Katarina that no one be allowed within the Hall of Knights.

His last thoughts were of how much Razro had grown, as the Rune latched on to Razro, before turning to dust. Following this, Snowe accused Razro for the death of Commander Glenn. This lead to Razro being exiled for the murder of Glen.

Razro met the shadow of Glen after using the Rune of Punishment for the third time. When Glen faded into ashes, he commented on how much stronger Razro had become.


See: Glen (Boss)


  • In Suikoden IV, after Razro brings the medicine to Glen's room, if you opt to choose the second option ("I bought some medicine..."), you will see Glen looking healthy wearing his breastplate and his left hand without the Rune of Punishment after the cutscene. This could probably be a mistake in the coding of the game.
  • As seen in the opening fight with Snowe and Razro, Commander Glen's sword had a Fire Rune Piece embedded in it.
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