Haleth is the Chikou Star in Suikoden V.



Haleth's an ex-bureaucrat from the Hershville Naval Base. He loves to gamble, and embezzlement's right up his alley, his speciality is forging documents. He is well-acquainted with Logg, providing IDs and transport papers for fugitives.


Haleth wears rather simple clothing: A pair of sandals, comfortable black trousers and a grey shirt with red sleeves. He also wears a belt with a bag attached to it.

Haleth seems to suffer hair loss, so he combed the remaining hair over his head.


Since he assists smuggling and is fond of gambling, one can say, that he is more concerned about the profits he can make out of everything.

He starts supporting the Prince, because he thinks that he will win the war and even goes so far as to make real bets with money and going around collecting the pay after the war.



During the Sun Rune War, he became Godwin yes-man but he doesn't change a bit. He is taking the shiping receipts and giving a little excess cargo to Logg like the medicine from Nagarea, shield from Zelant and a wine from Kanakan which he all got from the black-market.

He was seen by Freyjadour Falenas on the warehouse with Logg talking. He told that he thinked that Freyjadour will win the war and bet on him. So he gave a few black-market items, to made sure that he get paid off in the end. He left saying that he was going and that he can't have any suspicions aroused over his absence.

Later, it was discovered that he was sympathizing with the Loyalist Army, just before his capture he fled and took shelter to the Loyalist Army's headquarter with Logg's help. When Freyjadour confronted him in the tavern at the castle, Freyjadour offered him to join and he did. He then organized a gambling version of the Dragon Horse Race. After the war, he made the rounds among his former associates to collect on his bets. "The Prince won! Pay up!"

Role in the GameEdit

After the liberation of Sable or Doraat, talk to Logg in the Tavern. Afterwards, go to Hershville and enter one of the warehouses. Go back to the HQ, then back to Hershville. Enter the Administration building to find Haleth no longer there by talking to the other employees. Return to the HQ and hit the Tavern. Ask Haleth to join.

Haleth open up a gambling version of the Dragon Horse Race where the player can bet on some Dragon Horses.

Haleth has the Haggle ability that allows you to buy and sell items at better prices.

Haleth gives the Muddle ability to the unit he accompanies.

  1. Haleth's an ex-bureaucrat from the Hershville Naval Base. Not what you'd call a bad guy, but shady as hell. He loves to gamble, and embezzlement's right up his alley. Not to mention all those forged documents.
  2. You know about Logg's fugitive-smuggling runs? Haleth used to help with those by forging passports and IDs. No doubt, that experience came in handy when he went on to fudge all those cargo receipts.
  3. He organizes betting on dragon horse races, apparently without the Cavalry's permission. But pretty much all the Cavalry soldiers like gambling, so Commander Laden just looks the other way.

  • The Girl who Cheats at Cards

'Linfa,' was it? What an amateur! She doesn't have any idea how dangerous gambling can be. Then again, suckers like her make a gambler's world go 'round...

  • Gambling Advice

Hey, Prince, you don't like gambling? Now that isn't right -- an army's general being so narrow-minded! It's not like war, you know. You can lose, but you don't die or anything. C'mon, give it a shot! How 'bout it?

  • Hardhead

Okay, now if the Dragon Cavalry was complaining, that would be one thing... But the only guy with a problem is that hardhead -- you know, the one who's permanently stuck to the tactician. "Rules, this!" "Rules, that!" "Blah, blah, blah!" Man, I'm so sick of that guy!


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