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Guardian Deity Rabbit

The Guardian Deity is made by Jude in Suikoden II. The plans must be collected, In order for Jude to make the Guardian Deity.

Guardian Deity Plans

  • Dragon Plans #1 - Jude has it
  • Dragon Plans #2 - Inside one of the chests in Rakutei Mountain
  • Dragon Plans #3 - Speak to the person in the right house in the lower right of Tinto
  • Dragon Plans #4 - Inside one of the chests in Rockaxe Castle

  • Unicorn Plans #1 - Jude has it
  • Unicorn Plans #2 - Inside one of the chests in Rakutei Mountain
  • Unicorn Plans #3 - Speak to the person in the left house in the lower right of Tinto
  • Unicorn Plans #4 - Inside one of the chests in Rockaxe Castle

  • Rabbit Plans #1 - Jude has it
  • Rabbit Plans #2 - Rare Find in Highway Village Item Shop
  • Rabbit Plans #3 - Rare Find in Banner Village Item Shop
  • Rabbit Plans #4 - Rare Find in Greenhill Item Shop, possible only after Greenhill has been liberated

  • Turtle Plans #1 - Dropped from enemy Rockadillo near Two-River area
  • Turtle Plans #2 - Dropped from enemy Ragged One near Greenhill area (Missable)
  • Turtle Plans #3 - Dropped from enemy SkyKnight at Rakutei Mountain
  • Turtle Plans #4 - First Prize (random) in the Rope Climbing Mini-Game for 10,000 potch entry fee

  • There are 64 combinations by head, so a total of 256 combinations in all.

    Guardian Deity Gifts

    Gift Guide
    Head Body Legs Tail Prize
    Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Stone of Magic
    Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle 110,000 potch
    Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Blue Gate Crystal
    Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Incense

    Dragon Head
    Head Body Legs Tail Prize
    00 Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Incense
    01 Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Revenge Earth x6
    02 Dragon Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Protect Mist Scroll x9
    03 Dragon Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Dragon Incense & Fortune Crystal
    04 Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Full Helmet
    05 Dragon Dragon Dragon Rabbit Medicine x6
    06 Dragon Rabbit Dragon Dragon Circuret
    07 Dragon Dragon Rabbit Dragon Leather Hat
    08 Dragon Turtle Dragon Dragon Full Helmet
    09 Dragon Dragon Turtle Dragon Bandana x2
    10 Dragon Dragon Dragon Turtle Hex Doll
    11 Dragon Turtle Turtle Dragon Half Helmet
    12 Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Gold Bar x2
    13 Dragon Dragon Turtle Turtle 15,000 potch
    14 Dragon Turtle Turtle Turtle Gold Bar
    15 Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Skunk Crystal
    16 Dragon Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Fury Crystal
    17 Dragon Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Rage Crystal
    18 Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Silver Hat
    19 Dragon Dragon Dragon Unicorn Fire Crystal
    20 Dragon Unicorn Dragon Dragon Bandana
    21 Dragon Dragon Unicorn Dragon Flame Helmet
    22 Dragon Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Stone of Luck
    23 Dragon Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Bolt of Wrath
    24 Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 12,000 potch
    25 Dragon Turtle Turtle Rabbit Beefsteak x6
    26 Dragon Turtle Rabbit Turtle 35,000 potch
    27 Dragon Rabbit Turtle Turtle 39,000 potch
    28 Dragon Turtle Dragon Rabbit Kindness Drops x9
    29 Dragon Turtle Rabbit Dragon Feathered Hat
    30 Dragon Dragon Turtle Rabbit Flaming Arrows x9
    31 Dragon Rabbit Turtle Dragon Half Helmet
    32 Dragon Dragon Rabbit Turtle 8,000 potch
    33 Dragon Rabbit Dragon Turtle 17,000 potch
    34 Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Raw Tomato x99
    35 Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Pointed Hat x9
    36 Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Titan Crystal x9
    37 Dragon Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Stone of Speed x9
    38 Dragon Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Double-Strike Crystal x9
    39 Dragon Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Flaming Arrows x99
    40 Dragon Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Counter Crystal x9
    41 Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Silver Hat x9
    42 Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Pointed Hat x9
    43 Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Clay Guardian x9
    44 Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Fire Sealing Crystal x9
    45 Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Spark Crystal x9
    46 Dragon Turtle Unicorn Dragon Wind Hat
    47 Dragon Turtle Dragon Unicorn Dragon Incense & Blue Gate Crystal
    48 Dragon Unicorn Turtle Dragon Circuret
    49 Dragon Dragon Turtle Unicorn Rage Crystal
    50 Dragon Unicorn Dragon Turtle 15,000 potch
    51 Dragon Dragon Unicorn Turtle 9,000 potch
    52 Dragon Turtle Turtle Unicorn Killer Crystal
    53 Dragon Turtle Unicorn Turtle 36,000 potch
    54 Dragon Unicorn Turtle Turtle 32,000 potch
    55 Dragon Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Double-Beat Crystal
    56 Dragon Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Firefly Crystal
    57 Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
    58 Dragon Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Gale Crystal
    59 Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
    60 Dragon Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Wall Crystal
    61 Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Turtle 17,000 potch
    62 Dragon Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Tom Yum Soup x9
    63 Dragon Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Thunder Runner x9
    Rabbit Head
    Head Body Legs Tail Prize
    00 Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Stone of Magic
    01 Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Escape Talisman
    02 Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Rabbit The Shredding x6
    03 Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 66,000 potch
    04 Rabbit Turtle Turtle Rabbit Healing Wind x9
    05 Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Turtle Prosperity Crystal & Fortune Crystal
    06 Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Turtle 74,000 potch
    07 Rabbit Turtle Turtle Turtle Fine Bone China
    08 Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Ship Combo x8
    09 Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Dancing Flames x6
    10 Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Wind Crystal
    11 Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Japanese Curry x6
    12 Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Phero Crystal
    13 Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Warrior Crystal
    14 Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Medicine Crystal
    15 Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Fire Wall x9
    16 Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Chinese Noodles x8
    17 Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Chaos Shield
    18 Rabbit Dragon Dragon Rabbit Nanami's Vase
    19 Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Dragon Lucky Ring
    20 Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Dragon Boots
    21 Rabbit Dragon Dragon Dragon Lucky Ring
    22 Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Stone of Magic Defense
    23 Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Wind Crystal
    24 Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Sukiyaki x8
    25 Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Earth Crystal
    26 Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Pearl x2
    27 Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 13,000 potch
    28 Rabbit Turtle Turtle Unicorn Water Crystal
    29 Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Turtle 63,000 potch
    30 Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Turtle 34,000 potch
    31 Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Fire Crystal
    32 Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Resurrection Crystal
    33 Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 14,000 potch
    34 Rabbit Turtle Dragon Rabbit Mega Medicine x3
    35 Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Dragon Speed Ring
    36 Rabbit Dragon Turtle Rabbit Needle x4
    37 Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Dragon Wooden Shield
    38 Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Turtle 14,000 potch
    39 Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Turtle 22,000 potch
    40 Rabbit Turtle Turtle Dragon Earth Shield
    41 Rabbit Turtle Dragon Turtle 58,000 potch
    42 Rabbit Dragon Turtle Turtle 56,000 potch
    43 Rabbit Turtle Dragon Dragon Mangosh
    44 Rabbit Dragon Turtle Dragon Kite Shield
    45 Rabbit Dragon Dragon Turtle 57,000 potch
    46 Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Boots x2
    47 Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Fire Sealing Crystal
    48 Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Angry Blow x9
    49 Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Lightning Crystal
    50 Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Magic Ring
    51 Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Steel Shield
    52 Rabbit Dragon Dragon Unicorn Draining Crystal
    53 Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Dragon Fire Emblem
    54 Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Dragon Sun Badge
    55 Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Barrier Crystal
    56 Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Darkness Crystal
    57 Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Silver Shield
    58 Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Dragon Winged Boots
    59 Rabbit Turtle Dragon Unicorn Earth Crystal
    60 Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Dragon Fish Badge
    61 Rabbit Dragon Turtle Unicorn Balance Crystal
    62 Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Turtle 8,800 potch
    63 Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
    Unicorn Head
    Head Body Legs Tail Prize
    00 Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Blue Gate Crystal
    01 Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Fortune Crystal
    02 Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Kindness Rain x6
    03 Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Goldlet
    04 Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Hazy Crystal
    05 Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Antitoxin x4
    06 Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Sylph Crystal
    07 Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Kite Crystal
    08 Unicorn Turtle Turtle Turtle 72,000 potch
    09 Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Turtle 72,000 potch
    10 Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
    11 Unicorn Turtle Turtle Unicorn Hunter Crystal
    12 Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
    13 Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Blue Gate Crystal
    14 Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Hunter Crystal
    15 Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Viper Crystal
    16 Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Water Crystal
    17 Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Rose Brooch
    18 Unicorn Dragon Dragon Unicorn Knight Crystal
    19 Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Dragon Horned Helmet
    20 Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Dragon Goldlet
    21 Unicorn Dragon Dragon Dragon Wing Ornament
    22 Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Kindness Rain x6
    23 Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Rising Sun Bento x9
    24 Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 11,000 potch
    25 Unicorn Turtle Turtle Rabbit Mega Medicine x9
    26 Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Turtle 16,000 potch
    27 Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Turtle 35,000 potch
    28 Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Antitoxin
    29 Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Kite Crystal
    30 Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Mega Medicine x9
    31 Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Chimera Crystal
    32 Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Turtle 16,000 potch
    33 Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 9,000 potch
    34 Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Toy Boat
    35 Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Revenge Earth x9
    36 Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Gold Emblem
    37 Unicorn Dragon Dragon Rabbit Flaming Sea x6
    38 Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Dragon Gloves
    39 Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Dragon Guard Ring
    40 Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Tekka-Don x8
    41 Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Lion Crystal
    42 Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Stone of Skill
    43 Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Crystal
    44 Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Power Ring
    45 Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Star Earrings
    46 Unicorn Turtle Dragon Dragon Goldlet
    47 Unicorn Dragon Turtle Dragon Crimson Cape
    48 Unicorn Dragon Dragon Turtle 8,000 potch
    49 Unicorn Turtle Turtle Dragon Wind Amulet
    50 Unicorn Turtle Dragon Turtle 19,000 potch
    51 Unicorn Dragon Turtle Turtle Landscape Painting
    52 Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Dragon Rose Brooch
    53 Unicorn Turtle Dragon Unicorn Water Crystal
    54 Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Dragon Wind Amulet
    55 Unicorn Dragon Turtle Unicorn Great Hawk Crystal
    56 Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Turtle 19,000 potch
    57 Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Turtle 16,000 potch
    58 Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Dragon Iron Boots
    59 Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Turtle 39,000 potch
    60 Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Dragon Power Ring
    61 Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Turtle 17,000 potch
    62 Unicorn Turtle Dragon Rabbit Stone of Skill
    63 Unicorn Dragon Turtle Rabbit Chick
    Turtle Head
    Head Body Legs Tail Prize
    00 Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle 110,000 potch
    01 Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Wine
    02 Turtle Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Red Curry x6
    03 Turtle Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Cyclone Crystal
    04 Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 83,000 potch
    05 Turtle Turtle Turtle Rabbit Canopy Defense x9
    06 Turtle Rabbit Turtle Turtle 78,000 potch
    07 Turtle Turtle Rabbit Turtle 98,000 potch
    08 Turtle Unicorn Turtle Turtle 65,000 potch
    09 Turtle Turtle Unicorn Turtle 120,000 potch
    10 Turtle Turtle Turtle Unicorn Earth Crystal
    11 Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 31,000 potch
    12 Turtle Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Mother Earth Crystal
    13 Turtle Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Magic Drain Crystal
    14 Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Wizard Crystal
    15 Turtle Dragon Dragon Dragon Silver Armor
    16 Turtle Turtle Dragon Dragon Master Robe
    17 Turtle Dragon Turtle Dragon Windspun Armor
    18 Turtle Dragon Dragon Turtle Dragon Armor (x2)
    19 Turtle Turtle Turtle Dragon Earth Armor
    20 Turtle Dragon Turtle Turtle 88,000 potch
    21 Turtle Turtle Dragon Turtle Prosperity Crystal
    22 Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Octopus Urn (x2)
    23 Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Pancakes x9
    24 Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Water Crystal
    25 Turtle Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Wind of Sleep x9
    26 Turtle Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Kindness Crystal
    27 Turtle Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Stone of Defense
    28 Turtle Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Dryad Crystal
    29 Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Turtle 72,000 potch
    30 Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 28,000 potch
    31 Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Boulder Set & Toy Boat
    32 Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Sleep Crystal
    33 Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Exertion Crystal
    34 Turtle Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Medicine x6 (x2)
    35 Turtle Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Tonkatsu x9
    36 Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Blood Armor
    37 Turtle Turtle Dragon Rabbit Throat Drops x4
    38 Turtle Turtle Rabbit Dragon Half Plate
    39 Turtle Dragon Turtle Rabbit The Shredding x6, Bolt of Wrath x6
    40 Turtle Rabbit Turtle Dragon Taikyoku Wear
    41 Turtle Dragon Rabbit Turtle 63,000 potch
    42 Turtle Rabbit Dragon Turtle 55,000 potch
    43 Turtle Dragon Dragon Rabbit Boulder Set
    44 Turtle Dragon Rabbit Dragon Scale Mail
    45 Turtle Rabbit Dragon Dragon Robe of Mist
    46 Turtle Unicorn Dragon Dragon Thunder God Garb
    47 Turtle Dragon Unicorn Dragon Master Garb
    48 Turtle Dragon Dragon Unicorn Fire Lizard Crystal
    49 Turtle Turtle Unicorn Dragon Magic Robe
    50 Turtle Turtle Dragon Unicorn Friendship Crystal
    51 Turtle Unicorn Turtle Dragon Ninja Suit
    52 Turtle Dragon Turtle Unicorn Silence Crystal
    53 Turtle Unicorn Dragon Turtle 34,000 potch
    54 Turtle Dragon Unicorn Turtle 32,000 potch
    55 Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Knight Armor
    56 Turtle Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Down Crystal
    57 Turtle Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Technique Crystal
    58 Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Full Plate
    59 Turtle Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Nymph Crystal
    60 Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Dream Robe
    61 Turtle Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Poison Crystal
    62 Turtle Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Hex Doll (x2)
    63 Turtle Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Dancing Flames x6, Kindness Rain x6


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