Hai Yo

"Cooking is more than technique!! At first, I came here just so I could hide from you. But after I started cooking for these nice people, I realized something. I realized that I could help these good people if I served them good food... that I could ease their burdens just a little bit. Cooking isn't about technique!! It's about caring and giving!! That's why I don't need a recipe to be a great chef!!"

Hai Yo is the Chizou Star in Suikoden II.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Hai Yo is one of the four master chef's from the Black Dragon Clan and he is also known as Seiryu. He escaped along with Moon Bird Recipe, causing him to be pursued by the chef's of the Black Dragon Clan.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Game[edit | edit source]

During the Dunan Unification War, he went to North Window castle and joined the New State Army. While he was at the castle he opened up a restaurant so he could cook and sell food to others. One day the Black Dragon Clan learned of his whereabouts and went to North Window castle to challenge him in a Cook-off Minigame. Hai Yo along with the help of Riou defeated all of the followers and the other masters of the Black Dragon Clan. After the war, he returned to Black Dragon Island to lay flowers on the grave of his dearly beloved Shun Min.

Role in the Game[edit | edit source]

Find Hai Yo in your castle after the events in Two River, he should be on a balcony the opposite direction of the mountain view, where Yoshino does laundry. Once you find him, talk and choose the first option to have him join.

For most of the game, Hai Yo's stat will all be under average to average, and he'll be forced into the front line due to his S range, making him a bad choice most of the time. However, in the later game he should open a 3rd rune slot allowing you to customize him more, along with a free weapon slot and 3 accessories slot open. With the right set up he can then become a powerhouse, dealing more damage than the likes of Pesmerga. This, however, will require a lot of training and diversion of rare resources toward him that would probably best used on Killey or Sheena who will fill that heavy powerhouse even better due to their superior natural stats.

Weapon Type: Wok
Weapon Range: S
Weapon Starting Level: 4

Weapon Growth
Name Wok Dragon Wok Blue Dragon Wok
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 5 6 8 11 14 17 33 40 47 56 66 76 89 124 145 165

  • Head - None
  • R. Hand - None
  • L. Hand - None

Character Statistics
HP 748
LVL 1 8
LVL 2 4
LVL 3 2
LVL 4 1
LVL 99 ATK 121
EX 999 DEF 143
STR 286 PDF 220
SKL 126 MDF 124
MAG 122 SPD 180

Starting Equipment Best Equipment
Helmet Leather Hat '
Armor Leather Coat '
Shield [none] [none]
Other 1 BBQ Meat Bun (x9) '
Other 2 Fried Fish Balls (x4) '
Other 3 Wooden Shoes '

Hai Yo has no known unite attacks.

Richmond's Investigations

Name:Hai Yo
From: Black Dragon Island
Position: Rearguard
Note: None

"I don't know the details, but he's on the run from something they call the 'Group'."

"That secret 'Blue Moon Bird Recipe' of his is for some kind of food that will make anybody who eats it happy. But I'm not too sure how it works..."

"It's kinda sad...... He was betrothed to a girl who was later killed. Before she died, he made her some kinda promise."

  • Please come!!!
Hello!!! Please come to the restaurant! I will make something special for you!!!

Hai Yo is the one participating in the Cook-off Minigame.

Hai Yo's Recipe List and Location[edit | edit source]

  • Recipe #1 - Hai Yo will have this one by default.
  • Recipe #2 - Won from Yu Kum in Cook-off #1.
  • Recipe #3 - Given to you by Huan if you talk to him after recruiting Tuta in Muse.
  • Recipe #4 - Hai Yo will have this one by default.
  • Recipe #5 - Given to you by a man in the Tavern at Coronet.
  • Recipe #6 - Hai Yo will have this one by default.
  • Recipe #7 - Hai Yo will have this one by default.
  • Recipe #8 - Won from Goetsu in Cook-off #2.
  • Recipe #9 - Found on a bookshelf in the northernmost house in Kuskus.
  • Recipe #10 - Hai Yo will have this one by default.
  • Recipe #11 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in Kuskus.
  • Recipe #12 - Dropped by the EagleMan in the Unicorn Woods of the Kobold Village.
  • Recipe #13 - Given to you by a Kobold in the Chief's house of the Kobold Village.
  • Recipe #14 - Given to you by the chef in the Tavern in Radat.
  • Recipe #15 - Hai Yo will have this one by default.
  • Recipe #16 - Found on a bookshelf in Taki's house in Lakewest. Be sure to get this before you recruit her!
  • Recipe #17 - Won from Shiki in Cook-off #3.
  • Recipe #18 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in Radat.
  • Recipe #19 - Won from Ryuki in Cook-off #4.
  • Recipe #20 - Given to you by the cook in the kitchen of Greenhill's Inn.
  • Recipe #21 - Dropped by the LandShark in the Two River Sewers.
  • Recipe #22 - Won from Ryuko in Cook-off #6.
  • Recipe #23 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in the Human District of Two River.
  • Recipe #24 - Won from Bashok in Cook-off #5.
  • Recipe #25 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in Greenhill.
  • Recipe #26 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in the Highway Village.
  • Recipe #27 - Won from Gyokuran in Cook-off #8.
  • Recipe #28 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in Gregminster.
  • Recipe #29 - Dropped by the ZombieSlug in the Forest Path to Matilda.
  • Recipe #30 - Won from Antonio in Cook-off #7.
  • Recipe #31 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in the Kobold Village.
  • Recipe #32 - Given to you by Kent's mother after rescuing him at Mt. Rakutei.
  • Recipe #33 - Won from Lester in Cook-off #9.
  • Recipe #34 - Dropped by the DoremiElf in the Greenhill Forest, while liberating Greenhill.
    • (There is a bug with this recipe. If you have any recipes besides #3, #16, or #20, it will no longer drop! Also, you must keep this recipe in your inventory until you get recipe #12, as there is another bug that prevents recipe #12 from dropping once you give recipe #34 to Barbara or Hai Yo.)
  • Recipe #35 - Found in the Rare Finds of the Item Shop in Muse, after Muse has been liberated.
  • Recipe #36 - Dropped by the Highlands in Rockaxe, during or after the liberation of Rockaxe.
  • Recipe #37 - Found on a bookshelf in Gorudo's office in Rockaxe, past the area where you defeated Gorudo.
  • Recipe #38 - Won from Retso in Cook-off #10.
  • Recipe #39 - You must have loaded data from Suikoden to be able to obtain this recipe. Complete the McDohl side quest, then defeat Lester in Cook-off #9, and you'll learn of Gremio's Special Stew. Travel to Gregminster and talk to Gremio to have him give it to you.
  • Recipe #40 - Won from Jinkai in Cook-off #11.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If Hai Yo's cooking quest is not finished, the ending of his story is, He continued his wandering in order to avoid being caught by the "organization."

References[edit | edit source]

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