The Golden Wolf is an enemy in Suikoden II.


After the Beast Rune was realized as a weapon of war, huge quantities of blood was sacrificed to it, awakening various "relatives of the Beast Rune" in the form of golden wolves. These wolves caused confusion to the Allied Forces when they took Muse - the city was filled with golden wolves.

As A BossEdit

One of these wolves must be fought during this siege in Muse, which is in the City Hall.

This is a tough enemy, as it is resistant to all magic attacks. Unite Attacks are recommended in taking it down quickly. Characters with a high Strength stat should have a Fury Rune or Violence Rune equipped on them so they can use Berserk to their advantage and defeat it faster.

There are several spawned around Muse, which are not recommended to fight, as they instantly respawn in the same spot.

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