The Highland Army (ハイランド王国軍 airando Oukoku Gun) is the opposing army in Suikoden II. It is the official army of Highland (in the Dunan region), and is present in all of Highland's military campaigns, including the Dunan Unification War.

Companies[edit | edit source]

Unicorn Brigade[edit | edit source]

Formally titled the Royal Highland Unicorn Youth Brigade. Originally led by Rowd, this corps was made of young people who wished to serve in the Highland Army, training in the Unicorn Brigade before coming into one of the upper-ranked companies. This group was massacred by Luca Blight immediately prior to the Dunan Unification War, the outrage over their deaths serving as the meaning of going to war, as Highland officials blamed the deaths on Jowston forces.

1st Highland Army[edit | edit source]

Normally led by the incumbent King of Highland or another such royal, the 1st Highland Army is normally made up of the elite White Wolf Army.

Led in the Dunan Unification War first by the vile Luca Blight and later by Jowy Blight following his coronation as King of Highland, the 1st Royal Highland participated in many major battles of the war including the Defense of the Mercenary Fortress, Slaughter at Muse and the Battle with the White Wolf Army.

The last major of battle of the Dunan Unification War for the 1st Royal Highland was the Battle of Matilda. Following this, Jowy Blight returned to L'Renouille and was absent from the remainder of the war.

2nd Highland Army[edit | edit source]

Known as the Royal Guard and famously led by the great Highland general, Han Cunningham, the 2nd Royal Highland is not usually known to participate in offensive wars on the part of the Highland Kingdom.

The 2nd Royal Highland is most noted for its rescue of the royal entourage from an attack by ruffians hired by then-Mayor Darel of Muse in the year 443. Alerted by King Agares Blight, who had escaped the situation, the 2nd Royal Highland saw off the thugs but not before the traumatic and heartless rape of Queen Sara Blight.

During the Dunan Unification War of 460, the 2nd Royal Highland remained in the area directly surrounding the Highland capital, L'Renouille. The army, under General Cunningham, defended the city walls from the New State Army at the ill-fated Battle of L'Renouille.

3rd Highland Army[edit | edit source]

Most famously led by Kiba Windamier, the 3rd Royal Highland was well noted for its defense as well as its skilled strategist, Kiba's son Klaus Windamier. The army was also led at one point by Jowy Atreides (later Jowy Blight) and finally by General Culgan.

During the Dunan Unification War, the 3rd Highland Company under General Kiba were regarded highly, participating in the initial Highland attacks in east Muse before making great gains at the Battle of Radat, before being outmanoeuvred at the Battle of South Window Principality where they were forsaken by Luca Blight as the battle turned ugly, due to Luca's distrust for Kiba, whom he felt was more loyal to Agares. This action forced Kiba and Klaus' defection to the New State Army.

Jowy Atreides was given command of the 3rd Royal Highland until his coronation as King of Highland, following the death of Luca Blight. Following this, Culgan was appointed commander of the army, fighting in most of Highland's major battles until the end of the war.

4th Highland Army[edit | edit source]

First heard of following the execution of Solon Jhee after his failure to achieve victory at the Battle of North Window Castle, Jowy Atreides was granted command of the 4th Royal Highland, beginning his military career, following his shocking victory at the Battle of Greenhill.

Part of the 4th Royal Highland, under Rowd, was assigned to reinforce General Kiba Windamier's 3rd Royal Highland during their campaign in South Window but performed underwhelmingly, leading to Rowd's removal from the position.

Following the assignment of Jowy Atreides to commander of the 3rd Royal Army, following the defection of Kiba Windamier, the 4th Royal Highland was hastily reorganised from the remnants of Kiba's 3rd Army as well as reinforcements from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.

Later during the Dunan Unification War, the dark knight Yuber was appointed commander of the 4th Royal Highland, first leading the Highland defense of Greenhill City in the Liberation of Greenhill before appearing at the Battle of Matilda and finally at the Battle of L'Renouille, where his igmonious retreat as the New State Army approached marked a poor end to the company.

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