Helmut is the Chian Star in Suikoden IV.



Helmut is a high-ranking officer of the Kooluk Imperial naval forces. He is the son of Colton, a personal attendant to Sir Troy, who commands the Kooluk's 1st fleet.

Helmut has inherited his father's strong sense of duty, but he has grown up in a different time to Colton. During Colton's many years of service, the Kooluk were a respected nation, until they began to expand their influence over the neighbouring territories.





When Helmut is finally given his own company, his mission is to sail to the port city of Razril as head of the local naval forces. Razril is famed for its naval academy, called Gaien, but the order of the Knights of Gaien falls into obscurity after the death of its commander, Glen Cott.

It is because of the tragedy surrounding Commander Glen's death that the Knights of Gaien are easily defeated by the Kooluk army, and Razril's last line of defense is the Vingerhut family of nobles.

Lord Vincent Vingerhut and his son Snowe hand Razril over to Kooluk without any resistance, much to the distaste of the people of Razril, who know of Sir Troy's betrayal to the order of Gaien, which weakened the knighthood once before.

Helmut comes to understand how the people of Razril feel towards the Kooluk. Despite being a soldier, he does his best to avoid bloodshed and maintain a state of peace in Razril.

So when the citizens revolt against Vingerhut's son and attempt to sink his ship with flaming arrows, Helmut immediately steps in to stop the violence. He even reprimands his own soldiers for actually being amused at the sight of Snowe being abused by his own people, and he sends them to control the situation before the townspeople cause a riot, which could result in many people being hurt.

Helmut then comes up against a fleet of rebels who were fighting to drive back the Kooluk invasion. As captain of Razril's fleet, Helmut has to prevent the rebels from liberating Razril, but he is defeated in a naval battle. Helmut feels great respect for the leader of the rebels, and offers to let the leader execute him as a soldier. The leader refuses to execute him, however, and recruits Helmut to his cause.

Helmut happily joins the rebellion, as he no longer desires to serve Kooluk, who have grown too greedy.

Helmut is shocked to discover that the rebels have captured his father Colton, keeping him as a prisoner onboard their mothership.

As the rebellion prepares for their final battle against Kooluk's main naval stronghold, Helmut visits his father in his cell and attempts to reconcile with him.

The old man is stern, but he feels no bitterness towards Helmut for willingly joining the rebels. He tells his son that there is more to the world than Kooluk, and to dying soldier's death would cost him the chance to explore his life to the fullest.

After the war, he disappeared along with Colton and no one has seen them since.

Role in the GameEdit

Helmut joins after you defeat his army at Razril in battle and agree to spare his men.

Helmut is a strong fighter-mage hybrid who leans slightly more toward his magical side. He has high affinity with the wind element and above average with earth, making him a great support fighter who can be especially good with a Cyclone Rune.

Starting Equipment Best Equipment
Head Iron Helm Hero Helm
Body Iron Mail Hero Armor
Hand Iron Shield Hero Shield
Foot Iron Boots Hero Shoes
Other 1 none Power Ring
Other 2 none Speed Ring
Other 3 none Lucky Ring

Naval Status
Captain Yes Gunner Yes Fighter Yes
Underlings 20
As Captain of the Ship
Mobility 10 Hull +10 Move None
Range None
If Defeated by Rune Cannon:
"So, this is as far as we go..."
If Defeated by Bording or Surrender:
"We surrender..."
As Rune Cannon Gunner
Element Fire Water Lightning Wind Earth
Strength 20 10 20 30 25

Character Statistics
HP 616
LVL 1 9/9
LVL 2 5/5
LVL 3 3/3
LVL 4 1/1
LVL 99 ATK 399
EXP 999 DEF 117
STR 160 PDF 114
SKL 219 MDF 105
MAG 149 SPD 157
EVA 102 LUC 108

Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Starting Level: 1

Weapon Growth
Name Officer's Sword Officer's Sword + Officer's Sword ++
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 10 16 27 42 52 86 104 120 136 149 162 192 204 218 230 240

Helmut can participate in the Adonis Attack.

Helmut has a Good Will with Hervey and Sigurd.

  • Keen: You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.
Helmut: Do whatever you want...
  • Keen: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?
Helmut: It seems you're pointing a finger at me... Am I wrong?
  • Keen: Then, would you tell me what you think of Razro?
Helmut: I can't determine that yet... When this war is over... That is when I intend to think about it.
  • Keen: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.
Helmut: I am grateful that they refrained from killing my underling...
  • Keen: Then, I shall pass judgement!

Helmut: Hmmph...

Helmut: Ugh!! I will endure... this trifling thing...

I'll help you end this war quickly. If you think I'm about to betray you, then kill me.

How can the people on this ship be kind to someone such as me? I cannot comprehend.

So, you captured him. He will likely not work with you. But if possible, would you wait a bit before disposing of him?

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